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RajiWorld loves Nashville! I was blessed to be present  again this year for one of my favorite tradition’s Manuel’s (81st) Birthday party. It featured The Mavericks and let me see many old friends like Alan Messer who reminded me that we met with Joe Ely not June Carter as I had remembered. In other Nashville: Carter news my dear friends Julie Christensen and Rosemarie Mincey raved about the new music history documentary The Winding Stream they had just seen. They were happy to see my name in the credits and I was again reminded that I have been asked several times to consult on a music related film. I love to be a connector and I hope to work in Nashville much more this upcoming year. Let us know about your projects and where we can help. RajiWorld matches art and fans and Compass – SS matches art and business and World Beauty reps the artists who make it all look good under the lights.



The Stars at Night are really going to be Big and Bright on Thursday, March 6th at the 14th annual Texas Film Awards and its after party, the Texas Party!

Tickets to the Texas Party are available for only $50 each, and VIP tickets are available for only $150 each. Tickets can be purchased here:


The event is held on the eve of SXSW and kicks things off with a cool night of celebrity guests and swanky party attendees. The “Texas Party” immediately follows the awards and is a local celebration for our hometown heroes inducted into the Hall of Fame, with 1,000 guests expected.

Tickets include open bar, food, live entertainment from Money Chicha an DJ Mahealani, and an all around awesome time.

• Luke Wilson (will be the Master of Ceremonies)
• Amber Heard (Rising Star Award, recently starred opposite Johnny Depp in The Rum Diaries and now they are engaged)
• Danny McBride (writer/star of the HBO show Eastbound and Down)
• David Gordon Green (writer/director extraordinaire)
• Mac Davis (Sountrack Award, wrote for Elvis and had his own variety show)
• Priscilla Presley (wow!)
• From Dusk Til Dawn (award accepted by Robert Rodriguez, cast members present TBD).

Compass – SS and RajiWorld want to personally thank our event partners and sponsors Arlyn Studios, The Austin Bike Zoo, Austin Cake Ball, Bone Spirits, Evel Knievel EnterprisesMaine Root, NadaMoo, Nakia, ROT Rally and Woody Price Limo. Our events would not be the same without your support!


August: Planting Seeds For Winter

RajiWorld is also proud to introduce you to our new sister company, Compass SS. We are Sponsorship Stewards navigating new horizons for a better future by developing partnerships between the creative arts and innovative businesses with an emphasis on lifestyle marketing, trends and green solutions. As the catalyst for creative partnerships, we welcome you to join us in facilitating change with visionary people to generate long-term success.

We are currently representing The Chula League and its flagship event, the 12th Annual Cherrywood Art Fair held this December 7-8, 2013. “Proceeds benefit Maplewood Elementary School and their Little Artist BIG ARTIST mentoring program that pairs fifth graders with professional artists and students who learn to celebrate creativity, develop personal expression, and experience the creative process from ideation through commercialization in a positive afterschool setting.” Our first sponsor is one who would like to be made anonymous but I am deeply grateful as they are the entity that brought me to Austin originally and as a wise Texas once said “You dance with the one that brung ya.”. What I can tell you is that they hey have demonstrated long-time support for local art, music, film, education, and community which makes them a great match for Cherrywood Art Fair. Some of our other recent partnerships include;
Whole Foods: The Khabele School: HEB Foundation Free Camp and Patagonia:RajiWorld:Glazers:Kosmic Kombucha:Patika Coffee:Real Ale Brewing and SXSW Eco Fest.