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NEW CLIENT ALERT and some press just out today!

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Escaping Gravity: The HawtThorns Elevate Their Sound with ‘Zero Gravity’

n this interview, The HawtThorns opened up about their creative process, the influences behind their distinct sound, and the collaborative spirit that shaped Zero Gravity into a masterpiece of modern music storytelling.

ByTara Low for Guitar Girl Magazine

May 6, 2024

woman standing next to chaise with man sitting on the chaise
Photo by Stacy Huckebae

The HawtThorns have emerged with their latest sonic adventure, Zero Gravityseamlessly blending indie-pop, alt-country, and rockReleased by Red Parlor Records, this album marks a pivotal evolution for the Nashville-based duo, KP and Johnny Hawthorn, whose roots in LA’s vibrant music scene have seasoned them into deft storytellers and musicians. As they dive into their third album, the couple continues to blur the lines between genres, crafting tracks that resonate deeply with personal experiences and abstract storytelling, all while pushing the boundaries of traditional soundscapes.

Zero Gravity is not just a title but a thematic exploration of weightlessness — both in the literal sense and metaphorically through life’s transient and ephemeral moments. This concept, which blossomed post-recording, encapsulates the album’s ethereal and dynamic nature. With the addition of live band recordings directly to 2-inch tape, the album exudes a raw, vibrant energy that is both nostalgic and refreshingly new. The decision to record without a metronome, relying on the organic synchronicity of the band, infuses each track with a palpable spontaneity that is rare in today’s digital world. In this interview, The HawtThorns opened up about their creative process, the influences behind their distinct sound, and the collaborative spirit that shaped Zero Gravity into a masterpiece of modern music storytelling.

man holding guitar and woman leaning against wall
The HawtThorns – Johnny with his Xotic XTC1 and KP – Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

Zero Gravity seems like a metaphorical title with deep resonance. Can you share what inspired this title and how it relates to the themes explored in the album? How has your approach to creating music evolved with this third album compared to your previous works?

The concept for Zero Gravity was adapted after the record was recorded. As much as we loved the song “Zero Gravity,” we didn’t know going in its potential for being such a strong recording. We realized we had something personal, fun, exciting, and a little ethereal and decided to make the title track video a very “spacey” vibe. We had original artwork for the record that had nothing to do with the video, but quickly decided to scratch that and lean into what we had created visually. The screen shots from the video that make up the artwork for the album help to tell the story and create a narrative and a feel for the music. This is the first record we have made with a live band recording to tape with no metronome, and it was invigorating!

You recorded the album in Nashville with some notable musicians. Share with us the details! I understand that the vocals and instruments were recorded live directly to 2-inch tape. How did this affect the overall sound and feel of the album?

Making this record at The Wood Brothers’ studio with Brook Sutton behind the board and Ted Pecchio at the helm was pretty joyful. Ted was able to round up this fantastic band, including Nick Buda on drums, Jano Rix of the Woods on keys, and some additional guitar by Chris Condon. When we originally talked with Ted about what we wanted the record to sound like, he knew who to call.

To be able to get live performances by these players straight to 2-inch tape without a click track gave the record such a lively feel from the beginning. Even many of the vocal performances were captured live, something we rarely do. Everyone showed up each day, ready to play and create. All of the people in that room are producers in their own right (including The HawtThorns!), so the ideas were flowing, and it was about as easy as it could be. And WOW, the sound of the tape definitely made a difference. We realize everyone is listening digitally mostly, but there is something to be said about the performance you get from players when the record is coming out sounding like that warm tape in that room.

man playing guitar
Johnny Hawthorn with Fender Telecaster Custom Shop with Bigsby and TV Jones pick-ups – Photo Alysse Gafkjen

The album features a rich layering of different guitar tones and textures. Could you discuss your process for selecting and blending these sounds? There’s a mention of far-out keyboard tracks and syncopated guitar hooks. How do you balance experimentation with maintaining the distinct sound The HawtThorns are known for?

We love so much different music, and we have many influences. Lots of the new music we listen to has synth sounds, but there is no getting around the great albums of the 1970s that were purely analog. We are always looking at ways of blending what we love. While we were recording, we explained to Jano what we were hearing, and he is such a creative genius he would just pull some crazy sound out of his keyboards. The beauty of his playing is that it isn’t only about the sounds but the rhythms he is playing — extremely percussive and with such a great feel. Johnny Hawthorn played all of his parts at our home studio so he was able to work around what was there on keys and really accentuate the existing tones. He also loves composing melodic solos; we intentionally left lots of room for that. Johnny plays with compression, reverb, rotary, delay, and super fun effects; it is like he has a canvas and he is painting it.

Your music weaves personal experiences with abstract storytelling. Could you share the story behind one of the tracks that is particularly meaningful to you?

