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We are big fans of supporting new artists and we hope you are too. We have worked with a lot of artists over the years that we have discovered, resurrected, swooned over and most importantly shared with other fans. Please go see any other these great acts if you ever have the opportunity, you will thank us! Keep in mind that this is rock and roll and some bands may have broken up or traveled heavenward.

Abby Travis


Andy Prieboy (Of Wall Of Voodoo)

Adam Carroll

A.J. Croce

Al Kooper

American Dreamer

Amy Cook

Angie Aparo

The Art

Barbara K

Beaver Nelson

Berkley Hart

The Bike Zoo

Bill Kirchen

Billy Harvey

The Blackwatch

The Bluebonnets

The Bongos

Buddy Miller

Charlie Terrell

Chris Cacavas

Chris Stamey

Cotton Mather

Cowboy And Indian

The Customers

The d.B.’S

Dan Stuart

Daniel Johnston

Danny Malone

Dash Rip Rock

Dave Gonzalez

The Delphines

The Dream Syndicate

Duane Jarvis

Edison Chair

The Visual Art Of Federico Archuleta

The Fleshtones

Giant Sand

Green On Red

Gary Myrick And Havana 3am

Glenn Clark

Grey Delisle

The Hacienda Brothers

The Hollisters

Howe Gelb

Ian Mclagan

Ian Moore

Ivan Julian

Jeff Black

The Jellydots

Jesse Dayton

Jim White

Joe Ely

Jon Dee Graham

Julie Christensen

Kathy Valentine


The Kennedys

K-Tel Hit Machine

The Living Room Project

The Lonesome Strangers

The Lost Soul Revue

Louise Goffin

The Lucky Tomblin Band

Math And Science

Matt Hubbard

Mario Matteoli

Mclemore Avenue

Michael des Barres

Miles Zuniga (Fastball)

The Minstrels

Miranda Lee Richards

Moot Davis

The Mother Truckers

Murry Hammond (Old 97’s)


The Painted Redstarts

Papa Mali

Patrice Pike

Paul Collins (The Beat, The Nerves, The Breakaways)

Pete Anderson

Peter Case (The Nerves, The Plimsouls)

Pleasant Gehman

Phil Roy


Randy Jacobs And The Boneshakers

Randall Bramblett

The Resentments

Richard Barone

Rosie Flores

Rufus Wainwright

The Rugburns

Sara Hickman

Sarah Borges

Scrappy Jud Newcomb


Smile Smile

The Split Squad

Stephen Bruton

Steve Poltz

Steve Wynn

The Stone River Boys

Suzanna Choffel


Teddy Thompson

Tom Freund

Tony Scalzo (Fastball)

Triple Cobra

The Violet Burning

Warren Pash


Wayne “The Train” Hancock

Will Taylor and Strings Attached

William Graham

RajiWorld was named in 1991 to honor a great club and keep the name alive. I was booking many of the same acts at UA in Tucson and everyone just assumed my name was spelled the same way as the club.

Raji’s was a rock and roll nightclub in central Hollywood, in the 1980s and early 1990s: one of the great affectionate sweaty smoke filled ‘dives’ of rock, which featured among others performances by bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Redd Kross, Jane’s Addiction, The Dream Syndicate, Tex and the Horseheads, Mary’s Danish, The Miracle Workers, Social Distortion, the Mentors, GG Allin, The Nymphs, and Los Lobos, as well as out-of-town acts like Nirvana, Hole, The Pink Fairies, Pussy Galore and Kyuss. Top-draw local acts like Thelonious Monster, The Muffs, the Red Aunts, The Lazy Cowgirls, Beck, TrashCan School, Oiler, Butt Trumpet, Kill Buddha, the Sacred Hearts, Baby Girl English and many others found enthusiastic crowds as well.

The space had previously been a Greek restaurant called The King’s Palace, which had hosted punk rock shows booked by Brendan Mullen briefly in 1979 after the closing of The Masque. A common gripe about the venue was the large column which rose from the floor just in front of the stage.

Raji’s started to decline after 1991, when the owners of the building decided to take over the booking and operation of the club, and the quality of acts booked there slowly declined. Raji’s closed in late 1993, by which time only bands just starting out played there, and attendance became increasingly sparse. Shortly afterwards, the Hastings Hotel building in which Raji’s was located was severely damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. There were attempts to preserve the structure based on historical and architectural significance, and attempts to get the club going again (to the extent of booking bands for shows which never occurred), which came to naught when the city of Los Angeles denied landmark status to the building. It was torn down by the city of Los Angeles to build a parking lot.

A bar called Raji’s existed a few blocks away from the club’s former location, run by the same family which ran the club in its last two years, until 2007, when it closed due to the gentrification of central Hollywood.

Pigmy Love Circus and The Dream Syndicate both released live albums recorded from shows at Raji’s.