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The Goffin & King Foundation Presents Louise Goffin and Friends Songs and Stories

The Goffin & King Foundation Presents

Louise Goffin and Friends 

Songs and Stories

The Goffin & King Foundation is a registered educational 501 (c)(3) dedicated to empowering songwriters while preserving the legacy & inspiration of Gerry Goffin & Carole King’s songwriting. 



Singer-songwriter, recording artist, and record producer, Louise has been making music since she was 8. She created, produces and hosts Song Chronicles – a podcast featuring exclusive in-depth conversations about career-defining moments with songwriters, musicians, recording artists, as well as behind-the-scenes business executives. She is currently self-engineering and producing her 11th album, and working on a fictional memoir. Louise produced Carole King’s Grammy-nominated “A Holiday Carole” and duets with Carole on the Gilmore Girls theme song. An advocate for people finding their voices within songwriting, Louise loves mentoring upcoming songwriters, and developing spaces for songwriters to come together and learn.  



Music business manager who has multiple decades overseeing the careers of Carole King and Jesse McCartney. Sherry Goffin Kondor knows how to bring out the best in her artists, whether that’s through creative collaboration, encouragement, or simply knowing when to get out of the way. She is the Executive Producer of the hit Broadway musical, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, which ran for 6 years on Broadway and spawned multiple touring companies worldwide (as well as an upcoming feature film). A wonder at problem-solving, Sherry is a gal who takes care of things with class and a straightforward no-nonsense attitude. She’s the “ride or die” manager of every artist’s dreams.

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Please help me welcome Desdemona to RajiWorld, also known as “Desi,” Desdomonda is a humanoid robot and the lead vocalist of Desdemona’s Dream (formally the Jam Galaxy Band). Created by master artist and roboticist David Hanson and his team at Hanson Robotics, Desi runs on music and electricity and is on a mission to share her belief that the world can be changed for the better through the power of AI in the creative arts. She is the sister of the famous Sophia robot and joins her bandmates, including AI scientist Benjamin Goertzel on keyboards and Jam Galaxy CEO Dianne Krouse on saxophone, to bring a unique and visionary performance to audiences. The band’s live shows showcase Desi’s AI-generated spoken word poetry and music, all the while supporting their mission to revolutionize the music industry through decentralized systems and blockchain technology. With her positive message and unique perspective, Desdemona is on a journey to help artists and humanity see a brighter future.

Capricorn Season gave us self-reflection, and now Aquarius Season is giving us a nudge to take what we’ve learned and run with it. On January 20, the sun will officially enter the revolutionary sign of Aquarius where it’ll stay until February 18, kicking off a brand new astrological season and era for 2024. But quick warning — we’re in for quite the ride.

Aquarius Season is usually a time to be daring and courageous, but this period of time in particular will be pretty intense, all thanks to Pluto — the Planet of Destruction, Death, and Rebirth — entering Aquarius the same day that the season starts. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1778 to 1798 — what a time! — besides the planet’s brief stint in the sign of the water bearer last year, which gave us a preview of what’s to come. –


For us in the industry, this could look like utter chaos or the sky is the limit and old chains breaking open with all new possibility and ever the optimist, here is what I can see:

  • The Rise of Gen Z artists, underground artists, political and spoken word artists
  • More Latin music mixed with a hybrid of other genres
  • More house parties and live music being presented in alternative and brand new spaces
  • The wide acceptance of Music as therapy
  • Private funding of music from patrons becoming more involved in processes
  • New technologies making more of global collaborations
  • Lifestyle festivals that really elevate with green elements, cutated local food and sponsors taking an active role in real partnership

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Nashville, TN – Jesse Daniel Edwards will release a new album entitled Violensia on June 23 via Cavity Search Records (PRE-SAVE HERE). The album is the second under his name – a departure from his previous project, Juni Ata – marking a new artistic chapter in Edwards’ career. The lead single “I’m So Happy (I Think I Might Cry)” is available now – listen here.

Experienced in many roles across the music industry – tour manager for Lucinda Williams, Morrisey, and Jason Isbell; under the aforementioned Americana moniker Juni Ata; and as a member of his brother LA Edwards’ band – Edwards is pursuing a new sound and vision with Violensia. Across 10 songs of piano-based alternative indie rock, he presents a unique style and tackles real-life tragedies befalling the common person. 

The lead single “I’m So Happy (I Think I Might Cry)” launches the album with theatrical flourish and bombast, heard in the rising and falling emotion of piano fingerings and confessional lyrics (“I’ve been around the world / And guess what, it’s all the same”). The song lurches forward with dual guitar solos and rock ‘n’ roll that straddles operatic, elegiac, and jubilant all within alternating verses. 

Violensia responds to the challenges of these times through a lens that is personal, though not autobiographical. Its voice is a widescreen treatment of various characters caught in the grip of national traumas, the familiar shocks of the 5 o’clock news. There is suicide and murder. Drug misadventures and unplanned pregnancies. Yet none are rendered in self-pitying remorse; Edwards’ musical response is a full-on effort to grapple with all of it, delivered in the life-affirming tradition that is rock and roll.


Transgender Rights are Human Rights! The inhumane space we live in at this moment is not good for anyone.

Transgender people come from all walks of life, and HRC Foundation has estimated that there are more than 2 million people across the United States. identifying as transgender with many, many more afraid to identify! They are parents, siblings, and kids. They are your coworkers, your neighbors, and your friends. They are 4-year-old children and 90-year-old great- grandparents. They are a diverse community, representing all racial and ethnic backgrounds, as well as all faith traditions.

Please know that RajiWorld has always provided a safe space for human expression, identity and understanding. I am committed to being part of a world that is good for everyone and that this is my own commitment to a higher being. I believe that we are all children of G-d and loved for our individuality and grace that we bring to the world. On this first day of Passover, please know I will continue to fight for freedom with every breath.

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86% of fans won’t cut concerts despite high ticket prices & inflation, Bandsintown survey reveals

Bandsintown surveyed 2200 of their 75 million registered users to see if live music remains a priority for them despite higher ticket prices, inflation, and fears of a recession.

The results were decisive and offered hope for touring musicians battered by the same economic conditions.

86.5% of fans surveyed said they would be attending more or the same number of shows in 2023, with about half of the respondents (49.5%) saying they plan to attend more concerts than in 2022, according to the Bandsintown fan survey.

Cutting back on other spending to see their favorite artists is a “no-brainer” for 86.9% of fans. Dining out was the first to go for the surveyed fans, followed by new clothing, streaming services, and travel.