The song “Trouble” is one of those — it is a song that we used poetic words that leave room for interpretation. Sometimes, the way a phrase makes you feel can be more important than what the words are plainly saying. This song is a cautionary tale; it is unknown to the listener who the tale-teller is talking about, but it feels like there is an important warning. What we really wrote the song about is the price that is paid when one is chasing fame and fortune, particularly in the music biz.

The track “Zero Gravity” deals with themes of loss and acceptance. What inspired this song, and what do you hope listeners take away from it?

When David Bowie passed away, we were struck that he had known he was sick but didn’t share the info widely. During his illness, he thought to leave his fans with a full-length record and videos. This got us thinking: there is so much left of a person even after they leave Earth. We have had to let so many people go, but we feel them with us and hope to meet them again on another plane. There are several Bowie references in the song, unapologetically. We hope that listeners think of the ones they have lost in this way after hearing this tune. 

woman playing acoustic guitar onstage
KP Hawthorn playing a Martin D-28 – Photo by Kristen Drum

How did collaborating with musicians like Jano Rix and Nick Buda influence the recording of this album?

The musicians on this record helped us get a fresh perspective for sure. We felt like it got the “Nashville treatment.” They absolutely brought their best, and it was contagious energy in the studio.

Alice Wallace contributed harmonies on the cover of “When Will I Be Loved.” What brought about this collaboration, and how did it complement the album’s vibe?

Alice has been a longtime friend of the band; we have shared many gigs, worked in the studio together, and KP produced two of her records in the past. We love her voice and thought a third part on an Everly Brothers tune wouldn’t hurt anyone!

The album spans a range of styles from Americana to indie-pop. How do you navigate these genre shifts when composing and producing your music?

We understand that genres need to be attached to records so that the powers that be know where to put the music. However, we don’t care what genre we are making; we make music that we love, and that’s pretty much all we can do. Every now and then, we will hear a sound or a lyric and say, “That goes in the Country basket” or something like that. We both believe that evolution in music is a good thing and if we were to try to make a specific genre of music, it would likely sound forced 

There are nods to historical music eras, like the Laurel Canyon scene and British invaders of the ‘70s. How do these influences manifest in Zero Gravity?

True! KP is a California girl and grew up with her mother’s musical influences which were heavy in the Laurel Canyon sound. You can take the girl out of the canyon, but you can never take the canyon out of the girl. “Flying,” “Hands On A Clock,” “Long Game,” and even “When Will I Be Loved” have that easy breezy west coast thing that is a little hard to define. Johnny is not a native of the West Coast but has lived there for years and has a deep love for that sound. Being Fleetwood Mac fans, Joni Mitchell, CSN, there is something there that gets in your blood and lives there forever. As far as the Brits go, obviously, you can’t consider yourself a modern-day songwriter without acknowledging the Beatles. We also love Elvis Costello and bands like Bad Finger, the Kinks, and others, so that is going to come out in the music, particularly the production on “Trouble” and “Don’t Wait By The Phone.”

man and woman onstage playing guitar
The HawtThorns – Johnny playing his Xotic XTC1 and KP playing her Martin D-28 – Photo by Kristen Drum

With the release of Zero Gravity, how do you see your musical direction evolving in the future?

We would honestly like to make a drum and bass record with a creamy vocal and some interesting guitar sounds. We would also be into making an acoustic record with nothing but two-part harmonies all the way through. There is always going to be a love for creating here, and there will definitely be another fully produced, full-band record, hopefully utilizing more and more of what we are inspired by at the time.

Are there any tour plans or live performances scheduled to promote the new album?

The HawtThors are heading to the East Coast in May, routing West in June for shows in OK, NM, CA, and CO. In July, there are more shows in the East and the Midwest. Lots more to come this year; please go to our tour page www.thehawtthorns.com/shows

Zero Gravity tracklist


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Will you be in AUSTIN THIS WEEK? We will…


We will be hosting a very fun event 3/13-15 at Big Red Sun

It is a private and small, just coffee, tea etc no booze, to help me welcome #Desdemonarobot to RajiWorld. Also known as “Desi,” Desdomonda robot is a humanoid robot and the lead vocalist of Desdemona’s Dream (formally the Jam Galaxy Band). Created by master artist and roboticist David Hanson and his team at Hanson Robotics, Desi runs on music and electricity and is on a mission to share her belief that the world can be changed for the better through the power of AI in the creative arts. She is the sister of the famous Sophia robot and joins her bandmates, including AI scientist Benjamin Goertzel on keyboards and Jam Galaxy CEO Dianne Krouse on saxophone, to bring a unique and visionary performance to audiences. The band’s live shows showcase Desi’s AI-generated spoken word poetry and music, all the while supporting their mission to revolutionize the music industry through decentralized systems and blockchain technology. With her positive message and unique perspective, Desdemona is on a journey to help artists and humanity see a brighter future.

