As the owner of a small business and a staff member at RajiWorld, I am constantly in search of highly successful business owners with the same standards I hold true to my heart. One of my favorite aspects of interning at RajiWorld, is experiencing the ever-growing passion Roggie Baer has for her business; she believes in her work, thus, generating a positive structure in her business model. Another element I fancy is the opportunities to meet credible industry professionals, putting me in an immediate position to present myself in my own sincere fashion.

Today, I was pleased to have met a business owner that still holds to the same standards today as he did when first starting his enterprise, Roy Spence. I was taken by total surprise when I discovered the entrepreneur’s achievements. RajiWorld and Spence share the same model for their businesses in which “purpose sets you apart from the competition, authenticates your brand, inspires passion in your people and helps you achieve the impossible.” A model I aspire to maintain in my young record label. A model that RajiWorld exercises daily. 

How did I come to meet Roy Spence? At Whole Foods Market, of all places, passing out samples of his newest product, Royito’s Hot Sauce. Beyond preaching about having purpose in your business, Spence performs his beliefs by placing himself in a position that ranks his employees as equals. There he was, dripping his hot sauce on shrimp and chips while still finding time to greet newcomers to his station.

Looking back at my encounter with Spence, I realized that no matter how established one may become it is imperative that he/she be a perpetual example for like-minded entrepreneurs, just like me. I bet he didn’t even realize the impact he made on my dreams, making me feel even closer to achieving them. I can safely say I look up to this philanthropist’s practices and will look to his and Roggie’s discipline for constant improvement in my own business.


Stephanie Elise