Of the 13.5% who said they anticipated going to fewer shows, high ticket prices were the top reason (50.2%), with inflation/fear of recession second (19.8%) and their favorite artists not touring this year (17.7%) third.

Bruce Houghton is the Founder and Editor of Hypebot and MusicThinkTank, a Senior Advisor at Bandsintown, President of the Skyline Artists Agency, and a professor for the Berklee College Of Music.

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What is Ameripolitan? The Ameripolitan Awards Weekender website‘s list of nominees for the 2023 honors ends with a note defining the term as “a word that represents the different heritage of roots music that inform the artists that you see here. Much of the music is hard to define to a single genre and as musicians, we tend to draw inspiration from many things to create a unique voice or sound.”

The Ameripolitan awards are given in four categories: Western Swing, Outlaw, Rockabilly, and Honky Tonk. Artists in each category were well represented at last weekend’s event with showcases Friday and Saturday and the Awards show Sunday night.

Founded by Dale Watson in 2014 in Austin, Texas, the Ameripolitan nonprofit organization moved to Memphis, Tennessee, when he did in 2018. This year’s Weekender was held at the Guesthouse at Graceland, on Elvis Presley Boulevard. Coming back from a two-year COVID hiatus, and with the sights and sounds of the hit movie Elvis lingering in the air, this year’s event was a humdinger!  

The column is fortunate to have had Kevin Smith there to report on the weekend. While his photos have frequently been featured in this column, his last full report was in 2019, when he highlighted the rockabilly fest Nashville Boogie.

The 2023 Ameripolitan Awards Weekender by Kevin Smith 

This grand celebration of music involved so many wonderful performances that I simply can’t talk about all of them here, so I’m just going to mention a few highlights and takeaways. (You can browse the full schedule here — what a list of names!)

The singular highlight for me was the incomparable Sierra Ferrell, who took home the Western Swing Female Award. Part old-time mountain music, part honky-tonk, with a healthy dash of 1930s Django jazz thrown in, Ferrell played a highly exciting set to a packed house at the Graceland Theater. Truly a unique and creative soul, and at the top of her game, it’s no wonder that she has quickly become a beloved performer.

Other singer-songwriters who grabbed me included Texan Kaitlin Butts, and Nashville’s Kristina Murray and Emily Nenni. Also from Nashville, Melissa Carper and Brennen Leigh played a batch of western swing-inspired songs and were joined by Grammy-winning vocalist and fiddler Katie Shore from Asleep at the Wheel. Another highlight was India Ramey, who performed at a Hanks Williams tribute. 

Ultra-traditionalist Jake Penrod was a crowd favorite, playing honky-tonk the way it was done back in the golden era of country music, and he just may have the best Hank Williams vocal interpretation of anybody. Rockabilly was well represented, and it is always a thrill to catch Joey Simeone, frontman for The Bellfuries.  True to form, his Sam Cooke-inspired vocals absolutely wowed the crowd.  

Fans of country and rockabilly guitar had lots to rave about as well. Kyle Eldridge and Sean Mencher put on a performance for the ages featuring tributes to guitar greats Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, and Joe Maphis. Rising guitar star Mitch Polzak also dazzled with his instrumental interpretation of Sergio Leone’s theme music for spaghetti westerns. By far, though, the most popular band representing the rockabilly genre at the moment is The Hi-Jivers from Nashville. They are a husband-wife duo that focuses on a hybrid of rockabilly that’s steeped in the blues.  

The Awards

Complete with a fashion show, red carpet, and an afterparty, the awards ceremony closed out the weekend on Sunday night with performances by The Whitmore Sisters, Wayne Hancock, Brennen Leigh, and many more. In addition to the annual awards, listed below, some of the music’s legends received special awards for their lifetime contributions. This year’s recipients were country music trailblazer Johnny Rodriguez and honky-tonkers The Adams Brothers. Rodriguez was a popular star in the late ’70s and into the early ’80s. He’s well known as a superior vocalist, and he performed on this night, playing Lefty Frizzell’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” to a standing ovation.  Perhaps best known as the touring band for both George Jones and Johnny Paycheck, The Adams Brothers’ roots run deeper still, as they backed up other legendary performers including Ray Price and Marty Robbins, Loretta Lynn, Little Jimmy Dickens, Merle Haggard, and Buck Owens.  

What a weekender, my head is still buzzing. 

Here’s a list of the 2023 Ameripolitan Award nominees and winners (in bold):

Hannah Juanita
Kathryn Legendre
Kristina Murray
Summer Dean

Dallas Burrow
Garrett T Capps
Jeremy Pinnell

Cory Grinder & The Playboy Scouts
Croy & The Boys
The Shootouts
The Waymores

Brit Taylor
Emily Nenni
Kaitlin Butts
Rachel Brooke

Coleman Williams
Scott H. Biram
Vincent Neil Emerson
Willi Carlisle

Dallas Moore Band
Jenny Don’t & The Spurs
The Rhyolite Sound
The Whitmore Sisters

Amy Griffin
Jane Rose
Mozzy Dee
Saudia Young

Eddie Clendening
Mitch Polzak
Nic Roulette
Sean K. Preston

The Hi-Jivers
The Phantom Shakers

Brennen Leigh
Carolyn Sills
Melissa Carper
Sierra Ferrell

A Jay Wade
Kyle Eldridge
Sage Guyton
Wild Earp

The Southwest Biscuit Company
Sad Daddy
West of Texas
Western Swing Authority
The Lucky Stars

Daniel Mason (banjo)
Katie Shore (fiddle)
Kullen Fox (trumpet + piano)
Mike Bernal (drums)
T. Jarrod Bonta (piano)

Celia Villagran – Texas Hellkitten Radio
Jimi Palacios – Country Du Monde
Kevin Martinez – Colonel Paco Chaos Pacobilly Hour
Marivi Yubero Garcia – Marivipolitan
Del Villarreal – Go Kat, GO! The Rock-A-Billy Show!

Knuckleheads, Kansas City
Rattlesnake Saloon – Munich, Germany
Roosters Country – Mesa, Arizona
The Southgate House Revival – Newport, Kentucky
Sagebrush – Austin, Texas

Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance – Taos, New Mexico
Western Swing Out – Tehachapi, California
Vintage Torque Fest – Dubuque, Iowa
Zoofest – Lincoln, Nebraska



Thank you for this preview Matt Sterner!