To get a pass, look for Desi in downtown Austin 3/13-15!!! AND her sister Nurse Grace at Juicelands all around town!

Hope to see you, love Roggie

How Music Helps Our Mental Health

Music Helps


Musician and neurologist Dr. Joe Barnby studies how the pandemic affected the mental health of music-makers alike. Here’s what he found…

by Jessica Letkemann from Spotify For Artists

This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for health advice. You should consult your own advisors and/or mental health professionals before making any personal decisions.

Making music has always made for an intense career, often full of the kinds of uncertainties — from money to time — that can stress you out. On top of that, the effects of the ongoing pandemic threw a monkeywrench into many artists’ lives that continues to be felt. Dr. Joe Barnby, a musician and neuroscientist in the field of mental health, checked back in with Spotify for Artists to share what he’s observed about how Covid has added to the unique stresses of the profession.

“Data that has come out during the pandemic has highlighted who is more vulnerable to depression and anxiety,” Barnby says. “The one thing that stands out about musicians compared to other professions is that they [often] haven’t got that security of financial stability… and that unfortunately means that when something like Covid happens where there’s a huge change in the way that we need to adapt to live, it can be very difficult to carry on being a musician in those circumstances.”

Almost two-thirds of the respondents to MusiCares 2021 “Wellness in Music” survey felt financial stress every day. Meanwhile, over a quarter reported moderate to severe depression.

“No sort of economic parachute for people with inconsistent incomes makes stress all the more exaggerated and magnified. Musicians feel that they can’t really afford to exist doing what we love doing, like writing music or producing music, combined with trying to afford an apartment, and trying to afford food.”

Isolation is one major risk factor for musicians that multiplied when lockdowns and restrictions interrupted the social and support networks that are vital to good mental health. While that has eased this year, Barnby has seen that, “We were still not able to talk to people and interact with people in the same way. We didn’t have that social spontaneity we were used to.” To combat that, he says, it’s important to, “have people around you that you can rely on to be there for you to talk things over and be there with you emotionally.”

Your need for a like-minded community of fellow musicians is also key, as other stresses have piled up. “Having a forum where you can discuss that among yourselves is so powerful,” Barnby says. “Talking through problems that you’re all facing gives you the benefit of group ideas. It’s not just you thinking about it on your own.”

In addition to having people to rely on, the other “normal things recommended for good mental health — good exercise, nutrition, and sleep” also apply.

“We know the importance of sleep in regulating things like cognition, our emotion, and our ability to deal with stresses during the day,” he says. “If you have a completely uneven sleep schedule, we know that that is predisposing people to have poorer mental health and to find dealing with normal life stresses a lot more difficult.

“There’s emerging evidence about the relationship between the gut and brain, and how the things we eat affect our psychology. Our social environments can encourage poorer or better eating. If you’re constantly on a tight schedule, you haven’t got the time to prepare food that’s really nutritious. We know that eating food that doesn’t encourage healthy gut microbiota will predispose you to having poorer mental health.”

“Art and culture is so important to a healthy, functioning society,” Barnby says. And he feels that points to the need for mental health “alleviation for struggling musicians that otherwise could contribute massively to society.”

Alana Bonilla on 09/16/2022

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SXSW23 Panel

It is that time of year again! I was invited to take part in a very cool panel with some very admirable women. We would love your vote!! Just click on our link.

“Women with Integrity and Courage”


  1. How the challenges of pay inequity, sexual harassment, bribery, or slander were met and overcome by the panelists. 
  2. How each panelist upheld her integrity throughout her career in the entertainment industry.
  3. Concrete solutions for women to act with integrity, strength, and courage in the entertainment industry in the 21st century.



Elise Krentzel, CEO, EK Public Relations


Women in the entertainment industry have always had to fend for themselves. Those in the business today claim very little has truly changed since the 1970s regarding men’s attitudes. What has changed is the increasing number of strong, brave, and independent women taking charge. Whether on the corporate or artistic side or something in between. They persist! They resist. Even as the media obscenely shames, blames, and points a finger at women. They are busy creating a new 21st-century reality for themselves and generations to come. The discussion topic is Women Who Have Integrity and Courage in the Entertainment Industry. 


SXSW values community input and involvement. The two-step online process PanelPicker® was developed to encourage the SXSW community to enter proposals and have a significant voice in Conference programming.

Each year, the SX community enters session ideas and then grades each proposal during Community Voting. The SXSW staff and Advisory Boards also inform a significant percentage in determining the content lineup.

Cast Your Vote August 9-21

SXSW PanelPicker® applications have closed for the 2023 SXSW Conference but you still have the opportunity to contribute to curating this year’s program.

Who knows what you want to see at SXSW better than you? During Community Voting from August 9-21, browse proposals, leave comments, and vote on sessions to help shape the 2023 Conference.


@Limusic Studios Can you beehive how fab this will be!?

