With unabashedly empowering lyrics, The Mrs’ optimism is also their secret weapon. Bored by cynicism, this band cuts in a new direction: this is music for belting out, music for feeling, and music for anyone with a weakness for ear candy.   

The origin story of The Mrs, which has now been told everywhere from Austin Woman Magazine to “Good Morning America,” is just one aspect of this band’s charisma. Founder and drummer Andra Liemandt was a young mother looking for music lessons for her toddler, when she decided to pick up a pair of drumsticks of her own…and after that, there was no turning back. She called her best friend (Jenny Mason, bass) to recruit her for a band, and shortly after, Larissa Ness (keys, vocals) as well as Mandy Prater (guitar, lead vocals). The Mrs was formed, launching their now-famed “Magic Mirror” video for their first single, “I’m Enough,” in 2014. In the first week the video earned over a million views; today, it has 5.5 million.  

Lyrically, the music of The Mrs focuses on human connection, crafted with impeccable alt-pop and pop-rock sensibilities that vacillate between warm, down-tempo melodies and infectious, anthemic dance jams. Their latest EP “Five Minutes” prompted the Austin American-Statesman to report that “the title track to the new EP suggests they’re hitting their stride and could become a breakout mainstream-pop act.”

The Mrs aims to expand the idea of a love song, to write music about everyday loving threaded through all kinds of relationships — not just the guy that broke your heart. In addition, there’s a humanitarian angle to everything about this band, who works hand-in-hand with The Kindness Campaign, an Austin-based nonprofit that creates anti-bullying and emotional intelligence curriculum for children, largely in underserved school districts.