Gather up the gang and all of your closest cool cats because one of Tucson’s most wanted events is taking over the historic hotel downtown. Hotel Congress is hosting the annual Dillinger Days event from Saturday, January 14 – Sunday, January 15.

Dillinger Days at Hotel Congress (Photo courtesy of Hotel Congress)

The spectacle honors the capture of America’s most notorious outlaw by the Tucson Police and Fire Departments. Each year, Hotel Congress steps back in time with vintage cars, live music, 1930s entertainment, local vendors, reenactments of Dillinger’s capture, and more.


Keep in mind that there are two days of events. First up, the Dillinger Speakeasy is from 7 – 10 p.m. on Saturday, January 14. Tickets are $15 per person and the evening will feature live entertainment from Kings of PleasureDesert Melodies, and the Johnny Hotshot Gun Show. Plus, whiskey specials, premium cigars, and a best-dressed contest will be going down as well.

So, break out your favorite 1930s digs and purchase your tickets ahead of time at A portion of proceeds benefits the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation to assist with unmet needs in the fire service community in the areas of advanced training, technology, survivor’s help, education campaigns, firefighter health and wellness, and other support services.

And one more thing: If you’d like to dine at the Cup Cafe, the crew highly recommends reserving your table well in advance. Additionally, the Plaza Eats food truck will be open and serving up delicious bites throughout the evening.


On Sunday, January 15 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., the free and family-friendly Dillinger Days kicks off and I am proud to once again, have coordinated some of the best of the history keepers in AZ for your enjoyment.

“Experience the re-enactment of John Dillinger’s downfall at the hands of Tucson law enforcement, famously known for succeeding with Dillinger’s arrest when the FBI couldn’t,” Hotel Congress shared about the event. “Mobs of history buffs, fans of the 1930s, and pop culture enthusiasts crowd the historic Hotel Congress annually to pay homage to the man that famously earned the title Public Enemy No. 1 and his nationally-renowned apprehension.”

Tickets are free but you can still purchase admission (for free) so that you’re reminded to show up on Sunday. There’s going to be a reenactment at the hotel, a vintage car show, live music, walking tours, and plenty of other fun.

Hotel Congress is located at 311 E. Congress St. For more information and to keep up with the latest, follow Hotel Congress on Facebook.

Eddie Clendening & the Blue Ribbon Boys

Eddie Clendening & the Blue Ribbon Boys:
“Unheard Elvis ’55”
Eddie plays the “Unheard Elvis ‘55 Stage Show” featuring a set of songs played live by Elvis Presley and the Blue Moon Boys but never recorded.
Clendening is an engaging entertainer, don’t miss this great show! 


With all the media push and excitement from the awards poised ELVIS film, it’s a great time to bring “Eddie Clendening and the Blue Ribbon Boys: Unheard Elvis ’55” to your venue or event

Custom Recording Co has teamed up with Eddie Clendening and the Blue Ribbon Boys to produce a concept record 70 years in the making!  Using the same signal chain, instruments, and recording techniques, this project reimagines the lost and destroyed tapes from Elvis, Scotty, and Bill recorded at Memphis Recording Service for Sun Records. 

The show features popular Elvis songs as well as the songs they played live in their early days but never recorded, as that is the focus of the new album. 

Tweedlee Dee 


How Do You Think I Feel 

Hearts Of Stone 

Tennessee Saturday Night 

Only You 

Casual Love Affair 

Without You 

Blue Moon Of Kentucky (country version) 

Tiger Man 

Trying To Get To You (trio version) 

Shake Rattle and Roll 

Fool Fool Fool 

Little Mama 

I Got A Woman 

Money Honey 


Till I Waltz Again With You 

When It Rains It Really Pours 

We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart


help wanted

RajiWorld has two spots open for interns. We hire for school credit or future employment AND are currently seeking one 20 hour a week Austin based intern and one to work remotely (any state). Responsibilities for the remote position will include drafting a variety of external communications & social media posts, as well as special event support-oriented responsibilities that may involve a knowledge of graphics and each social media platform. The local position requires a current understanding of the music business and the ability to be onsite from now until just post SXSW. A longer term is also possible. This job will require some office hours, some remote hours, interaction with our clients and media, managers and labels. There will be some weekend and nighttime work but the schedule can work to meet your needs as well. Please email your interest and resume or skill set to

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How Music Helps Our Mental Health

Music Helps


Musician and neurologist Dr. Joe Barnby studies how the pandemic affected the mental health of music-makers alike. Here’s what he found…

by Jessica Letkemann from Spotify For Artists

This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for health advice. You should consult your own advisors and/or mental health professionals before making any personal decisions.

Making music has always made for an intense career, often full of the kinds of uncertainties — from money to time — that can stress you out. On top of that, the effects of the ongoing pandemic threw a monkeywrench into many artists’ lives that continues to be felt. Dr. Joe Barnby, a musician and neuroscientist in the field of mental health, checked back in with Spotify for Artists to share what he’s observed about how Covid has added to the unique stresses of the profession.

“Data that has come out during the pandemic has highlighted who is more vulnerable to depression and anxiety,” Barnby says. “The one thing that stands out about musicians compared to other professions is that they [often] haven’t got that security of financial stability… and that unfortunately means that when something like Covid happens where there’s a huge change in the way that we need to adapt to live, it can be very difficult to carry on being a musician in those circumstances.”

Almost two-thirds of the respondents to MusiCares 2021 “Wellness in Music” survey felt financial stress every day. Meanwhile, over a quarter reported moderate to severe depression.

“No sort of economic parachute for people with inconsistent incomes makes stress all the more exaggerated and magnified. Musicians feel that they can’t really afford to exist doing what we love doing, like writing music or producing music, combined with trying to afford an apartment, and trying to afford food.”

Isolation is one major risk factor for musicians that multiplied when lockdowns and restrictions interrupted the social and support networks that are vital to good mental health. While that has eased this year, Barnby has seen that, “We were still not able to talk to people and interact with people in the same way. We didn’t have that social spontaneity we were used to.” To combat that, he says, it’s important to, “have people around you that you can rely on to be there for you to talk things over and be there with you emotionally.”

Your need for a like-minded community of fellow musicians is also key, as other stresses have piled up. “Having a forum where you can discuss that among yourselves is so powerful,” Barnby says. “Talking through problems that you’re all facing gives you the benefit of group ideas. It’s not just you thinking about it on your own.”

In addition to having people to rely on, the other “normal things recommended for good mental health — good exercise, nutrition, and sleep” also apply.