 Session ONE Saturday, Oct 29 – Saturday, Nov 5 2022!!!

Session TWO Monday, Nov 7 – Sunday, Nov 13 2022!!! (SYNC REPORT) info here

We are so excited to announce that we have made special arrangements with our friends at Limusic Studio in Limoux, France to help us host our next SOUL KITCHEN CREATIVITY WORKSHOP!  Located in the heart of the Languedoc wine country, steeped in the spiritual history of the Cathar region – where Medieval castle spires and the Pyrenees mountains seem to touch the heavens themselves – we can’t imagine a more creative place to delve into your craft and explore your creativity!

This special Creativity Lab that we call Soul Kitchen is designed for musicians, artists and creative folk from all genres: 

– to invigorate your creative spark

– to meet other musicians and creative folks from around the world in an open atmosphere that promotes collaboration and exploration

– to hone your performance skills

The creativity exchange will include ample time for rehearsals, new creations and collaborations and of course performances – The Suga Lip Lounge will be in full swing as well!   This is a great opportunity for professionals to work on their craft and for the novice to learn from top notch international teachers, no matter your language skills!   You will not be alone… all sessions will have translators available… we got you!  

We are living in a very challenging, socially isolating time. One of the most important activities for creative thinking is the sharing of resources and mentorship. Together we can conquer any obstacle or nemesis. Our goal is to enhance and respectfully sustain the craft of songwriting. – Vinx

Each Soul Kitchen retreat is unique because every group of artists are unique and have different challenges individually and collaboratively. We tailor each experience based on the wonderful people that attend each retreat!

Scroll down to get directly to the registration details!!!

SESSION ONE Oct 29-nov 5th 2022

Here are examples of exercises that have been part of past Soul Kitchen retreats:

Meet your genius – introduction to yourself (critical listening) Expose your unique opinion and creativity (authentic self) / vocal stylings / what’s between the notes

Twinkle Twinkle – it’s not a song it’s just a bed or base for you to decorate with your own style

Appreciating Diversity – Learn to respect and listen to the creative process and truth of others (true diversity) gender switching, role playing – true diversity is appreciating the subtle differences in how we view shared experiences

Mic Mechanics – learn from the best how to work that mic … do you know what mic is best for you and your range?

Lyric Lessons – don’t fear the corn!  punch line set-up, just because it rhymes doesn’t make it a song. Word-smithing

See and hear beyond the obvious – inanimate objects can speak, so can photos, nature, history and the world around you  

Master our melody challenge – (Create 5 melodies from 1 groove) Discover harmony as scat – explore your choices 

Finding ways to be inspired – (triggering the artist within) a picture says a thousand words

Etiquette in the Studio – what to do and NOT to do or say to your live or recording sound engineers!!!  Take charge of your sessions or live sound events

SESSION TWO Nov 7- Nov 13th 2022

This second week will restart and focus on exploring with experts from The Sync Report and clinics from music supervisors, film makers, composers, publishers. Work with notable songwriters and continue to connect your unique stories into synchable content for other artist and media request. more information


COMPLETE REGISTRATION DETAILS TO FOLLOW SHORTLY – We have a maximum of 20 slots available per week so check back here often and please go ahead and send Jennifer an email at dreamsiclearts@gmail.com

PRICE – $1500 which includes your food and lodging, the workshop fee and studio time (airfare to Toulouse airport is not included but at this time of year should be about $800 or less)

DEPOSIT – $300 due by the end of the end of April, 2022 (please note that this fee is non-refundable excepting in cases like COVID). We have a few spots left in each week, and it’s filling up fast, so don’t delay!!!

To make your deposit, please follow this link:  DEPOSIT LINK

ACCOMMODATION week #1– check in, Saturday Oct 29 – check out, Saturday Nov 5:   week #2 check in, Monday Nov 7 – check out Sunday nov 13: 

Limusic Studio, Limoux FRANCE, a gorgeous renovated wine domaine in the heart of the Languedoc wine country!  This is NOT a hotel, please note!  This is a beautifully renovated former private home, stables and vineyard … the owners have created a series of bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate 20 people.  Most bedrooms have 2 twin beds and share a bath on the same hall with one or two other rooms, but everything is top notch.  Our affordable pricing reflects this musician’s reality AND is how we have always run Soul Kitchen … it’s a grown folks slumber party!  If you wish private lodging or more luxurious lodging in the area, please send Jennifer an email (dreamsiclearts@gmail.com) and she can recommend nearby hotels or rentals.  In this situation, you would need a car and we would credit you with part of the registration fee as you would be making any other arrangements privately.   LIMUSIC RESIDENTIAL RECORDING STUDIOS

We strongly encourage you to stay at Limusic Studios … plan a few days before or after to have a little extra vacation nearby or in any European city as all of Europe is so easy to access!

