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My super-power has always been to hold on tight to my belief system while negotiating the slippery slopes of the music business of the past 3 decades. I have been blessed to attract clients and partners (sponsors and colleagues) who dance the same path. We are happy, healthy collaborators in the music biz. Cool, right?


  1. How to stay true to yourself and clients in the ever-changing current that is our beloved industry.
  2. How do collaborate with like-minded colleagues to make the most of individual assets .
  3. How to connect bands and brands in 2022.



Roggie Baer, Founder/ Agent, RajiWorld LLC and Atomic Music Group

PanelPicker voting will close on Thursday, August 26 (11:59 PM PT). After voting closes, we need several weeks to review these results along with Staff and Advisory Board grades. Cast Your Vote

In mid-October, we will announce the majority of our accepted programming for the 2022 Conference on the SXSW website. You will be notified of the status of your proposal during this week.

We strongly encourage you to visit the PanelPicker FAQ. Most PanelPicker-related questions are answered there.

“Well, the place was packed and there was a gal named Roggie in the audience. She had a booking agency called RajiWorld. I’d heard of her through my friends in a band called Dash Rip Rock. The Rugburns and Dash were close pals and had done a few tours together through the Midwest.So Roggie (pronounced Raji) says to me. “Hey I’m Roggie. I liked your show. Do you have an agent?”“Yeah, but I’m not that happy with em. They don’t really know how to book small clubs. It’s not really in their wheelhouse so I’m not working enough. I wanna play every dive bar in America.”So Roggie says “why don’t we meet up for breakfast tomorrow? Meet me at The Four Seasons.”“The Four Seasons???”So we went to brekkie and sealed the deal right there. I left CAA and signed on to RajiWorld. From huge to boutique.So Roggie proceeded to book me everywhere. I was never home. I got my wish. I played houses bars and cafes. Anywhere. Insane asylums, prisons, picnics, weddings, old folks homes etc. I owe a lot to her. We strategized and commiserated and made a little cash. It was a blast. I still keep in touch with her today. I love her.Now it’s 2019. Yikes. Where did the time go. My hair ain’t the color it once was but I’m still out there.8 billion gigs later and here I am getting ready to head out to Florida for some shows.”Feeling grateful. –  Steve Poltz

Roggie, thank you again for joining the Festivals panel. It ended up being such a rich discussion! My favorite part about your participation was how your loving spirit shone through so richly. Your balance of brass-tacks business savvy and soul-deep positive regard for others is so beautiful to witness. Your example reminds me to be my best self, and I am sure you have that effect on many others as well. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! -Debbie Stanley

Roggie ”LIVES” for her artists and 24/7 isn’t a time frame that ever has enough time for what she gives to her love of music.—Michael Plen

Roggie has years of experience and credibility in the Austin music world wearing multiple hats that span music, community and local businesses. Working with her would potentially offer valuable exposure to many facets of the business that relate to artist representation (including but not limited to booking, promotion, publicity, branding/cross-branding, event producing, management, mentorship, strategic planning).” – Trish Murphy

“The lovely Roggie Baer is a consummate professional who puts her heart, soul, talent and professionalism behind any project she’s involved with. Not only does she have a vast network of colleagues, but she also embraces making new connections. I am proud supporter of her work and look forward to collaborating with Ms. Baer on future projects. Most Sincerely, Celeste Quesada

On this Friday, I’d like a standing ovation for Roggie Baer and all the work she did to make the Music Awards shine with stars this year. She started out on the show a few years ago by pulling together the style elements of the show, but this year she knocked herself out by assembling a collection of many of the musicians who have been so near and dear to my heart for nearly four decades. This from a woman who also puts together showcases and parties during the conference, and keeps her own RajiWorld business together. In fact, she has a showcase going on today at the Ginger Man that’s got more than a few folks I love too, including my beloved friends in the Fleshtones. Thank you, my beautiful friend!” – Margaret Moser, Director of The Austin Music Awards

“I needed a booking agent for an up and coming artist (at the time), Rufus Wainwright – I needed someone who could book large clubs and theaters on a residency tour for him without much radio play or giant ticket buys… Roggie did it! The tour was well planned, utilized the top venues and was more cost effective in building a usable fan base for Rufus than any other option we explored. I would hire Roggie again for any project – she produced results, was easy to work with; had great customer service, attention to detail and our ROI exceeded our goals.” – Sue Naramore, Geffen Records and Dreamworks Records Tour Coordination