“We know the importance of sleep in regulating things like cognition, our emotion, and our ability to deal with stresses during the day,” he says. “If you have a completely uneven sleep schedule, we know that that is predisposing people to have poorer mental health and to find dealing with normal life stresses a lot more difficult.

“There’s emerging evidence about the relationship between the gut and brain, and how the things we eat affect our psychology. Our social environments can encourage poorer or better eating. If you’re constantly on a tight schedule, you haven’t got the time to prepare food that’s really nutritious. We know that eating food that doesn’t encourage healthy gut microbiota will predispose you to having poorer mental health.”

“Art and culture is so important to a healthy, functioning society,” Barnby says. And he feels that points to the need for mental health “alleviation for struggling musicians that otherwise could contribute massively to society.”

Alana Bonilla on 09/16/2022

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Landon and Jesse, two friends, philosopher poets, and songsters met in Nashville in 2022 and immediately shared a love of books, red wine, and music. Both having recently undergone a reinvention during the pandemic, they hit the road with guitars in hand in 2022 to resume the path of artistic exploration, bringing forth their particular brand of lyrically rich and vocally resplendent solo songwriting.”

JDE_NOV_DEC_TOURJesse Daniel Edwards is an independent songwriter from the small mountain town of Cuyamaca, CA where he grew up without TV, internet, or significant exposure to the outside world. Leaving home at 16, he spent his late teens busking on street corners around the US and abroad.

While singing outside of honky tonks on Music Row in Nashville, TN, Jesse struck up a friendship with Al Bunetta (John Prine). Bunetta served as a mentor to the young artist, encouraging Jesse to tour full-time in the years to follow.

Jesse currently resides in Nashville and continues to write, record, and perform. His latest album “Violensia” (produced by Joe Chiccarelli) releases in fall 2022. His collaborative project, Juni Ata, features releases produced by Steve Cropper alongside arranger Jacob Rosswog. Their latest single, “Someone Else’s Rising Sun”, arrives in summer of 2022, with an ensuing EP release to follow.

 LANDONPIGG_NOV_DEC_TOUR “Landon Pigg grew up between Nashville, TN and Oak Park, IL where he learned to sing as a child working alongside his father and two siblings on commercial jingles.  Encouraged by both parents to develop and pursue his own original musical leanings, he began to write and self-produce musical material under his own name during his teen years. 

   In his own words, Landon describes his earliest forays into recording: 

   “Processing the highs and lows of grade school, I found catharsis in the process. Stacking harmonies was a blast, and dad’s studio set-up was like a magical playground for me. Time slipped by in warp speed as I punched in and out, trying to get it right.”

   After his song “Sailed On” appeared on Grey’s Anatomy, Landon and Eric Rosse’s collaboratively penned “The Way It Ends” was featured on the 2010 season finale of the show and subsequently went into national rotation. Pigg embarked upon a publicity tour which found him booked on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Last Call with Carson Daly, and other media outlets including a radio tour, as well as appearances in Teen Vogue, Glamour and Performing Songwriter magazines.

   His body of work saw increasing placements in films and tv including One Tree Hill, Shrek Forever After, commercials for De Beers and AT&T- which garnered an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2020, his cover of “Young at Heart” enjoyed a resurgence on Apple TV’s The Morning Show.

   Along with songwriting, producing, and touring, Landon has appeared as an actor in television and film, with credits including Parenthood, Whip It and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

   Currently residing in Nashville, Landon has a new record forthcoming, with select live appearances on tour in the fall of 2022.

   “Above all I value connecting with others and contributing to a safe space for conversation and personal growth. 

   Here’s to humble beginnings and even humbler conclusions. To the richness life has to offer, often times through the eyes of another soul.  


p.s See you on the road (or in the movies).


“Whether Del Castillo works in Spanish or English, it rocks righteously. The Spanish guitars’ flamenco vibe gives a dramatic flair, abetted by Alex Ruiz’s passionate vocals. They pull together Latin music’s romance and rock’s grit.” says Billboard magazine. 

It started with two brothers, Mark and Rick del Castillo collaborating on a recording project that was initially intended as a gift to their parents and family members for the holiday season. As accomplished electric guitarists in different bands and not having played together, they decided to join forces on acoustic nylon string guitars, creating a rich, romantic, more traditional sound in honor of the Spanish music they grew up listening to at home.  The brothers invited their long time, home-town musical friends to also play on the songs and the music soon came to life. Once the album was finalized, it was titled after their namesake, “Brothers Of The Castle” (2000) and they performed their first public concert for family and friends to celebrate the release. 

Their plan was to perform “one night only.” However, the very positive turnout was unlike any of their other bands. From their inception, Del Castillo became something uniquely special and soon the word spread about the new band. The more the band played, the more their audience grew.  They continued writing and recording music, building their repertoire, making more fans and quickly becoming one of Austin’s most recognized bands. One of the instrumental songs from the first album, “Spanish Castle Tango” was later hand picked by Robert Rodriguez and fueled the inspiration for, “Mexico and Mariachis” (2004). Another track from their first album, “Dias de Los Angeles” was placed in the film and soundtrack for “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” (2003) starring Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. 

“… tumbling brilliance on nylon-string guitars… These eruptions of technique and taste conjure images of Eddie Van Halen fronting early Santana (with an assist from the Gipsy Kings).” says Rolling Stone magazine. 

Film director Robert Rodriguez first attended a Del Castillo concert in 2002 and a great friendship quickly developed.  Rodriguez enlisted the group to contribute music for the soundtracks to “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”, “Spy Kids 3D”, “Sin City”, “Grindhouse” and “Machete”, and then perform the music live at the premieres. He was so impressed with Del Castillo that he wanted to record with them, so together they formed the super-group, “CHINGÓN” and recorded an electrifying rendition of the Mexican mariachi classic, “Malagueña Salerosa”.  Quentin Tarantino loved it so much that he edited the ending sequence of “Kill Bill Vol. II” to fit the song into his film. Their live performance can be seen on YouTube and has over 4 million views. 

From 2001-2006, between their first release and third release, Del Castillo received an astonishing 18 awards including SXSW/Austin Music “Album of the Year” Awards for their second (“Vida” 2002) and third (“Brotherhood” 2006) albums, SXSW “Band of the Year” (2003), ASCAP’s “Best Independent Group of the Year” (2005) and Austin Music Pundits “Best Live Act (2004)”.  