Transportation will be available from Toulouse airport or Carcassonne train station on week #1 Saturday, Oct 29 & week #2 Monday Nov 7. Then returning on Week #1 Saturday, November 5 & week #2 Sunday nov 13 at a minimum extra charge.  Please inquire… 

Want to get started right away????   JOIN US at the weekly Vinx Virtual Workshops … click here for info!

“Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities within my story.  I am re-energized” – Libor H., CZ                      

“I am now using my voice in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you, Vinx, for your inspiration!” – Florence J., Luxembourg

“I have studied voice for many years, but you have single handedly blown open a whole new way of thinking about my art” – Patti M., USA

“How do you know when you have mastered your craft?” I don’t think I can answer that for anyone, but I do believe that true Mastery like Excellence, arrives with an empty cup so that it can grow, evolve and continue to improve. I’m here for it and excited for my next session with Vinx!” ~ Hedda Kim, Las Vegas USA

What Is The Soul Kitchen Retreat?

The Songwriter Soul Kitchen is a Creativity Exchange, a meeting place for artists of all levels… singers, musicians, engineers, producers, painters, poets, sculptors, film-makers, story-tellers and just plain creative folk.  For one full week or weekend, you will experience hands on recording studios, workshops, creativity sessions, writing sessions with groups and as an individual, multiple live performance opportunities and much more.  Soul Kitchen is the brainchild of International world class performer, Vinx De’Jon Parrette. He is a former Berklee College of Music educator, songwriter, recording artist, ethnomusicologist, a mutiple award winning documentary film subject and a great coach.

During the week / weekend, each session is crafted to present and develop tools for critical listening to help you better understand the source of your inspiration.  We all have a life filter that houses our library of experiences and memories. This filter allows us to color and embellish all information that is received through it.  Yet we rarely recognize that our true genius walks within our own unique creative process.  “My ART is my opinion and my CREATIVITY is in the telling of it.” – Vinx
 DETAILED INFORMATION: contact Jennifer Parrette at dreamsiclearts@gmail.com


Hailed as a band with “galactic ambitions,” Blato Zlato is a powerhouse Balkan music collective that weaves the magic of traditional Eastern European folk music with contemporary textural majesty. The group captivates listeners with dark and haunting three-part vocal harmonies and thunderous odd-metered rhythms. As a part of the Balkan musical diaspora, Blato Zlato explores the immigrant experience and seeks to build meaningful cultural and musical bridges between continents, with particular focus on Bulgarian folk songs and Bulgarian language-based compositions.

Based in New Orleans, Blato Zlato has gained a loyal international following after touring in both the U.S. and Europe. The group has been featured several times on Bulgarian National Television and Radio and has appeared on Folk Radio UK, NYC Radio Live, and the Village Voice.  In 2019, Blato Zlato released their anticipated sophomore album, In The Wake, which charted at #33 on the Transglobal World Music Chart’s 2019-2020 Top 100 Albums. Other highlights include an array of diverse musical collaborations with such artists as Nels Cline (Wilco), Binky Griptite (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings), Leyla McCalla, Carl LeBlanc (Sun Ra Arkestra), Helen Gillet, and Wendell Brunious (Preservation Hall Jazz Band All Stars).

2021 with client JOLYNN J CHIN

Many artists beloved to us each spent 2021 creating and we each have emotions that connect easily with art. Well, I am very blessed that June of 2021 brought me the riches of JJC and I cannot wait to return the favor! Ya’ll this doll has got TALENT and my Austin AMG office would love to bring her to each and every city in North America in 2022. Enjoy~This is a performance at NAMM 2020, we cannot wIT FOR 2022!


Al Staehely is the only person on the planet who has both played Carnegie Hall and provided legal services for Stevie Ray Vaughan.

“I was in a band at the University of Texas with two law students who were older than I,” says Staehely. “We played good-paying gigs every weekend, and when it was time for me to graduate and go to med school at a college in another city, the two law students in the band said, ‘You can’t do that! You’re our lead singer and bass player. So, I started law school to keep a rock band together. I had no intention of becoming a lawyer, so when I graduated, I put the law degree in a drawer and headed to California to pursue my musical dreams.”

It didn’t take long for Staehely to begin making those dreams a reality. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1971, and a few months later he and his brother John were asked to join the critically-acclaimed band, Spirit. With Al as the band’s new lead vocalist, bass player, and chief songwriter – and with brother John taking over lead guitar duties from Randy California – Spirit recorded their fifth album, ‘Feedback,’ in November of 1971.

“John and I brought a little Texas flavor to the band that didn’t exist before,” Al told the Houston Chronicle’s Andrew Dansby. “It wasn’t anything we tried to do. It’s just the way we were. The way we were writing, the way he played, and the way I sang.” Critic Joe Viglione defined the band’s new sound as “a fusion of pop/jazz/rock with a dab of country.” He also called ‘Feedback’ “a phenomenal reinvention of Spirit.”

