This is going to be an absolutely incredible Spring for American Dreamer including 6 festival appearances. We look forward to working with you on developing fans worldwide for this beautiful music.

Atwood Magazine’s  writes “The name “American Dreamer” feels redundant, in a way; from birth, so many Americans are instilled with the values of liberty and justice for all, taught that our country was built upon the dreams of the few who inspired the many. We learn the power of dreams through exemplars like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose “I Have a Dream” speech is as relevant today as it was fifty-three years ago.

Of course, the American Dream is not perfect; our streets are not paved with gold. Success does not come without dedication, hard work, and (perhaps) a bit of luck. Moreover, America’s so-called “freedoms” do not extend to all levels of society: Women, people of color, the LGBT+ community, those of certain religions, and other sectors of society do not enjoy the ability to freely express themselves; they are still fighting for their freedoms.

The notion of chasing the “American Dream” has many a folly, but to be an American Dreamer is to recognize the imperfections in our world – from inequality to exploitation, and beyond – and to work towards their end by whatever means necessary. Austin orchestral folk ensemble American Dreamer might not (or might!) have given such an extensive level of consideration into their band name, but they nevertheless stand by its values, promoting notions of unconditional love and individual freedom on their latest music video “All the Time.”