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June and July: Featured Artists Taking Flight

I Fly

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” ― Rumi.

We take our wings seriously, they open us up to a higher realm. Love, possibility, expansion and freedom. We have jumped aboard June with abandon. As was our old tradition, we want to invite you in for a drink and this summer our favorite local spot to recharge is JuiceLand; I would love to meet you there soon and tell you the stories of RajiWorld’s two new creative magicians as they prepare for take off.

We have magic on our minds this month and we want you to come along for the ride, literally. We could not be happier to expand the reach of Austin Bike Zoo. This idea and execution showcase everything Austin can be proud of, This interactive art was engineered to bridge gaps and create fun. Write to us here to see how we can find the right fit for your public or private event as your audiences, clients, friends and family are taken to a fantasy world of the only 80 foot long rattlesnake ever created and 17 foot tall butterflies, where anything is possible with only the power of your own two feet.


And in June we all let our hair down, take off our shoes and trappings to experience this feeling but nothing speaks to imagination like, well an actual kid. So without further ado, please meet William Harries Graham, our (about to turn 14) wunderkind. He is exactly who we each wish we had been as a teen so please help me nurture, support and show off his talents. We are looking for the best  local and regional opportunities for his solo, duo and full band projects. Cheers!