Folk Alliance

I will be joining many clients and friends this week at the 26th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL FOLK ALLIANCE CONFERENCE
February 19th-23rd – Westin Hotel, Kansas City, MO .

You can find me at the hotel all weekend and I will be sharing the wonderful Bone Spirits Moonshine and gin! The gin is the only gin made from scratch in Texas, using Texas juniper berries (handpicked by friends of mine)! And Texas citrus zest, hand zested by those same pals.

They recommend gin & tonic, gin & juice, gin & ginger beer, gin martinis, I would like to step it up a notch and invite you to play mixologist with me. Let’s be creative! I am counting on you.

Meet me in the following showcases with your mixer of choice and your own glass/cup/mug/shoe….and let’s celebrate that we work in a field we adore!

Elizabeth McQueen

  • 02/02/14 St. David’s Austin TX
  • 02/09/14 St. David’s Austin TX
  • 02/20-21 Folk Alliance Kansas City MO
  • 02/20/14 8:00pm ‚ÄĒ Official Showcase in Roanoke Room
  • 02/20/14 12:00am ‚ÄĒ Room 737
  • 02/21/14 2:00pm ‚ÄĒ Room 737
  • 02/21/14 10:30pm ‚ÄĒ Room 742
  • 02/22/14 The Demo St. Louis MO

Julie Christensen

  • Thursday 11:00-11:30 p.m. in Garden Suite Room 738
  • Friday ¬†11:50-12:10¬†¬†in Room 555
  • Friday at 1:00 a.m. in Garden Suite Room 738
  • Saturday¬†11-12 pm ITR ¬†in Room 713

Raina Rose

  • Friday¬†6:00 PM Willie P. Bennet Tribute Washington Park Place 3 Rm
  • Friday¬†12:00 AM ITR w/ Elizabeth McQueen in Poltz/Pressman #737
  • Friday¬†¬†2-3:00 PM Rajiworld Presents Raina Rose & Elizabeth McQueen ITR in Poltz/Pressman #737
  • Friday¬†3-3:30 PM Cover Your Friends in Comboplate #752
  • Friday¬†10:30-11:30 PM w/ Rebecca Loebe, Smokey & The Mirror Pushing Chain #724
  • Friday¬†¬†12:00 AM in Duty Free Room #707
  • Friday¬†14 1:30 AM in Poltz/Pressman #737
  • Saturday¬†10:30 AM FOLK Doc Brookside Room
  • Saturday¬†3-4pm w/ Halleyanna in #742
  • Saturday¬†6:00 PM OFFICIAL SHOWCASE in Pershing South
  • Saturday¬†10:30 PM in Comboplate #752
  • Saturday¬†11:30 PM w/ Kris Delmhorst in Poltz/Pressman #737
  • Saturday¬†12:30 AM in Hearth Music 12X12 room #537