DID YOU KNOW THAT RAJIWORLD HAS BEGUN REPPING FROM SEA TO SKY WITH TWO NEW SPECTACLE ACTS? I have begun representing Laser Spectacles and Sirenalia Mermaids in addition to Flam Chen, The Bike Zoo and bands

LASER SPECTACLES, INC. is a Texas Laser Light entertainment production company specializing in producing laser shows, and designing and installing laser show related projects. Sound and light are merged to produce stunning effects.

Laser Spectacles, Inc. focuses on producing creative and unusual laser shows for a variety of markets, including festivals, fairs, meetings, art events, parties, sporting events – anywhere large groups of people gather to celebrate!

Sirenalia is an all-inclusive mermaid production company dedicated to making mermaid dreams come true.

Thay are a group of mermaids in Austin, Texas who create realistic mermaid tails using platinum-cured DragonSkin silicone. They make appearances at parties, resorts, festivals, aquariums and in television/film, and they transform normal people into magical mermaids!

Sirenalia is dedicated to raising awareness about our fellow marine-life, working to improve the education of young people everywhere, and using their striking imagery to make the world a better place. They are POC & LGBTQIA allied!