December 2021

VINX SOUL KITCHEN returns to ATLANTA December 15 – 19, 2021!!!

We are so excited to announce that VINX will be back in the USA to host another episode of his famous SOUL KITCHEN CREATIVITY RETREATS!   This event will take place at the Stone Mountain Marriott resort on the lake in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

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VINX SOUL KITCHEN on CLUBHOUSE … Sit at the table with Vinx where all of us connoisseurs unsheathe the music and magic from our ARTIST WITHIN!!!   Follow this link… https://www.joinclubhouse.com/club/vinx-soul-kitchen

And if you want to take your creativity to the next level JOIN US at the Vinx Virtual Workshops … click here for info!

This special Creativity Lab that we call Soul Kitchen is designed for musicians, artists and creative folk from all genres: 

– invigorate your creative spark

– meet other musicians from around the world in an open atmosphere that promotes collaboration and exploration

– hone your performance skills. 

The creativity exchange will include ample time for rehearsals, new creations and collaborations.   This is a great opportunity for professionals to work on their craft and for the novice to learn from top notch international teachers, no matter your language skills!   You will not be alone… all sessions will have translators available… we got you!

Welcome to the Songwriter’s Soul Kitchen, Vol 31! We are expecting an incredible group

of artists, singers, poets, musicians, and producers from across the US. No doubt, it will be

a classic funky good time. Until then, here are some important details to share.

Workshop Location All Workshops will take place at:

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

4021 Lakeview Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083 USA

Meals & Beverages

This is the Soul Kitchen, right?!?! One of the best experiences of the Soul Kitchen is the

fellowship over great food and drinks. The Conference Resort has a restaurant and there is

ample food establishments nearby so we will build some natural breaks for Lunch and

Dinner. For those who are up for it, we can all chip in and order together.. For all those

who plan to sip during the weekend, please to bring your favorite wine, beer, or liquor.

1. We endeavor to create a very organic songwriting experience. Everyone has something

unique to contribute which gives each of us a chance to step out of our own box and

grow. With that being said, let’s see where the vibe takes each songwriting team.

Experience has taught us that spontaneity is the beauty of the Soul Kitchen vibe. We

never really know what kind of “groove gumbo” will be cooked up! If you have current

ideas for a song, we ask that you reserve your material for special moments throughout

the weekend. As time permits, Vinx and others will be glad to listen and provide ideas

to develop your personal songs. If, however, you choose to include/share your music or

lyrics with a songwriting team, your work now becomes part of the collective

songwriting process including copyright and publishing rights.

2. Studio time at the retreat is dedicated for song demos only. Studio time is not intended

to produce, mix and create masters. If a songwriting team would like to create a master,

the team can arrange to pay a Stankfish Studio producer to create a master at a later date.

Copyrights & Publishing

As you can imagine, with so much talent and creativity overflowing, it is not uncommon for

a Soul Kitchen retreat to produce 12-15 original song demos. Although the primary goal of

the Soul Kitchen is creative expression and development, a common and legitimate question

arises…”What happens to all of the great music created?”

First and foremost, all songs created are the property of all the writers in each songwriting

team. No matter how large or small the contribution, everyone in each songwriting team

provides energy and inspiration toward the final product. For convenience, we will provide

copyright forms from the US Copyright Office for songwriting teams to complete for

ownership and copyright protection. We will also have a short but important discussion on

publishing rights.

The Soul Kitchen inspires artists to collaborate and find a collective artistry. The beauty of

the Soul Kitchen is based on continuing this effort for other artist and the world to

experience. The Songwriter’s Soul Kitchen is produced and managed by EklecticSoul Music,

LLC (ESM). ESM’s goal is to empower independent artist to create radical marketing,

promotion and distribution opportunities. ESM offers Soul Kitchen artist and the music an

opportunity to be seen and heard. As a result, artist potentially gain exposure and financial

gain thru ESM’s efforts. To make this possible, all music created at the Soul Kitchen is

managed thru a First-Right-of-Refusal Clause, which allows ESM to develop placement

opportunities for songs produced @ the Soul Kitchen.

Placement opportunities include

 A Song Catalog: to shop with ad agencies, tv & film producers. Under this mantra, we

intended to leverage the songwriting efforts of Soul Kitchen artists into a successful,

creative song factory.

 Soul Kitchen Compilations. To showcase some of the most eclectic music produced

and to further the brand of the SSK collective.

 ESM Music Marketing. We are developing strategic partnerships with businesses and

organizations to create co-branding, co-marketing opportunities. Music from the Soul

Kitchen could potentially assist in this effort. Under these scenarios, SSK and Vinx would participate in administering and publishing each song.

Photo/Video Release

During the retreat, there will be a staff photographer and videographer circulating

throughout the house, documenting events of the day. This serves many purposes; one of

which is to give everyone a chance to get a glimpse of what takes place in the different

studios and areas of the house; another is to help us expand our vision. Usually photographs

are displayed on the web within a couple of weeks after the retreat, which you are allowed to

use. We really appreciate your participation and we will have a release form (see copy below)

for you to sign upon arrival. If you have any questions, please contact us.