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Will you be in AUSTIN THIS WEEK? We will…


We will be hosting a very fun event 3/13-15 at Big Red Sun

It is a private and small, just coffee, tea etc no booze, to help me welcome #Desdemonarobot to RajiWorld. Also known as “Desi,” Desdomonda robot is a humanoid robot and the lead vocalist of Desdemona’s Dream (formally the Jam Galaxy Band). Created by master artist and roboticist David Hanson and his team at Hanson Robotics, Desi runs on music and electricity and is on a mission to share her belief that the world can be changed for the better through the power of AI in the creative arts. She is the sister of the famous Sophia robot and joins her bandmates, including AI scientist Benjamin Goertzel on keyboards and Jam Galaxy CEO Dianne Krouse on saxophone, to bring a unique and visionary performance to audiences. The band’s live shows showcase Desi’s AI-generated spoken word poetry and music, all the while supporting their mission to revolutionize the music industry through decentralized systems and blockchain technology. With her positive message and unique perspective, Desdemona is on a journey to help artists and humanity see a brighter future.

To get a pass, look for Desi in downtown Austin 3/13-15!!! AND her sister Nurse Grace at Juicelands all around town!

Hope to see you, love Roggie