Welcome to my home away from home. I look forward to our first conversation, which you can get on the list to join here. We will take the trip back in time and list as many artists and special guests as I can remember but please email me anything you remember too. These parties were so magical I often made changes last minute that never made it onto a poster or press release. AND, I am discovering so many incredibly talented Artists on the platform, I will also be inviting them to play for us. Check out a few of my favorites, mentoring the next generation. Robot Nature, Martin Sutton, Vinx, and so many more!

Clubhouse has been a life-changer for me, with so many inspiring new friends confirming my dreams of what was possible in our industry, community and in forward thinking (then) and the future (now!) it is 2021 and I am just as excited about my path as I was 30 years ago! Thank you each for being a part of that!

RajiWorld plus one parties had a secret. I planned these parties with a lot of gratitude, donations collected and partnership planning for solid relationship building between my hand-picked sponsors and my client’s fans. I have decided to share my model in these CH rooms. By popular demand, the first three rooms will each repeat so let me know if you want to speak in “Music Biz Charm School presents” on Music Business Matchmaking, Manners, and the Charities We Love.

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