Every once in a great while we meet a kindred spirit or teacher and all we can do is thank our lucky stars and make the most of the meeting. I took my moment with Dr. Samantha Vanderslice and wanted to share her many gifts with you. She is a wonderful addition to your event or festival or as a present to your VIP’s and staff.

Spiritual Tarot A picture is worth a thousand words. Receive spiritual guidance from the pictorial Books of Wisdom known as Tarot. Samantha has read and taught Tarot for 46 years and teaches introductory, intermediate and advanced courses on Tarot. Author of Tarot Yourself Into the New Age. Readings – $80.00 an hour

 Angelic Guidance Counselor

Certified through Doreen Virtue’s course, Samantha channels angelic messages through a variety of divination cards. An hour session is $80. 

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage/Abyunga Masssage/Shiatsu

Customized massages based on individual needs. With over 30 years experience, Samantha was voted “Best Massage in South Lake Travis” for 3 years running. An hour session is $80. 1-1/2 hour session is $110.

Reiki Master/Crystal Body Work Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing that directs Divine energy for rebalancing the chakras, detoxifying the body, and bringing peace to the mind and emotions. Combined with the healing vibrations of crystals and gemstone, this experience realigns all the bodies. An hour session is $80. 1-1/2 hour session is $110.

Bliss and Nirvana

Experience a combination of a one hour deep tissue massage on the back of the body, followed by a half hour Reiki and crystal energy work on the front. $120 per session.

Bach Flower Remedies, Number 1 Stress Relieving System in the World

The Bach Flower Remedies are a system of healing emotional and mental stress, which is the cause of most diseases. Developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, the essences help balance the physical body, assist in identifying and eliminating negative mental and emotional blockages, and connect us with our Higher Consciousness. Samantha is a Bach Flower Practitioner and trainer and has used Bach in her healing and massage practice for over two decades. An hour consultation includes your own personalized remedy and the book The 38 Bach Flower Essences: An Introduction & Guide to Flower Essences Consultation with personalized remedy $60.

Samantha teaches a Bach Flower Basics course for Level I certification from the Bach Center which offers 6 CEUs for massage therapists and body workers. Fall of 2013 she complete her training to teach Bach Flower Animal Practitioner certification classes. January 2014 she will become a Bach Flower International Trainer, offering the full 2-day Level I certification with 12.5 CEUs for massage therapists and body workers.

Ayurvedic Queen’s Bath Treatments

This 6,000 year old Eastern Indian Treatment was originally available only for Iroyalty. * Ela Kirzhi, the leaf pouch treatment, is a powerful regenerative therapy using specially prepared herbal oils heated to high temperatures. The oil is applied to the body with traditional pouches filled with organic fresh herbs, limes, and shredded coconut. The technique super-heats the body which stimulates the immune system and detoxifies the whole body. The treatment is given for 3, 5, 7, or 10 consecutive days and is performed together by two practitioners. $220 per session. Discounts for multiple seesions

* Ayurvedic Footbath begins with a foot scrub and cleanse, then a 15 minute footbath in a brew of organic rose petals, lavender flowers, calendula, chamomile, and hops. Finish with a wonderful foot and leg massage and reflexology. $70

* Abyunga Massage works on meridians for clearing blockages, relaxing muscles, and detoxification. 1 hours session $80

Herbal & Nutritional Guidance

Samantha is an herbalist with over 25 years in the natural health industry. Come by the shop for suggestions, information and inspiration. A complete guidance program is available by appointment. This includes the latest nutritional information, suggested herbs & supplementation, recipes, exercise ideas, essential oils, flower essences, crystals, and consciousness tools & techniques Nutritional Guidance program $200.

Sacred Space Clearing

Eliminate negative or stuck energy in your home or on your land, and bring in positive, divine vibrations through ritual and prayer. $250 and up.

Metaphysical Mentoring

Samantha has her doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences, and offers a variety of introductory classes:

Affirmations to Create Positive Change; Altars & Rituals; Angels & Guides; Astrology Basics; Attracting True Love; Bach Flower Essences for Stress Relief; Chakras & Auras; Cleansing & Detoxifying; Color Therapy; Crystal & Gemstone Power; Dream Work; Essential Oils, The Art of; Essential Oils, the Science of; Feng Shui Basics; Healing the Inner Child; Herbal Approach to Women’s Health; How to Create the Life You Desire; How to Meditate; Magic of Herbs; Numerology Basics; Tarot Basics; Symbolism & Archetypes; Tools for Divination; Transforming Anger; Unlocking Creativity.

Classes are 2-3 hours and range from $50 to $100, depending on supplies provided.

Advanced Courses: Reiki Level I Certification – two day course/$400

Bach Flower Basics Certification Course – 8 hours/$200; 6 CEUs

Spiritual Tarot Level I – four 2 hour classes (4 weeks)/$200

Spiritual Tarot Level II – four 4 hour classes (4 weeks)/$400