Video Premiere: Julie Christensen “Gloryland” (By Kevin Gordon)

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Julie Christensen — “Gloryland” (by Kevin Gordon)

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Julie Christensen’s version of Kevin Gordon’s song “Gloryland.” Christensen has a forthcoming album 11 From Kevin — Songs of Kevin Gordon, due to be released on January 21 via Wirebird Records. The album was produced by Julie Christensen and Brett Ryan Stewart and mastered by Mark Chalecki.

Basic and Overdub tracks with Chris Tench, Sergio Webb (guitars, dobro, banjo) and Chris Benelli (drums) and Irakli Gabriel’s pump organ, Gregory Boaz’ bass parts,

“Glorlayn” is Julie Christensen on lead vocals; Brett Ryan Stewart and Rosemary Fossee Stewart on backing vocals; Sergio Webb on electric guitar lead (stereo left); Chris Tench on electric guitar (stereo right + atmosphere); Chris Benelli on drums; and Gregory Boaz on electric bass.

Julie’s typical punk sensibilities a là the Divine Horsemen and The Flesh Eaters is applied here in an dark and serious twist.  “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The song’s not meant to attack anyone’s beliefs–just the negative effects of that idea of ‘Gloryland’ when it gets manipulated by politicians and priests–the old ‘Bible wrapped in a flag’ trick…the very real human costs in the here and now. I was thinking, with each character, about empathy and when that is lost – what bad things can happen. — Kevin Gordon

I wanted to record this song because it deals with longing, frustration and doubt, power, and lack of it. I edited the video that my husband John Henry shot of me, and a bunch of old foreign movie footage (thanks to a giant box of DVDs that Chris D gave me) and news stuff from the web. Kevin says they seem to match the visions in his head from back when he wrote the song and put it out 10 years ago in. — Julie Christensen

The Video

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