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I Am Proud to Partner With Music In Common!!

Curating experiences for people to discover common ground through facilitated conversation and music

I am involved with a very cool project and would love to invite you to be a part of it with me. I would like to fill the following and I would love to see you involved. As you know, #houseconcerts are my favorite!

*Saturday, 10/5- Studio 9-North Adams, MA

Sunday, 10/6 – Coastal MA, Northampton, etc

Monday, 10/7- NH, Portland ME, Boston, Providence

Tuesday, 10/8 – NY, CT, NJ, PA

Wednesday,10/9 – NY, CT, NJ, PA

*Thursday, 10/10 – TBA DC

*Fri/Saturday, 10/11-12 – Unavailable

Sunday, 10/13 – MD, VA, NC

Monday, 1014 – NC, SC

Tuesday, 10/15 – TN

Wednesday, 10/16 – TN

Thursday, 10/17 – Ozarks

*Friday, 10/18- Unavailable

*Saturday, 10/19 Music on Main Street (MOMS)- Lilburn, GA

Tues, Wednesday, 10/22-23 – NoCA, Bay Area, SF, et al

Thursday, 10/24 – Central Coast, or inland Central

Friday, 10/25- – – – -LA, Beaches, NoHo

Saturday, 10/26- – – – -Orange County, San Diego, Palm Springs, Pioneertown

Sunday, 10/27 – – – – -San Diego, Palm Springs, Pioneertown, Tucson, Phx

FODfest features local, regional, and national musicians in a unique format that is part concert, part song swap, and part jam session. It is real-time demonstration of the power of music to connect people, generating a sense of community, hope, and healing. FODfest (Friends of Danny Festival) honors the life of #DanielPearl, the Wall St. Journal reporter who was abducted and murdered by extremists in Pakistan shortly after 9-11. In addition to being an exceptional reporter, Danny was a fiercely talented musician who believed fervently in the power of music to connect people regardless of their differences. As he traveled the world, he’d seek out and sit in on local jam sessions as a way to connect with the local community and learn about their culture.

FODfest embodies that spirit of connection and bringing people together through music. FODfest is produced by #MusicinCommon, an Atlanta-based, globally serving nonprofit that curates experiences for people across social divides to discover common ground through facilitated conversation and music.

copyroggie@gmail.com – 512 554 4004

2024 marks the 20th annual FODfest. While the event has been happening as one-off events in select locations each year, we’re aiming to commemorate this milestone with our first FODfest tour since 2010, marking the return to the days of the event as a touring concert.

Host or help organize a FODfest in your town. Our flagship concert started in a backyard and has taken place at a wide range of venues, conventional and otherwise, including coffee houses, community centers, theaters, living rooms, houses of worship, colleges, and even an olive grove, bomb shelter, and the National Mall to name a few.