I am honored to be a long-time jury-selected advisor with Black Fret. Black Fret is a 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity headquartered in Austin, Texas (the “Live Music Capital of the World”) that is built upon a simple principle… that local music, like the symphony or the opera, is worthy of public support. Our Mission is focused on enabling the creation and performance of new music by the exceptional musicians of our amazing city.

Their vision is to build an endowed institution capable of sustaining over a million dollars a year in grants to Austin’s local musicians. To achieve that they’re looking for a limited group of dedicated local music fans to become members by donating $1,500 annually. With a tax deduction that’s likely less than $100 a month. Add a corporate match and membership can cost you as little as $30 a paycheck.

In return, our members gain unprecedented access to the finest of Austin’s music. Black Fret delivers a truly premium listening experience to our members featuring some of the finest bands in town in intimate locations with headliners starting at 8pm. You gain access for you and a guest to over 20 intimate performances a year, participate in a year-long process to share, nominate and lobby for the bands you love, and vote to determine the allocation of grant dollars to those artists. Then in December we gather to celebrate the awarding of those grants at our annual Black Fret Ball awards show.

Over the next decade we will fund hundreds of bands and thousands of new songs while building a new Austin institution capable of supporting the sustained artistic, cultural and economic growth of Austin and the artists who call our city home. We hope you will join us in building a legacy of beautiful music.

We are proud to announce our new Dinner Party Committee, headed up by Members Sue Marriott and Becki Mendivil. Our Dinner Party Series is intended to help you, our Members, throw small events for prospective Members in your home. These small (8-30 people) events have proven to be VERY effective for recruiting new Members and are a wonderfully intimate musical experience. Black Fret will bring the musician and the booze, you provide the food and your guest list. Our Dinner Party Committee will work with you to pick a musician, invite guests and make the evening a great success.Got just 3 or more folks you think would make great Black Fret members? Just email and we will get the ball rolling and we will bring the party to you!