When Spirit splintered (but not before a successful tour that included the aforementioned performance at Carnegie Hall), Al and John formed a group appropriately named the Staehely Brothers, releasing the album ‘Sta-Hay-Lee’ on Epic Records in 1973.

It was another album that received good reviews, but the act was short-lived. When his brother John got an offer to join Elektra Records act Jo Jo Gunne – a band whose albums had consistently hit the charts – Al decided it was time to go it alone.

Having written the majority of the songs on both ‘Feedback’ and ‘Sta-Hay-Lee,’ Al began focusing on his writing talents, getting cuts by Bobbie Gentry, Marty Balin and Keith Moon, among others.

Not giving up on his dreams of releasing an album under his own name, Staehely recorded many tracks in LA between 1974 and 1978, working with a collection of first-rate musicians that included Steve Cropper, Jim Horn, Snuffy Walden, and Pete Sears.

Between sessions, Staehely headlined clubs in L.A. and NYC, opened concerts for The Moody Blues and Hot Tuna, did sessions for Keith Moon’s solo LP, and toured with Chris Hillman.

In 1980, Staehely returned to Texas and pulled his law degree out of the drawer Lawyer by day- musician by night, Al did shows with Roy Orbison, Jefferson Starship, Emmy Lou Harris –two European tours with John Cipollina and Nick Gravenitis (of Quicksilver Messenger Service and Electric Flag, respectively) documented by the LP, ‘Monkey Medicine,’ recorded in Hamburg which featured three of Al’s songs. Back in Texas, he even played a show with Rodney Dangerfield! Just as he was beginning to build his practice, Polydor Records came calling, and in 1982 ‘Stahaley’s Comet,’ Al’s long-awaited solo record, was released – but only in Europe.

His impressive array of music industry clients and fatherhood kept him busy for a couple of decades, but the urge to make music has never left.

In 2011, SteadyBoy Records oversaw the first US release of the Polydor LP, with the new title, ‘Al Staehely and 10k Hours.’ In 2013, ‘Cadillac Cowboys,’ an EP by Al Staehely and the Explosives, was also released on SteadyBoy. In more recent years, he has returned to the studio, as well as playing live – frequently with his brother John, Freddie Steady Krc, keyboardist Mike Rosenbaum. and sax player Evelyn Rubio. At long last, Al Staehely the lawyer is once again Al Staehely the singer/songwriter/bass player – back to give the world his music from the past, as well as the music he continues to make today, including a new album recorded in Marfa with Fran Christina (drums), Scrappy Jud Newcomb (guitar), and Chris Maresh (bass)

This fall, Al will release solo recordings from his days in Los Angeles descriptively titled ‘Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1.’ The initial focus track is the recently unearthed gem “Wide Eyed and Innocent”, along with a new version of the song- a sneak preview from the Marfa sessions.

The Song Will Be Featured On Upcoming Release Of Rare Solo Recordings ‘Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1.

While being known as the primary songwriter and singer of the rock act Spirit and The Staehely Brothers, Staehely had a lengthy career writing songs for acts such as Keith Moon, Bobbie Gentry, Patti Dahlstrom, Nick Gravenites, John Cipollina, Marty Balin, Peter Cox and Hodges, James & Smith and many others. And of course, Staehely is still writing and performing music to this day and looking forward to touring.

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#SAVEOURSTAGES(again…and until we each do our part)

I am writing to share some important updates as more virulent strains of COVID 19 spread.

While not universal, a growing number of venues are expressing understandable concern about the evolving situation and taking measures to keep artists, crew, and patrons safe.  Some are doing this on their own, while others are mandated by evolving local and state regulations. We care about our clients and their fans as well as the venues full of staff we adore.

An increasing number are now requiring official proof of full vaccination or a negative approved test within 48-72 hours of the performance. Note that in-home tests that do not require sending a sample to a lab do not provide a certificate and often do not qualify as an approved test.

1) Make checking COVID rules a part of every event you attend and recheck them with the venue a few days before the date. Mandates are changing hourly.

2) Get vaccinated.  It is the only real protection for you, your family, and your favorite artists.

3) Every band and crew must have official proof of vaccination with them at all times. We take this very seriously, so please wear an approved N95 mask at all times unless eating or performing. A growing number of venues and localities are requiring masks even if you are vaccinated. 

4) Test if you are worried about exposure, as well as when you get home so you know that you are safe and if not, can plan accordingly.

We will get through this together, but we all need to do our part.


Austin music patron organization Black Fret announces recipients of this year’s grants

Local music patron organization Black Fret announced the winners of this year’s $18,000 major grants, along with recipients of $5,000 minor grants, on Saturday night at the organization’s annual Black Ball season finale concert at the Paramount Theatre.

