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The Austin Bike Zoo will be traveling to El Paso this weekend, August 30-31, to party with all you El Paso-ians? El pastonians? Well, anyway, lets party at the Sun City Music Festival! Its hot, its summer, its a festival. So, Sit down, cool down, get down, on our bikes!

If you’ve been to SCMF in the last 2 years you’ve surely seen our beautiful bikes, but for those of you who haven’t head over to the festival website (or click this link) to get a sneak peek of what you’ll see this weekend.

Festivities begin at 5pm, Saturday August 30th.

See you there!

(Photo Courtesy of Magic Spoon Productions)

– Truly Julie



The Austin Bike Zoo (ABZ) has been has been out exploring the country this summer.

Las Vegas hosted The Bike Zoo at the Electric Daisy Carnival. Check out ABZ Central for a fun photographic recap of EDC and The Austin Bike Zoo. Every year is a Blast!

Then ABZ traveled to Roswell, New Mexico, for their annual UFO festival. The Austin Bike Zoo fits in perfectly in a town that embraces out of this world experiences.

ABZ had a blast traveling, but nothing beats being back at home! And what a way to be welcomed back, ABZ was featured on FOX morning show Good Day Austin just a few days ago! Look out for Stella the Eagle, Andre the Rattlesnake, Jeremy, Roggie and even a few interns on the RajiWorld team!

We’re glad to have The Austin Bike Zoo back at home for a little bit and we look forward to playing with you, The Austin Bike Zoo, and RajiWorld too at Bat Fest on August 23rd!


– Truly Julie


ABZ_Rolling Stone

We are so proud of our roster, representing with class and grace and much rock and roll in the midst of utter chaos! What a wild ride this year.

AKINA ADDERLEY & THE VINTAGE PLAYBOYS  “Just a few moments of unforgettable jam “Attitude” and you’ll be hooked on this nine-member Austin soul band. Frontwoman and songwriter Adderley is a commanding, joyous force. ” – DEBORAH SENGUPTA STITH – AUSTIN 360

“An amazing triple bill on Saturday with Nakia Reynoso of TV show, The Voice, SXSW performing artist, Akina Adderley and the consistently amazing, Hard Proof playing original Afrobeat songs joined forces at The Mohawk for an extended dance party. An unusually pleasant Texas evening segued into a an all-out jam beginning with Hard Proof early to get the crowd moving, then Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys then headliner, the always entertaining, Nakia. ” – GREG ACKERMAN – AUSTIN CONCERTS EXAMINER

THE AUSTIN BIKE ZOO “Austin is a serious biking city, as anyone trying to dodge drunk cyclists on a Saturday night knows. But the scariest bike we saw during SXSW is the Rattlesnake, an 80-foot, 34-wheel contraption that seats six riders in its belly and looks kinda like a Chinese New Year’s dragon might if you chewed on one mushroom too many. It’s one of the fantasies made by the Austin Bike Zoo, a crew of puppeteers, bike builders and theater types whose intent is mainly to blow minds, which in fact they do quite well.”  – ROLLING STONE 

“In between show artists like the Austin Bike Zoo as living thing, young and dynamic artists and digital scene in the Texas capital is.” – MARCUS SCHULER

“Sounds like an absolutely, delightful, wonderful little jangle pop band.” – CARTER DELLORO – OVERLOAD

“Their guitarist, Steven Schayer, is really, really good and really fun to watch.” – ROBIN SINHABABU – OVERLOAD

ELIZABETH MCQUEEN “Austin favorite Elizabeth McQueen was with the legendary band Asleep at the Wheel for eight years before making the decision to go solo. With her sultry, beautiful voice she is already making quite a splash on her own with her new CD, The Laziest Remix. She has already been featured in the Austin Chronicle, Texas Monthly, and Austin 360. With a national tour underway, Elizabeth will be playing her official showcase with The Brothers Lazaroff on Thursday, March 13th at Shotguns at 9PM.” – GINA SIGILLITO – AUSTIN LOCAL MUSICIAN EXAMINER
“Making name for herself as one of the music city’s most infectious voices. Known for her beautiful and timeless vocal style and buoyant and joyous live shows, she quickly became the one one to watch upon her arrival in Texas. One short year after settling in Austin, she was named by the Austin Chronicle as a young musician to watch.” -DIANE SCOTT – THE CONTINENTAL CLUB