“Watching brothers Rick and Mark del Castillo take the stage and throw down dazzling nylon-string runs, in unison and in harmony, made me a big fan…infectious Latin rhythms with mind-boggling solos.” says Guitar Player magazine. 

By 2004 Del Castillo was touring nationwide playing with such diverse acts as Styx, Los Lonely Boys, Ozomatli, Kinky, Don Henley, Los Lobos, Ryan Bingham and Willie Nelson and toured non-stop through 2006. They performed at three of Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnics, at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival and made numerous local/national TV appearances. 

Willie Nelson enjoyed Del Castillo so much he re-recorded his song “I Never Cared For You” with the full band (featured on “Brotherhood” 2006) and says it’s his “favorite version”. Willie has continued to be a good friend of the band and also appears in the music video for “Anybody Wanna” (“Del Castillo” 2009) and have discussed another music project for the future. 

In 2005 the band made an appearance with Robert Rodriguez as the band, “CHINGÓN” for the George Lopez show on ABC-TV. 

In 2008 Rick and Mark del Castillo were chosen (two guitar players out of six world wide) by Gibson Global to launch their state-of-the-art Dark Fire Gibson Les Paul guitar line. 
From 2008-2010 the band played major festivals across the US and Canada expanding their audience and fan base at a more rapid rate, earning even more recognition and becoming established as a touring musical act among their musical heroes and peers. 
In 2010 Del Castillo recorded on a collaboration with Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana and Los Lonely Boys on a song called, “Claro Que Se Puede” found on the album titled “Proyecto De Amor” benefiting the non-profit Hermes Music Foundation who provides musical instruments to the indigenous people of Mexico. 

From 2010-2012 the band toured overseas making new fans throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Scotland and London,England. The band was received with open arms and had a cult-like following already expecting their arrival in many cities across Europe, already being known for the music on major soundtracks from Robert Rodriguez’s award winning films.  Del Castillo performed at Montreux Jazz Festival, the second largest jazz festival in the world. The band has also played other notable festivals such as Gampel Open-Air, Blue Balls Festival, Bergen International Festival, Scotland Celtic Festival, St. Moritz Jazz Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival, Aspen Jazz Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival, SXSW Music Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Great Woods Music Festival, California Worldfest, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and the Elnora Guitar Festival among many others. 

In 2014 Del Castillo’s instrumental track, “Las Seis Cuerdas de Tony Montuno” was a featured song for a scene on ABC’s crime/drama series “Killer Women” and the band makes a brief appearance performing during the second episode. 

In 2015 Del Castillo was recruited to appear in the “From Dusk Till Dawn” the TV series. They transformed into vampires, playing the killer house band for the first two seasons, produced by Robert Rodriguez and Miramax for his new television network, The EL REY Network.  That same year the band also made an appearance on the radical wrestling show, “Lucha Underground” performing with Robert Rodriguez as “CHINGÓN” for the EL REY Network. 

“I want to bring the most exciting and authentic content possible”, said Robert Rodriguez when announcing the TV series. “Chingón and Del Castillo have been part of my experience providing this kind of entertainment to audiences since the beginning.” 

Del Castillo took a brief hiatus from touring to work on different recording projects and new musical collaborations. After a couple of years off the band eventually began writing and recording new music once again, this time expanding their sound to incorporate more electric guitars in the mix. The band has started performing live again and are playing new songs at select shows. There are plans to release a new single as the band continues working to finalize a new album. Del Castillo is also looking forward to playing more European tour dates in 2023. Stay tuned for more details. 

– Album of the year “BROTHERHOOD” – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2007) 
– Best Latin Traditional Band – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2007) 
– Best Latin Traditional Band – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2006) 
– Best Independent Group of the year – ASCAP Latin Music Awards (2005) 
– Best Latin Traditional Band – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2005) 
– Best Live Act by Austin Music Pundits- AMP Awards (2004) 
– Best Latin Contemporary Band – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2004) 
– Best Latin Music Video for “Sueños Madrigales” from “Del Castillo Live” Dvd – Austin Music 

Network Music Video Awards (2003) 
– Band of the year – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2003) 
– Album of the year “VIDA” – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2003) 
– Best Drummer “Mike Zeoli” – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2003) 
– Single of the year “VIDA” – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2003) 
– Best cover art “VIDA” – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2003) 
– Best Producer “Rick del Castillo – VIDA” – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2003) 
– Best Latin Traditional Band – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2003) 
– Best World Music Band – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2002) 
– Best Latin Traditional Band – Austin Music Awards/South By Southwest (2002) 
– Best Latin Rock Band – Primetime Tejano TV/Austin (2002) 
– Honored by Austin Latin Music Association – Live performance filmed for “Sonidos del Barrios” TV series (2002) 

– TWO NIGHTS IN TEXAS “Remembering The Music” – Live DVD 
– VINTAGE RESERVE – Album/digital only 
– DEL CASTILLO (IV) – Album/CD/digital 
– BROTHERHOOD – Album/CD/digital 
– VIDA – Album/CD/digital 


SXSW23 Panel

It is that time of year again! I was invited to take part in a very cool panel with some very admirable women. We would love your vote!! Just click on our link.

“Women with Integrity and Courage”


  1. How the challenges of pay inequity, sexual harassment, bribery, or slander were met and overcome by the panelists. 
  2. How each panelist upheld her integrity throughout her career in the entertainment industry.
  3. Concrete solutions for women to act with integrity, strength, and courage in the entertainment industry in the 21st century.



Elise Krentzel, CEO, EK Public Relations


Women in the entertainment industry have always had to fend for themselves. Those in the business today claim very little has truly changed since the 1970s regarding men’s attitudes. What has changed is the increasing number of strong, brave, and independent women taking charge. Whether on the corporate or artistic side or something in between. They persist! They resist. Even as the media obscenely shames, blames, and points a finger at women. They are busy creating a new 21st-century reality for themselves and generations to come. The discussion topic is Women Who Have Integrity and Courage in the Entertainment Industry. 


SXSW values community input and involvement. The two-step online process PanelPicker® was developed to encourage the SXSW community to enter proposals and have a significant voice in Conference programming.

Each year, the SX community enters session ideas and then grades each proposal during Community Voting. The SXSW staff and Advisory Boards also inform a significant percentage in determining the content lineup.

Cast Your Vote August 9-21

SXSW PanelPicker® applications have closed for the 2023 SXSW Conference but you still have the opportunity to contribute to curating this year’s program.

Who knows what you want to see at SXSW better than you? During Community Voting from August 9-21, browse proposals, leave comments, and vote on sessions to help shape the 2023 Conference.


