PsiPlay is an art collective that creates customized, interactive, psuedoholographic experiences for kids and adults.
 As this can be hard to describe in words, I am including a video of the PsiScreen, PsiBox and one of their interactive wall projections at the Austin, Texas downtown holiday stroll. We debuted it 12/6 to great results and even a bonus from the presenters!
“PsiPlay was a fantastic addition to the Downtown Holiday Stroll. It was wonderful to see kids engaged in the possibilities of emerging technologies. The group was easy to work with and their complex technology held up well in a very busy evening event with kids!” Asa Hursh- Director Art Alliance Austin
These experiences are as enjoyable and captivating for adults as they are for kids. PsiPlay would love to collaborate with you to create a custom experience for ACL attendees.
About the PsiStructures
The PsiScreen and the PsiBox  are structures that combine the Pepper’s Ghost technique, wherein a 3-D image is reflected onto plexiglass making it appear to be a floating hologram, with motion sensors. This allows a person to manipulate that image with their movement.  In the holobox, which is more of a pyramid than a box,  the image appears to float in the center of the pyramid.
 About PsiPlay
PsiPlay was started by Elizabeth McQueen, a mother of two and former member of Asleep at the Wheel and Jerome Morrison, an award winning interactive installation designer. Elizabeth’s background in performance and Jerome’s technical wizardry combine to make people feel like they are experiencing magic!