The 10 acts receiving $18,000 grants are: Jackie Venson, Warren Hood, Sarah Sharp, Carolyn Wonderland, Bright Light Social Hour, Whiskey Shivers, Eric Tessmer, the Deer, Mobley and Leopold & His Fiction. They were selected by Black Fret members, who pay $1,500 annual dues to attend private functions throughout the year along with the opportunity to nominate and vote on grant recipients.

Another nine acts received $5,000 grants: Akina Adderley, Cowboy Diplomacy, Croy & the Boys, Daniel Eyes, David Ramirez, Greyhounds, Jane Ellen Bryant, Kinky Machine and Los Coast. All 20 acts had been announced as 2017 Black Fret nominees earlier in the year. One nominated act, Black Pistol Fire, “chose to remove themselves from consideration and asked that Black Fret allocate those funds to the other minor grant recipients,” a Black Fret representative said.

Launched in 2014 by Matt Ott and Colin Kendrick, Black Fret has gradually increased the amount of its grants each year. This year’s cumulative total of $230,000 is up from $220,000 in 2016. Recipients must perform tasks such as releasing records or playing shows to unlock the grant money over the course of the following year.


Peter Blackstock


There are a lot of great reasons to love Austin. We’ve got Barton Springs, we’ve got all the cool hang outs for every type of person, we’ve got amazing food. We’ve also got our very own EMQ – Elizabeth McQueen.

EMQ is such a beautiful lady, a beautiful singer, a beautiful mother, and a beautiful example being an active community member. In the last month alone Elizabeth has worked with:

Breastfeeding Month Kick-Off Concert- EMQ started off the month by helping to spread awareness of Austin’s Milk Bank at Central Market.

Mutts and Austin Pets Alive – EMQ Helped to find a home for adorable baby Slate where Music and Mutts proclaimed her, “the queen of saving doggy lives!”

Austin Back To School Music Bash – Raising money for school supplies and the Cap City Kids Fund

In mid-August Elizabeth was featured in TWC’s Musician Spotlight, where she is all smiles performing her song Laziest Girl in Town.

Though, she could very easily be called the busiest girl in town, Elizabeth is also a DJ on KUTX 98.9!

With August drawing to a close, expect to see Elizabeth at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church and Spicewood Tavern’s Soul of a Musician Series on September 14th. It’s free and starts at 7:30pm.

See you there!

– Truly Julie



As the owner of a small business and a staff member at RajiWorld, I am constantly in search of highly successful business owners with the same standards I hold true to my heart. One of my favorite aspects of interning at RajiWorld, is experiencing the ever-growing passion Roggie Baer has for her business; she believes in her work, thus, generating a positive structure in her business model. Another element I fancy is the opportunities to meet credible industry professionals, putting me in an immediate position to present myself in my own sincere fashion.

Today, I was pleased to have met a business owner that still holds to the same standards today as he did when first starting his enterprise, Roy Spence. I was taken by total surprise when I discovered the entrepreneur’s achievements. RajiWorld and Spence share the same model for their businesses in which “purpose sets you apart from the competition, authenticates your brand, inspires passion in your people and helps you achieve the impossible.” A model I aspire to maintain in my young record label. A model that RajiWorld exercises daily. 

How did I come to meet Roy Spence? At Whole Foods Market, of all places, passing out samples of his newest product, Royito’s Hot Sauce. Beyond preaching about having purpose in your business, Spence performs his beliefs by placing himself in a position that ranks his employees as equals. There he was, dripping his hot sauce on shrimp and chips while still finding time to greet newcomers to his station.

Looking back at my encounter with Spence, I realized that no matter how established one may become it is imperative that he/she be a perpetual example for like-minded entrepreneurs, just like me. I bet he didn’t even realize the impact he made on my dreams, making me feel even closer to achieving them. I can safely say I look up to this philanthropist’s practices and will look to his and Roggie’s discipline for constant improvement in my own business.


Stephanie Elise


RajiWorld longtime friend, client, and author Pamela Des Barres was recently featured in this month’s issue of Guitar Player.

For those who don’t know! Roggie and Pamela have been friends for so long that when Roggie met Pamela, she was just a college student booking for her school. Even more magically, day she met Pamela she also met 3 other lifelong best friends and gained two lifetime clients: Danny B Harvey of the 69 Cats and RajiWorld collaborator Polly Parsons.

 Pamela’s most famous book titled,  I’m With the Band, has been credited with frightening a 12 year old Jack White. In her article Pamela discusses this and the last time she saw Jack White perform.

Here’s a little preview of Pamela’s incredible writing. Its so descriptive, so emotional, I can’t help but get chills:

“I stood in awe for two hours while he almost ate his guitar. He chews it up real good, and spits it out like it’s in flames. He beats on it like a drum, tears at it like a piece of raw meat, attacks it like it’s hunting him down. He devours it like a hot chick he’s enamored with, and then throttles it like a jealous, lovestruck demon. He brings it to life, gives it wings and a soul. He caresses it, teases it, soothes it—then shreds it, ripping it open to reveal the wicked, divine potential that is always lurking in those 6 strings. I felt like I’d been involved in a 100-way orgy when he finally put the damn thing down. My heart was beating below my waist, I felt awakened, wildly alive, in tune and grateful for my eternal groupie soul. Oh so grateful that I can still feel the stinging blast from the stage like a kiss from All That Is Holy.” 