“Roggie is not only a primo booking agent, taking care of biz on every level, and going the distance for her clients. She’s also blessed with a sense of style and community. Her annual SXSW party says it all — elegantly appointed, cordially catered and a mandatory hang for everyone cool in the music business. I feel very fortunate to be a citizen of Raji’s world.” Cary Baker, Owner, conqueroo

“Roggie is an amazing force for music in the Austin community! She truly cares about her artists, about making Austin a great place for musicians to live, and about helping her artists get the recognition – nationally and globally – that they deserve.” Traci Hughes, Recruiter – Digital, Social, Interactive; Founder, Third Coast Search

“Roggie’s very tuned in to the music scene in Austin and elsewhere, and has vast experience as a promoter and booking agent. She writes great newsletters, too, keeping clients, colleagues and friends up-to-date on all of her acts — and has organized and hosted one of SXSW’s hottest parties for years. She knows how to make deals that protect her artists and keep her clients happy.” Lynne Margolis, music writer/editor

She’s a veteran of the music business and you won’t be able to find an agent who works harder for her clients. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Roggie and her family on a more personal level, and I am pleased to say that they are wonderful people as well.” John Cole, Owner, Clubland Records

“Roggie’s passion for her clients is absolutely amazing! Every artist she works for gains an incredible amount of recognition just by having her on the team. She’s an outgoing, knowledgeable, and spunky booking agent – a true powerhouse in Austin’s music scene!” – Jenni Finlay, Owner, Jenni Finlay Promotions

“Roggie is one of the rare finds who is passionate about her work, knows what she likes and gets results for her clients. Not to mention her great attitude and personality!” Rob Bleetstein, Americana Editor, The Gavin Report

“I’ve have known and worked with Roggie from the time she created RajiWorld Productions. She is driven by both a passion for her artists and an expert knowledge of her industry. Raji is simply the best!” -Dusty Wakeman, Producer

“Roggie is experienced, charming, and totally professional. Highly recommended.” – Barry Simons“Always pleasant to deal with, Roggie knows her business well and has an excellent sense of artists needs. She’s one of the true gems in the music industry.” – Chris Porter , Programming Director, One Reel, Hardley Strictly Bluegrass

“Roggie is a consummate professional. Calm under pressure, always pleasant and task oriented no matter how much the heat is poured on. She’s very organized and prepared and a sheer joy to work with.” -Scarlett Angell, Assistant Director Austin Music Awards

“Roggie has long been a leader in the Austin music industry. She has extensive experience working for others and in managing her own agency. She is a trusted source for consulting and innovative solutions in the touring industry.” Craig Barker, Attorney, Law Office of Craig Barker

“Roggie Baer is a creative, honest, dependable representatie for her clients. She works hard to accommodate a venue or promoter’s needs as well as those of her clients. Roggie is also very generous with her time & talent in volunteering for community affairs & fundraisers. She is someone who makes a difference. And, Roggie Baer is someone I always look forward to working with!” – Dianne Scott The Continental Club, Austin TX

“My name is Steve Poltz and Roggie has booked me on about a gazillion national tours across the USA. We have worked together for years and it is not hyperbole to say that I wouldn’t have the career I’ve had without her help. She toiled to build my touring base in a creative way that very few people could ever dream of doing. Her hard work and diligence were an energetic force of nature. I am sad that she is going in another direction but I will use many of the things she taught me about being a successful troubadour. She basically gave me a career and for that I am forever grateful. Khabele is very lucky to have her and I wish her nothing but continued success. ¡Viva Roggie! With love and kindness,” – Steve Poltz

Thank you Roggie! You believed in me when few people even knew my name, much less my voice. Your heart and integrity have been a real blessing in my life and I’m glad to count you a dear friend. Much love and happiness to you!”- Nakia

“Roggie was great to work with and was always looking for a creative solution. Made a great member of the team.” Dale Brock , Smile Smile Manager

“Whether it’s music or events Roggie is always very professional. Her advice and suggestions have always been a good match. I will look forward to working with her in the future.” David Whitney , Director of Operations, Threadgill’s Restaurant

“Roggie is one of the first to inspire me to think “Austin has finally gotten into the real music business” Thanks for all you do and are doing” Mark Younger-Smith, Owner, Marked Man Music

“Roggie is a creative soul organizer. She see’s a need and connects creatives for always bankable results. Her charm, wit, joy for life and business savvy always come together for remarkable results. In a heartbeat I’d jump at the chance to work with here again… There is only one Roggie Baer, and I’m proud to call her a kindred. VIVA ROGGIE!” – Ricardo “r/ace” Acevedo, Graphic Designer & Photographer, In the RA / RAWorx Creative

