I got my hands on my first Pollstar back in 1990 at The UA as I was booking the Spring Fling.  My daughter Laurel learned to walk at the 2000 Vegas version of CIC and many of my favorite festival bookings and longest business friendships came from time well spent in the lobby bar. This year was no exception. It was in Nashville which is the future second home for my new sister company, Compass SS.

We are Sponsorship Stewards navigating new horizons for a better future by developing partnerships between the creative arts and innovative businesses with an emphasis on life style marketing, trends and green solutions. As the *catalyst for creative partnerships we welcome you to join us in facilitating change with visionary people to generate long-term success. “A catalyst works by providing an alternative reaction pathway to the reaction product.”. Compass SS- “Joining the Best of Two Worlds”.

RajiWorld  has long been known as a discovery specialists, recognizing talent in the fields of community, education, music, art, health and environment and matching it with the right event, partners and sponsors. We trade in magic and more match-making gets done at conferences like Pollstar than almost anywhere.