Read more here!


– Truly Julie


The Austin Bike Zoo will be traveling to El Paso this weekend, August 30-31, to party with all you El Paso-ians? El pastonians? Well, anyway, lets party at the Sun City Music Festival! Its hot, its summer, its a festival. So, Sit down, cool down, get down, on our bikes!

If you’ve been to SCMF in the last 2 years you’ve surely seen our beautiful bikes, but for those of you who haven’t head over to the festival website (or click this link) to get a sneak peek of what you’ll see this weekend.

Festivities begin at 5pm, Saturday August 30th.

See you there!

(Photo Courtesy of Magic Spoon Productions)

– Truly Julie



Actually, this is also NYC’s first time to see The Dream Syndicate perform this Millenia. Its okay, don’t panic, you can still get your tickets for the Nov 15th show at Rough Trade via Ticketmaster. In fact, RajiWorld has you informed so early that tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet! Be up bright and early Wednesday August 27th at noon, to get those tickets before they disappear like the jehri curl.

Jam Dream Syndicate tunes on  Brooklyn Vegan, and while you’re there check out their full tour listening.

See you Nov 15th! Unless you think you’re patient enough to wait for next century’s NYC Dream Syndicate Show…

– Truly Julie


Summer is dwindling away. Some of us may have already started school. For the lucky ones who go to UT, like me, there’s still and entire day and a half left before we must take the semester by the horns. Unfortunately, that means that soon I’ll have to say goodbye to Roggie, Stephanie, and the entire crew at RajiWorld.

Its been a terrific 9 months. Working with Roggie has brought me numerous opportunities not just in the music industry but in any business environment. She works with artists, venues, events, and sponsorship.

Roggie also serves as a life mentor. Being a young adult, who is extremely close to my own mother, Roggie has not only served as a boss, but as my own little Austin mother. She is always looking out for her interns and staff. She protects us and cares for us, you can feel the love radiate from her to her staff.

Fortunately for you, this means that RajiWorld is now accepting applications for a new intern!

If you are experienced in Graphic Design, have a Macbook, iMessages, and are social media savvy, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to build contacts and gain experience in the field.

As an added perk, Roggie will cook lunch for you. As a college kid, her daily delicious vegan dishes may be the greatest benefit of the internship.

Get those applications in soon! My last day at RajiWorld will be tomorrow, Tuesday.

Thank you all for everything.


Julie Gomez


The wonderful musician Chris Aaron has taken some time to double as a journalist in his review of Louise Goffin’s ‘Songs from the Mine,’ which he coincidentally collaborated on.  Here’s a little sample of the beautiful review:

“It’s a beautifully produced, ballad heavy release that kicks off with a stirring, string enhanced, piano based ballad “Everybody but You,” a widescreen letter of encouragement to a friend that “someday soon, you won’t be crying.” Despite the appearance of a few rockers, one of which “Watching the Sky Turn Blue” features both Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp on backing vocals although you can’t pick either out of the mix, Goffin sticks predominantly to reflective compositions, all of which are co-written with others. Her voice is supple and sweet with an airy edge similar to that of Rickie Lee Jones, especially on the incisive “Sword in Your Heart,” another song that reaches out to a friend in need. She displays her ukulele skills on the innocent “Main Street Parade,” a tune enhanced by tuba and accordion that takes it in a unique direction.”

Be sure to check out the full article on Chris’s Website

Thanks Chris, we appreciate the sweet words. If you haven’t check out Louise’s Songs from the Mine yet, give it a listen to here.

– Truly Julie

Louise Goffin to add to stellar Viper Room celebration!


After 21 years on the Sunset Strip, the world famous Viper Room is celebrating its birthday with a week-long bash.

The world-renowned black building opened in 1993 and was celebrated with a invitation-only bash that included Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton and Christina Applegate. I was there and RajiWorld helped book many provate and public events that first year. That first year, actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose at the club, but the Viper Room continued to be a popular hangout for Hollywood’s elite. Co-owned by Chuck Weiss and Johnny Depp until 2004, the club has been a launch pad for bands like Muse and Kings of Leon since its inception. It is a venue close to my heart as a friend, agent and in a cute story mother! We are proud to have client Louise Goffin partake in the celebration with songs from her brand new record!

The birthday bash kicks off Monday with R&B soul legend Bettye LaVette. The anniversary party continues through Saturday with shows featuring Steve Stevens, Billy Morrison and Billy Duffy. For more information, go to viperroom.com.