“Roggie is a great woman to have on your team. She works extremely hard for the clients that she represents and does so with humor, grace and a can-do, positive attitude. Roggie is a veteran in the music industry and I would proudly recommend her to anyone in need of an agent.” – Trish Wagner, Advertising Sales and Marketing Assistant, No Depression Magazine“

Roggie volunteered for me at SXSW…. quite some time ago. She had just relocated into Austin and came to me seeking a non-standard volunteer arrangement, something meatier that she could sink her teeth into. She managed our out-of-towner volunteer housing arrangements and as such, provided them with a Texas-style welcome wagon – complete with every bit of info that any new comer could ever want about Austin. She excelled in that role and we were very grateful that she took the task and made it her own, and made it a special welcome to a large team of newcomers to the SXSW Volunteerbase. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!” -Peggy Ellithorpe, Senior Volunteer Manager, SXSW“


ABZ_Rolling Stone

We are so proud of our roster, representing with class and grace and much rock and roll in the midst of utter chaos! What a wild ride this year.

AKINA ADDERLEY & THE VINTAGE PLAYBOYS  “Just a few moments of unforgettable jam “Attitude” and you’ll be hooked on this nine-member Austin soul band. Frontwoman and songwriter Adderley is a commanding, joyous force. ” – DEBORAH SENGUPTA STITH – AUSTIN 360

“An amazing triple bill on Saturday with Nakia Reynoso of TV show, The Voice, SXSW performing artist, Akina Adderley and the consistently amazing, Hard Proof playing original Afrobeat songs joined forces at The Mohawk for an extended dance party. An unusually pleasant Texas evening segued into a an all-out jam beginning with Hard Proof early to get the crowd moving, then Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys then headliner, the always entertaining, Nakia. ” – GREG ACKERMAN – AUSTIN CONCERTS EXAMINER

THE AUSTIN BIKE ZOO “Austin is a serious biking city, as anyone trying to dodge drunk cyclists on a Saturday night knows. But the scariest bike we saw during SXSW is the Rattlesnake, an 80-foot, 34-wheel contraption that seats six riders in its belly and looks kinda like a Chinese New Year’s dragon might if you chewed on one mushroom too many. It’s one of the fantasies made by the Austin Bike Zoo, a crew of puppeteers, bike builders and theater types whose intent is mainly to blow minds, which in fact they do quite well.”  – ROLLING STONE 

“In between show artists like the Austin Bike Zoo as living thing, young and dynamic artists and digital scene in the Texas capital is.” – MARCUS SCHULER

“Sounds like an absolutely, delightful, wonderful little jangle pop band.” – CARTER DELLORO – OVERLOAD

“Their guitarist, Steven Schayer, is really, really good and really fun to watch.” – ROBIN SINHABABU – OVERLOAD

ELIZABETH MCQUEEN “Austin favorite Elizabeth McQueen was with the legendary band Asleep at the Wheel for eight years before making the decision to go solo. With her sultry, beautiful voice she is already making quite a splash on her own with her new CD, The Laziest Remix. She has already been featured in the Austin Chronicle, Texas Monthly, and Austin 360. With a national tour underway, Elizabeth will be playing her official showcase with The Brothers Lazaroff on Thursday, March 13th at Shotguns at 9PM.” – GINA SIGILLITO – AUSTIN LOCAL MUSICIAN EXAMINER
“Making name for herself as one of the music city’s most infectious voices. Known for her beautiful and timeless vocal style and buoyant and joyous live shows, she quickly became the one one to watch upon her arrival in Texas. One short year after settling in Austin, she was named by the Austin Chronicle as a young musician to watch.” -DIANE SCOTT – THE CONTINENTAL CLUB

THE FLESHTONES  “The Fleshtones demolished the divide between stage and audience during “Real Good Time Together,” with band members stepping deep into the crowd and leading it through the song’s chorus well after they stopped playing their instruments.” – GARY GRAFF – BILLBOARD

 “The veteran garage rock act tore into “Real Good Time Together,” an incendiary performance complete with gray-haired crowd-surfing and an audience sing-along that continued after the band stopped playing.” – JOE LYNCH – FUSE

“The ageless Fleshtones marching up the down the theater’s aisles leading the audience in a singalong to “Real Good Time Together”” – JIM TESTA – jerseybeat.com

“20 Artists You Must See at SXSW This Week” – PLEDGE MUSIC

RAINA ROSE “On Instagram, Steve Poltz summed up the highs and lows of a beautiful night gone horribly awry: SXSW- hectic. 1-saw Raina Rose play her official showcase last night. She had a full band and it was REALLY good. Loved it. Her voice equals beauty.” – MATTHEW T. HALL – UT SAN DIEGO 