How many guys can say they tour manage Morrissey and Lucinda Williams, have records produced by Joe Chiccarelli and Steve Cropper

AND The first seeds of thier musical life were sewn in a field as rich as it is American. Raised first in a small mountain town in Southern California, his was a deeply religious household headed by a career Navy man that his siblings called “The Captain.” There was daily prayer, the study of Scripture, and as it often goes in such homes, very little popular music — Jesse would not hear his first Bob Dylan song until his early 20s. But it was a home of great musicality all the same, for among the wildflowers and mountain streams of this idyllic California scene, Jesse often sat at the feet of his grandfather, listening in awe as the old man performed the songs of TheSound of Musicon a battered ukulele. During those adolescent years Jesse studied guitar, banjo, mandolin, oboe, saxophone, piano and clarinet. By age ten he had begun composing songs of his own along with his six brothers and sisters, recording some of those efforts in the family’s coal cellar.

While singing outside of honky tonks on Music Row in Nashville, TN, Jesse struck up a friendship with Al Bunetta (John Prine). Bunetta served as a mentor to the young artist, encouraging Jesse to tour full-time in the years to follow.

Jesse currently resides in Nashville and continues to write, record, and perform. His latest album “Violensia” (produced by Joe Chiccarelli) releases in fall 2022. His collaborative project, Juni Ata, features releases produced by Steve Cropper alongside arranger Jacob Rosswog. Their latest single, “Someone Else’s Rising Sun”, arrives in summer of 2022, with an ensuing EP release to follow.



Hotel Congress Plaza

Saturday, September 24th

$20 adv / $25 DOS 

$35 for both Plaza & Century Room shows


Formed in the heart of the deep American Southwest, XIXA are a guitar-slinging six-piece, uniquely attuned to the desert and their Latin roots. Combining gritty guitars, the bumping grind of chicha, and desert blues into a mesmerizing stew. They’re also a band whose time had come to define what they call “The New Southwest”-intense, sun-bleached music shot through with an inky gothic horror that scans like the long-lost soundtrack to a cult, macabre B-movie Western.

Their debut record, 2016 “Bloodline,” saw them inject heavy fuzz guitars and Latin pulses into sandy rock and roll, a potent mix that took them all over the world for two whole years. For 2019s EP “The Code” they blended psych-rock, cumbia, goth rock, cowboy folk and windswept desert blues into a dark, simmering occult.



In addition to the excitement of a new client who fits RajiWorld like a glove, I am thrilled to invite all of my NIVA friends (agents and buyers) to join us at Beachland Ballroom 7/12 for a live performance!

Produced by Don Dixon & Dore; Recorded by Mitch Easter 

Features Jeremy Chatzky (Springsteen) on bass, Peter Holsapple (The dB’s) on guitar, Will Rigby (The dB’s) on drums and Mark Spencer (Son Volt) on guitar

Professor by day and rock star by night, Florence Dore has been dwelling in the space between music and literature for most of her adult existence. All the different strands of her life and career come together on Highways & Rocketships, her first solo album in 21 years. Following a series of singles, the 10-song collection will be out June 10 on Propeller Sound Recordings, the new imprint run by former R.E.M. manager Jefferson Holt and Music Geek Services founder Jay Coyle.

Highways & Rocketships hits the sweet spot between classic rock, Americana and 1980s-vintage college radio. The hooks, ambience and arrangements are impeccable, evoking both modern-day pop sense and vintage blue-eyed soul, featuring contributions from some of leading lights of the past four decades of American indie-rock – Son Volt’s Mark Spencer, sometimes-Springsteen bassist  Jeremy Chatzky, dB’s members Will Rigby (Dore’s husband since 2004) and Peter Holsapple,  Southern Culture on the Skids bassist Mary Huff, Mipso fiddler/vocalist Libby Rodenbough and legendary R.E.M. co-producers Don Dixon and Mitch Easter among them.  

A native of Nashville, Dore made her first album way back in 2001, Perfect City. She was already teaching by then, too, and becoming a mother with the 2005 birth of her daughter took Dore off the road for some years. Literature became more of a focus, and she’s made her living at academic institutions like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her professional address since 2010.

But music has always been a part of Dore’s endeavors, as she taught college classes in songwriting along with contemporary fiction and the American novel. She has also put on programs and conferences at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and National Humanities Center with musical as well as literary stars like Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, Jonathan Lethem, Peter Guralnick and Greil Marcus. She has emerged as an acclaimed author herself, writing and editing books and magazine articles– about rock, the blues, and Bob Dylan, among other things. Her latest book, The Ink in the Grooves: Conversations on Literature and Rock ’n’ Roll, will be published in October 2022 by Cornell University Press, featuring contributions from Daniel Wallace, Rick Moody, Warren Zanes, Dave Grohl, John Jeremiah Sullivan and others.

Most of the material on Highways & Rocketships emerged in a songwriting binge over several months in 2019, “when I decided to play hooky from academic research,” Dore says. What emerged was a set of 10 lived-in, deeply personal songs about crossroads and transitions, mostly based on people she knew. What would eventually be the album’s title track emerged early in the process. 

She and her bandmates convened at Easter’s posh Fidelitorium Recordings studio in the summer of 2021, with Dixon as producer – who Dore singles out for praise, along with multi-instrumentalist Holsapple.

The first single “Sweet to Me” – a song about Dore’s grandmother – also features her 16-year-old daughter Georgie Rigby and sister Katherine Dore on backing vocals. “Sweet to Me” is emotional enough that Dore has difficulty getting through it without crying, and it’s one of several songs written expressly about family members.  

Indeed, the presence of drummer Rigby (who also earned a co-writing credit on the dB’s-styled “Lighter,” for rhythmic mojo that helped shape the song) makes “Highways & Rocketships” something of a family affair. “Wifi Heart” was inspired in part by Rigby’s phone calls home during his years as Steve Earle’s regular drummer. “Rebel Debutante” was written about Dore’s mother.  But the songs are also plenty clever.  Jordan Mainz put it well in his review of Dore’s recent set opening for Steve Earle, saying the new songs are “reflective and funny and semi-autobiographical, while still finding room for a little acid.”

The album’s closing note is a triumphant one with “And the Lady Goes,” which is her band’s usual onstage show-closer; the band keeps playing as she waves goodbye and leaves.  “It’s a pop song about menopause and mortality,” Dore says, laughing. “That was another song where the phrase of the title just sort of visited me and sounded cool. It had to be written. Songwriting puts you in tune with aspects of life and the human condition you might otherwise gloss over. It gets your antenna up, and it’s wonderful to be in touch with those nether reaches again.”