THE FLESHTONES  “The Fleshtones demolished the divide between stage and audience during “Real Good Time Together,” with band members stepping deep into the crowd and leading it through the song’s chorus well after they stopped playing their instruments.” – GARY GRAFF – BILLBOARD

 “The veteran garage rock act tore into “Real Good Time Together,” an incendiary performance complete with gray-haired crowd-surfing and an audience sing-along that continued after the band stopped playing.” – JOE LYNCH – FUSE

“The ageless Fleshtones marching up the down the theater’s aisles leading the audience in a singalong to “Real Good Time Together”” – JIM TESTA – jerseybeat.com

“20 Artists You Must See at SXSW This Week” – PLEDGE MUSIC

RAINA ROSE “On Instagram, Steve Poltz summed up the highs and lows of a beautiful night gone horribly awry: SXSW- hectic. 1-saw Raina Rose play her official showcase last night. She had a full band and it was REALLY good. Loved it. Her voice equals beauty.” – MATTHEW T. HALL – UT SAN DIEGO 

“SXSW Interview: Raina Rose, Folk music ‘only exists in a community” – WILLIAM HARRIES GRAHAM – AUSTIN CHRONICLE

STEVE WYNN “Other significant highlights included Spandau Ballet’s rich treatment of “Satellite of Love,” Sean Lennon’s unrehearsed by still affecting “What Goes On” and Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3’s “Coney Island Baby.”   
“But the moments of musical transcendence were much more plentiful and thoroughly unforgettable. Among them: Steve Wynn with a heartbreaking “Coney Island Baby” and, fronting the Baseball Project as Mike Mills of R.E.M. and my old friend Linda Pitmon held down the rhythms, an epic, eardrum-threatening “Sister Ray”” – JIM DEROGATIS – WBEZ 91.5, CHICAGO
“Steve Wynn earned his place in rock history during the Eighties with the Dream Syndicate, a leading light of L.A.’s Paisley Underground psych-pop movement. Since then, he’s enjoyed an acclaimed solo career, though he’s currently savoring a well-received Dream Syndicate reunion” – MICHAEL TOLAND – AUSTIN CHRONICLE
SWM3 “Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 rode waves of dynamic ups and downs beautifully throughout the cinematic “Coney Island Baby.” – Peter Blackstock – AUSTIN 360
 “I think that SW+M3 are the best rock band out there.  This short but intense and cathartic set just proves that point. A home run!” – ELIOT – nowiveheardeverything.com



June and July: Featured Artists Taking Flight

I Fly

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” ― Rumi.

We take our wings seriously, they open us up to a higher realm. Love, possibility, expansion and freedom. We have jumped aboard June with abandon. As was our old tradition, we want to invite you in for a drink and this summer our favorite local spot to recharge is JuiceLand; I would love to meet you there soon and tell you the stories of RajiWorld’s two new creative magicians as they prepare for take off.

We have magic on our minds this month and we want you to come along for the ride, literally. We could not be happier to expand the reach of Austin Bike Zoo. This idea and execution showcase everything Austin can be proud of, This interactive art was engineered to bridge gaps and create fun. Write to us here to see how we can find the right fit for your public or private event as your audiences, clients, friends and family are taken to a fantasy world of the only 80 foot long rattlesnake ever created and 17 foot tall butterflies, where anything is possible with only the power of your own two feet.


And in June we all let our hair down, take off our shoes and trappings to experience this feeling but nothing speaks to imagination like, well an actual kid. So without further ado, please meet William Harries Graham, our (about to turn 14) wunderkind. He is exactly who we each wish we had been as a teen so please help me nurture, support and show off his talents. We are looking for the best  local and regional opportunities for his solo, duo and full band projects. Cheers!