My very favorite part of booking has always been and still is the showcase. It was a huge thing in the days of full record company support and major label deals. I was the go-to girl to match make the right band to the right fans in front of media and I loved every moment of it. It was the opportunity for 200 or less people to say they were there. This was before social media but word of mouth lasted longer. I have missed everything about it. The moment I stepped into The Townsend I was hopeful and transported back to that feeling. Bands I love will have the chance to be heard with good sound, all eyes on them and with enough glamour on the walk to the show room that the feeling of anything possible can exist again! Thank you Kathy Valentine, Steven Weisburd and Justin Elliot for keeping the dream alive and well and fresh!

I’ve just booked Thursday Oct 22 for the first Austin appearance of The Sisterhood. I hope you will join us!