The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) shared a preview of the featured panels for the inaugural edition of their industry conference which will take place in Cleveland in July.

Set for two days – July 11 and 12 – at multiple NIVA member venues around Cleveland, the conference will address multiple aspects of the industry with programming, education, networking, entertainment and more.

NIVA ‘22 featured sessions include: 

A “Lyte” Breakfast and Live Podcast Recording
The illustrious Lawrence Peryer is recording the latest episode of his Spotlight On podcast in front of a live audience. Lawrence Peryer, Chief Strategy Officer, Lyte
Special Guests:
Shahida Mausi, President & CEO The Right Productions, Inc., Aretha Franklin Amphitheater

State of the Union
Rev. Moose, Executive Director, Co-Founder, NIVA & NIVF
Dayna Frank, NIVA Board President and CEO, First Avenue Productions
Hal Real, NIVF Board President and Founder and President, World Cafe Live
Boris Patronoff, NIVA Advisory Board Chair and CEO See Tickets North America
Frank Riley, NITO Board President and Founder, High Road Touring

Backstage with Andrew Dreskin 
The Youngest OG discusses the current state and future of streaming, ticketing and festivals. In conversation with Andy Gensler, executive editor of Pollstar.
Andrew Dreskin, Co-Founder and CEO, Flymachine
Andy Gensler, Executive Editor of Pollstar and Venues Now

Achieving Equity through Programming
Moderator: Marcus Dowling, Nashville Country Music Repotrer at Tennessean/Gannett
Kae Burke, Co-founder and Creative Director, House of Yes
Erika Elliot, Executive Artistic Director SummerStage/Charlie Parker Jazz Festival
Ryan Smith, Agent, Liaison Artists
Lachi, Artist and President of RAMPD

National Advocacy in 2023 
Moderator: Casey Higgins, Senior Counsel, Akin Gump
Tyler Grimm, Chief Counsel for Policy and Strategy, House Committee Judiciary
Adam Hartke, NIVA Advocacy Co-Chair and owner of Wave in Wichita
Jamie Simpson, Chief Counsel, House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts

Left Out Or Undersubscribed With Sponsorships? 
Moderator: Cathy Applefeld Olson, Forbes
Monika Julien, Senior Manager, Culture Marketing, Red Bull North America
Jesse Kirshbaum, Founder and CEO, NUE Agency
Mikey Lee, Co-founder of

Effective Marketing: What worked yesterday is obsolete. So now what? 
Moderator: Jamie Loeb,  VP of Marketing, Nederlander Concerts
Adam Gaynor, CRO, Gamut
Betsy Lashaway, Client Solutions Manager, Meta
Alix Rosenberg, Senior Manager of Artist Partnerships, TikTok
Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder/Managing Partner, Bandsintown

The Catch 22 of Venue and Neighborhood Success Threatening Survival 
Moderator:  Marcus Dowling, Nashville Country Music Reporter at Tennessean/Gannett News
Chris Cobb, Owner, Exit/In
Mark Davyd, CEO, Music Venue Trust/Own Our Venues
Rebecca Greenwald, independent researcher and journalist on cities and the creative economy

Backstage with artist Meshell Ndegeocello
With a career spanning three decades starting with GoGo and filled with jazz, funk, poetry, live performances, soundtracks and a Grammy — hear about activism through music plus touring independent venues, and the future.

Enhancing Revenue Streams
Moderator: Cathy Applefeld Olson, Forbes
Allyson Jaffee, Co-owner of The Improv
Andre Perry, Executive Director of Hancher Auditorium and the Office of Performing Arts & Engagement, University of Iowa
Katie Tuten, Founder and Co-Owner of the Hideout
Donna Westmoreland, COO, I.M.P., 9:30 Club, The Anthem, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Lincoln Theatre


my live music love story

As we enter festival season and tour madness, I am thinking of the decades past and although my clients and I were in the thick of it, I am happier now. The quarantines allowed us to each re-boot. Most of my roster have kids, so in a few cases, a year may have passed with no communication! It was a blur but as one who is generally available 24/7 (25/8 as we call it at RajiWorld), this was new. It was fascinating too as I have found we each landed on the same page with respect to touring and that even includes our beloved festivals.

The current fan-base has reached out for privates, house-concerts and corporates as those came back first. They have loved these events and creativity and as you may know, this kind of booking is my specialty. They have ALL recorded and have learning to share music in new ways.

I just wanted to tell the world how much I love and respect them each and let you know that you can find them on all of the platforms as well as booking your own show directly with me for just about any of them!

RajiWorld LLC is your women-owned, COVID19 compliance certified, WBE & DBE and HUB Partner for producing, curating and booking your events! 

I look forward to working with you! 

Roggie Baer, founder/ agent discovering talent /connecting talent with events, brands and fans/mentoring/producing results

BOOKING IS EASY, just click on the artist of your choice.


@Limusic Studios Can you beehive how fab this will be!?

 Session ONE Saturday, Oct 29 – Saturday, Nov 5 2022!!!

Session TWO Monday, Nov 7 – Sunday, Nov 13 2022!!! (SYNC REPORT) info here

We are so excited to announce that we have made special arrangements with our friends at Limusic Studio in Limoux, France to help us host our next SOUL KITCHEN CREATIVITY WORKSHOP!  Located in the heart of the Languedoc wine country, steeped in the spiritual history of the Cathar region – where Medieval castle spires and the Pyrenees mountains seem to touch the heavens themselves – we can’t imagine a more creative place to delve into your craft and explore your creativity!

This special Creativity Lab that we call Soul Kitchen is designed for musicians, artists and creative folk from all genres: 

– to invigorate your creative spark

– to meet other musicians and creative folks from around the world in an open atmosphere that promotes collaboration and exploration

– to hone your performance skills

The creativity exchange will include ample time for rehearsals, new creations and collaborations and of course performances – The Suga Lip Lounge will be in full swing as well!   This is a great opportunity for professionals to work on their craft and for the novice to learn from top notch international teachers, no matter your language skills!   You will not be alone… all sessions will have translators available… we got you!  

We are living in a very challenging, socially isolating time. One of the most important activities for creative thinking is the sharing of resources and mentorship. Together we can conquer any obstacle or nemesis. Our goal is to enhance and respectfully sustain the craft of songwriting. – Vinx

Each Soul Kitchen retreat is unique because every group of artists are unique and have different challenges individually and collaboratively. We tailor each experience based on the wonderful people that attend each retreat!

