#SAVEOURSTAGES(again…and until we each do our part)

I am writing to share some important updates as more virulent strains of COVID 19 spread.

While not universal, a growing number of venues are expressing understandable concern about the evolving situation and taking measures to keep artists, crew, and patrons safe.  Some are doing this on their own, while others are mandated by evolving local and state regulations. We care about our clients and their fans as well as the venues full of staff we adore.

An increasing number are now requiring official proof of full vaccination or a negative approved test within 48-72 hours of the performance. Note that in-home tests that do not require sending a sample to a lab do not provide a certificate and often do not qualify as an approved test.

1) Make checking COVID rules a part of every event you attend and recheck them with the venue a few days before the date. Mandates are changing hourly.

2) Get vaccinated.  It is the only real protection for you, your family, and your favorite artists.

3) Every band and crew must have official proof of vaccination with them at all times. We take this very seriously, so please wear an approved N95 mask at all times unless eating or performing. A growing number of venues and localities are requiring masks even if you are vaccinated. 

4) Test if you are worried about exposure, as well as when you get home so you know that you are safe and if not, can plan accordingly.

We will get through this together, but we all need to do our part.