“SXSW Interview: Raina Rose, Folk music ‘only exists in a community” – WILLIAM HARRIES GRAHAM – AUSTIN CHRONICLE

STEVE WYNN “Other significant highlights included Spandau Ballet’s rich treatment of “Satellite of Love,” Sean Lennon’s unrehearsed by still affecting “What Goes On” and Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3’s “Coney Island Baby.”   
“But the moments of musical transcendence were much more plentiful and thoroughly unforgettable. Among them: Steve Wynn with a heartbreaking “Coney Island Baby” and, fronting the Baseball Project as Mike Mills of R.E.M. and my old friend Linda Pitmon held down the rhythms, an epic, eardrum-threatening “Sister Ray”” – JIM DEROGATIS – WBEZ 91.5, CHICAGO
“Steve Wynn earned his place in rock history during the Eighties with the Dream Syndicate, a leading light of L.A.’s Paisley Underground psych-pop movement. Since then, he’s enjoyed an acclaimed solo career, though he’s currently savoring a well-received Dream Syndicate reunion” – MICHAEL TOLAND – AUSTIN CHRONICLE
SWM3 “Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 rode waves of dynamic ups and downs beautifully throughout the cinematic “Coney Island Baby.” – Peter Blackstock – AUSTIN 360
 “I think that SW+M3 are the best rock band out there.  This short but intense and cathartic set just proves that point. A home run!” – ELIOT – nowiveheardeverything.com



Heart of the City: A Celebration of Soul benefits the SIMS Foundation and its 650 client musicians.

Heart Of The City

Join us for a soulfully elegant evening on February 15 for the SIMS Foundation’s annual benefit concert. Heart of the City: A Celebration of Soul features 70s soul legend Bobby Patterson, Queen Bee Tameca Jones, the gospel-tinged artist Dan Dyer, The Voice’s Nakia, and Daniel James Leopold of Leopold and His Fiction.

Our musical director, Grammy-winner Adrian Quesada’s all-star band is highlighted by Grupo Fantasma Horns and some of Austin’s best musicians. Emceed by the city’s very own soul encyclopedia, Rick “Daddy” McNulty with vinyl mood setting by DJ Mahealani, it is sure to be a glittering night of hip-shaking soul, pretty cocktails, VIP lounge, luxury raffle and other tantalizing surprises. Doors open at 8pm for a Cocktail Hour with music starting at 9pm.

Heart of the City: A Celebration of Soul benefits the SIMS Foundation and its 650 client musicians. Formed to support musicians by providing access to mental health and addiction recovery services, SIMS puts the heart and soul back into musicians. Thank you for keeping Austin music alive!

Event Chairs:
Noël & Will Bridges

Host Committee:
Amanda Garcia
Angela Salas
Ann Riopel
Ashley Welch
Celine Adams
Chelsea Grace Singh
Darlene Starr
Gilda Tirado
Haley Cihock
Nichole Filson
Ramona Cruz-Peters
Reenie Collins
Rich Vázquez
Rikki Hardy
Roggie Baer
Rose Reyes
Sally Fatigato
Sam Elkin
Suzee Brooks
Tiva Rose Allan
Terra James Tucker



RajiWorld family joins Elizabeth McQeen in record release celebrations


Celebrated Austin artist Elizabeth McQueen is proud to announce the release party for her forthcoming EP entitled The Laziest Remix taking place on Saturday, January 11 at Lamberts located at 401 W 2nd Street Austin TX. Doors will be at 9:30 p.m. with Elizabeth McQueen Meet Brothers Lazaroff performing at 10:00 p.m. and Nakia closing the show at 11:30 p.m. Other special guests that evening will include Jazz Mills, Erin Ivey, Sarah Sharp and Katie Holmes. Tickets will be $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Part of the event proceeds will benefit Black Fret, a new Austin non-profit that provides grants to local musicians enabling them to create new music.

Thanks to a new sponsor,  Everyone who comes to the show gets 10% off a pair of STARLING glasses!

HAAM Benefit Day

HAAM 2013

Tomorrow is HAAM Benefit Day

Make a plan to go see music all over Austin

Excited about HAAM’s non-stop concert tomorrow? We are too! Be sure to visit participating venues and businesses to help Austin’s musicians. Schedule here.

Roggie will be volunteering with clients and friends at Holy Mountain

Stay in touch and stay in tune. Visit www.facebook.com/SIMSFoundation to learn more and keep connected with the community of folks who love Austin and our musicians!

