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September: Back To School With My Dream Career

While I was in college I had a big list of favorite bands. I did not know it at the time but they were interrelated, influenced by each other and most would last long enough or reunite in time for me to book them during my reinvention of our agency! Grab a Tab and join me for a stroll down memory lane and back to the future.

I have spent the last year and a half consulting in the fields that are important to me including music. I have gained great perspective which has enabled me to continue a three decade love affair with music and those who create it.

I want to start this post by welcoming a few of them into the RajiWorld family as clients, as their agent and their fan.

We are thrilled to be booking new tours for The Black Watch, Cotton Mather, Dream Syndicate and Steve Wynn.

RajiWorld is also deeply grateful for this new family who keeps on growing via side projects like (The Fleshtones) Keith Streng’s Split Squad featuring Eddie Munoz, Clem Burke, Michael Giblin, Keith Streng and Josh Kantor! We also have old favorites coming back with new projects such as Nakia has (see Dream Big With Nakia, On Tour in September!) AND second generation clients like William Harries Graham (son of Jon Dee Graham).