Scroll down to get directly to the registration details!!!

SESSION ONE Oct 29-nov 5th 2022

Here are examples of exercises that have been part of past Soul Kitchen retreats:

Meet your genius – introduction to yourself (critical listening) Expose your unique opinion and creativity (authentic self) / vocal stylings / what’s between the notes

Twinkle Twinkle – it’s not a song it’s just a bed or base for you to decorate with your own style

Appreciating Diversity – Learn to respect and listen to the creative process and truth of others (true diversity) gender switching, role playing – true diversity is appreciating the subtle differences in how we view shared experiences

Mic Mechanics – learn from the best how to work that mic … do you know what mic is best for you and your range?

Lyric Lessons – don’t fear the corn!  punch line set-up, just because it rhymes doesn’t make it a song. Word-smithing

See and hear beyond the obvious – inanimate objects can speak, so can photos, nature, history and the world around you  

Master our melody challenge – (Create 5 melodies from 1 groove) Discover harmony as scat – explore your choices 

Finding ways to be inspired – (triggering the artist within) a picture says a thousand words

Etiquette in the Studio – what to do and NOT to do or say to your live or recording sound engineers!!!  Take charge of your sessions or live sound events

SESSION TWO Nov 7- Nov 13th 2022

This second week will restart and focus on exploring with experts from The Sync Report and clinics from music supervisors, film makers, composers, publishers. Work with notable songwriters and continue to connect your unique stories into synchable content for other artist and media request. more information


COMPLETE REGISTRATION DETAILS TO FOLLOW SHORTLY – We have a maximum of 20 slots available per week so check back here often and please go ahead and send Jennifer an email at

PRICE – $1500 which includes your food and lodging, the workshop fee and studio time (airfare to Toulouse airport is not included but at this time of year should be about $800 or less)

DEPOSIT – $300 due by the end of the end of April, 2022 (please note that this fee is non-refundable excepting in cases like COVID). We have a few spots left in each week, and it’s filling up fast, so don’t delay!!!

To make your deposit, please follow this link:  DEPOSIT LINK

ACCOMMODATION week #1– check in, Saturday Oct 29 – check out, Saturday Nov 5:   week #2 check in, Monday Nov 7 – check out Sunday nov 13: 

Limusic Studio, Limoux FRANCE, a gorgeous renovated wine domaine in the heart of the Languedoc wine country!  This is NOT a hotel, please note!  This is a beautifully renovated former private home, stables and vineyard … the owners have created a series of bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate 20 people.  Most bedrooms have 2 twin beds and share a bath on the same hall with one or two other rooms, but everything is top notch.  Our affordable pricing reflects this musician’s reality AND is how we have always run Soul Kitchen … it’s a grown folks slumber party!  If you wish private lodging or more luxurious lodging in the area, please send Jennifer an email ( and she can recommend nearby hotels or rentals.  In this situation, you would need a car and we would credit you with part of the registration fee as you would be making any other arrangements privately.   LIMUSIC RESIDENTIAL RECORDING STUDIOS

We strongly encourage you to stay at Limusic Studios … plan a few days before or after to have a little extra vacation nearby or in any European city as all of Europe is so easy to access!

Transportation will be available from Toulouse airport or Carcassonne train station on week #1 Saturday, Oct 29 & week #2 Monday Nov 7. Then returning on Week #1 Saturday, November 5 & week #2 Sunday nov 13 at a minimum extra charge.  Please inquire… 

Want to get started right away????   JOIN US at the weekly Vinx Virtual Workshops … click here for info!

“Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities within my story.  I am re-energized” – Libor H., CZ                      

“I am now using my voice in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you, Vinx, for your inspiration!” – Florence J., Luxembourg

“I have studied voice for many years, but you have single handedly blown open a whole new way of thinking about my art” – Patti M., USA

“How do you know when you have mastered your craft?” I don’t think I can answer that for anyone, but I do believe that true Mastery like Excellence, arrives with an empty cup so that it can grow, evolve and continue to improve. I’m here for it and excited for my next session with Vinx!” ~ Hedda Kim, Las Vegas USA

What Is The Soul Kitchen Retreat?

The Songwriter Soul Kitchen is a Creativity Exchange, a meeting place for artists of all levels… singers, musicians, engineers, producers, painters, poets, sculptors, film-makers, story-tellers and just plain creative folk.  For one full week or weekend, you will experience hands on recording studios, workshops, creativity sessions, writing sessions with groups and as an individual, multiple live performance opportunities and much more.  Soul Kitchen is the brainchild of International world class performer, Vinx De’Jon Parrette. He is a former Berklee College of Music educator, songwriter, recording artist, ethnomusicologist, a mutiple award winning documentary film subject and a great coach.

During the week / weekend, each session is crafted to present and develop tools for critical listening to help you better understand the source of your inspiration.  We all have a life filter that houses our library of experiences and memories. This filter allows us to color and embellish all information that is received through it.  Yet we rarely recognize that our true genius walks within our own unique creative process.  “My ART is my opinion and my CREATIVITY is in the telling of it.” – Vinx
 DETAILED INFORMATION: contact Jennifer Parrette at


Hailed as a band with “galactic ambitions,” Blato Zlato is a powerhouse Balkan music collective that weaves the magic of traditional Eastern European folk music with contemporary textural majesty. The group captivates listeners with dark and haunting three-part vocal harmonies and thunderous odd-metered rhythms. As a part of the Balkan musical diaspora, Blato Zlato explores the immigrant experience and seeks to build meaningful cultural and musical bridges between continents, with particular focus on Bulgarian folk songs and Bulgarian language-based compositions.

Based in New Orleans, Blato Zlato has gained a loyal international following after touring in both the U.S. and Europe. The group has been featured several times on Bulgarian National Television and Radio and has appeared on Folk Radio UK, NYC Radio Live, and the Village Voice.  In 2019, Blato Zlato released their anticipated sophomore album, In The Wake, which charted at #33 on the Transglobal World Music Chart’s 2019-2020 Top 100 Albums. Other highlights include an array of diverse musical collaborations with such artists as Nels Cline (Wilco), Binky Griptite (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings), Leyla McCalla, Carl LeBlanc (Sun Ra Arkestra), Helen Gillet, and Wendell Brunious (Preservation Hall Jazz Band All Stars).