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Featured Artist: Dream Big With Nakia, On Tour In September!

Nakia live at the Good Music Club

On September 14, 2013, singer-songwriter Nakia, who rocketed to national fame on NBC’s The Voice, launches the Dream Big Tour in support of his new EP Drown in the Crimson Tide. This first tour since The Voice includes a full band. “The guys I get to play with out of this world musicians. We are tight and ready to put on a show that folks won’t ever forget,” says Nakia

Alabama-raised, singer-songwriter Nakia was already garnering big time attention in his adopted hometown, Austin, TX, aka the Live Music Capital of the World, when, in 2011, The Voice recruited him to compete. In the words of coach Christina Aguilera, the singer “demonstrated a lot of guts and balls” when he chose to sing CeeLo Green’s smash hit Forget You with CeeLo sitting right there, in another of the judges’ chairs. Duly impressed by Nakia’s talent and chutzpah, CeeLo went on to mentor him.

The songs on Drown in the Crimson Tide were written in collaboration with top-tier artists including Barry Goldberg, Bleu, Chris Seefried, Aris Archontis and Brian West. Three were co-produced by legendary keyboardist Goldberg, whose vast resume includes playing with Dylan’s and producing Percy Sledge; and guitarist Johnny Lee Schell, who’s worked with Bonnie Raitt, John Fogerty and Eric Burdon.

For more information and to arrange interviews: Robert Rankin


My man is the next big star. CeeLo Green

Nakia’s got some serious soul… Sharon Jones of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Otis Redding’s influence is unmistakable throughout the emerging neo-soulster’s new EP Drown in the Crimson Tide. USA Today

Nakia chooses subtlety over grand gestures, making Drown in the Crimson Tide all the more endearing but no less gritty. Austin Chronicle

His live performances are akin to a religious experience…with his… trademark soulful, spiritual sound… a big, theatrical voice, and an execution that’s Southern gospel with more than a hint of Joe Cocker. Texas Music Magazine 






Sept 10 – Austin, TX – Sahara Lounge – Dream Big Tour Kickoff Party

Sept 14 – Tucson, AZ – Club Congress with The Tubes
Tickets: http://nakia.me/tix-091413

Sept 15 – Pioneertown, CA – Pappy & Harriet’s
Tickets: http://nakia.me/tix-091513a

Sept 16 – Mill Valley, CA – 142 Throckmorton Theater
Tickets: http://nakia.me/tix-091613

Sept 17 – Las Vegas, NV – Sin City Soul & Blues Revival Festival
Tickets: http://nakia.me/scsbr

Sept 19 – Sacramento, CA – Harlow’s with The Octopus Project
Tickets: http://nakia.me/tix-091913

Sept 20 – Los Angeles, CA – The Hotel Café
Tickets: http://nakia.me/tix-092013

Sept 21 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock Live
Tickets: http://nakia.me/tix-092113

Sept 24 – Austin, TX – Holy Mountain – HAAM Day Benefit
Tickets: http://nakia.me/tix-092413

Sept 27 – Dallas, TX – AllGood Cafe
Tickets: http://nakia.me/allgoodcafe

Sept 28 – Austin, TX – Pecan Street Festival
Free/All Ages Show: http://nakia.me/tix-092813

Oct 04 – South Padre Island, TX – Concerts On The Bay
Free/All Ages Show: http://nakia.me/tix-100413


National: David Strunk for The Agency Group

Texas: Roggie Baer for RajiWorld

Nakia - The Dream Big Tour

September: Back To School With My Dream Career

While I was in college I had a big list of favorite bands. I did not know it at the time but they were interrelated, influenced by each other and most would last long enough or reunite in time for me to book them during my reinvention of our agency! Grab a Tab and join me for a stroll down memory lane and back to the future.

I have spent the last year and a half consulting in the fields that are important to me including music. I have gained great perspective which has enabled me to continue a three decade love affair with music and those who create it.

I want to start this post by welcoming a few of them into the RajiWorld family as clients, as their agent and their fan.

We are thrilled to be booking new tours for The Black Watch, Cotton Mather, Dream Syndicate and Steve Wynn.

RajiWorld is also deeply grateful for this new family who keeps on growing via side projects like (The Fleshtones) Keith Streng’s Split Squad featuring Eddie Munoz, Clem Burke, Michael Giblin, Keith Streng and Josh Kantor! We also have old favorites coming back with new projects such as Nakia has (see Dream Big With Nakia, On Tour in September!) AND second generation clients like William Harries Graham (son of Jon Dee Graham).