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August: Planting Seeds For Winter

RajiWorld is also proud to introduce you to our new sister company, Compass SS. We are Sponsorship Stewards navigating new horizons for a better future by developing partnerships between the creative arts and innovative businesses with an emphasis on lifestyle marketing, trends and green solutions. As the catalyst for creative partnerships, we welcome you to join us in facilitating change with visionary people to generate long-term success.

We are currently representing The Chula League and its flagship event, the 12th Annual Cherrywood Art Fair held this December 7-8, 2013. “Proceeds benefit Maplewood Elementary School and their Little Artist BIG ARTIST mentoring program that pairs fifth graders with professional artists and students who learn to celebrate creativity, develop personal expression, and experience the creative process from ideation through commercialization in a positive afterschool setting.” Our first sponsor is one who would like to be made anonymous but I am deeply grateful as they are the entity that brought me to Austin originally and as a wise Texas once said “You dance with the one¬†that brung ya.”. What I can tell you is that they hey have demonstrated long-time support for local art, music, film, education, and community which makes them a great match for Cherrywood Art Fair. Some of our other recent partnerships include;
Whole Foods: The Khabele School: HEB Foundation Free Camp and Patagonia:RajiWorld:Glazers:Kosmic Kombucha:Patika Coffee:Real Ale Brewing and SXSW Eco Fest.