Hello Gimme Country listeners!
 Happy New Year! Here at Gimme Country, we hope 2022 is everything we hoped 2021 would be.

It’s a new year, but we’re holding to the same idea that having your favorite artists host Guest DJ Specials makes our programming unique and truly special – so we’re planning to keep that up in 2022. Below are just SOME of our upcoming Guest DJ Specials:

Julie Christensen – Guest DJ SpecialFri, Jan 21You don’t earn a pedigree like Julie Christensen’s without a high level of authenticity, and you don’t get to play the blues until you’ve paid your dues. Altho she is perhaps best known as the co-founder of the influential alt-country band The Divine Horseman, Christensen has been willing to explore a wide variety of musical styles, and has worked with everyone from Chris D to Leonard Cohen to kd Lang to Lou Reed, among a select few. After being a guest on many Gimme Country shows, we thought it was time for Julie to host her own!

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