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Join RajiWorld as a Live Event Intern (safely)


Hello! I am looking for a Tucson based intern to start right away from home. Any in-person work will maintain the highest in COVID19 safety protocols.

The ideal candidate must be highly organized; possess time management skills; have a computer and cell in good working order that they can successfully ZOOM from as needed. They shall have strong attention to detail; be experienced in working with databases to coordinate events; do well in a changing and multi-tasking environment with numerous deadlines; be able to handle difficult customer situations; can adapt to changes quickly and efficiently; and possess excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. 

This position is for college credit, future paid employment or both.

Please send your cover letter and resume to roggie@rajiworld.com

Good Luck!


help wanted

RajiWorld is hiring! We have two positions available:

 and the SECOND internship position consists of: ENTERTAINMENT BOOKING and SPECIAL EVENTS

Both positions are for an internship at our Austin Based National Booking Agency. We are seeking candidates looking for a permanent place in the agency for pay as well as temporary college interns.

Roggie Baer, founder and owner of Rajiworld Agency, is known as a discovery specialist, recognizing talent in the fields of community, education, music, art, health and environment and matching it with the right event, partners and sponsors. RajiWorld is seeking two interns interested in building contacts and real experience in an ever-changing field. 

Candidates must be up to date in common social media practice, able to work as part of a team in a fast paced environment and comfortable in meeting new people with artistic and creative minds. Because the entertainment industry is greatly generated and driven though personal connections, it is imperative that interns bring their best to the agency, as that will not only improve our work flow, but also make for a more enjoyable environment for our team.

We are a Mac-based office, however, we are open-minded to learning how PCs may fit in. We work in Central East Austin but remote work is also possible. We love interns and provide a home-cooked healthy meal a day as well as on-site event, meeting and credited graphic experience. We are happy to work with your college schedule and advisors to create the best fit for you!

This is an un-paid 

Our intern most recently in the Graphic Design and Marketing position says: http://rajiworld.com/expand-your-skills-grow-with-rajiworld/


Summer is dwindling away. Some of us may have already started school. For the lucky ones who go to UT, like me, there’s still and entire day and a half left before we must take the semester by the horns. Unfortunately, that means that soon I’ll have to say goodbye to Roggie, Stephanie, and the entire crew at RajiWorld.

Its been a terrific 9 months. Working with Roggie has brought me numerous opportunities not just in the music industry but in any business environment. She works with artists, venues, events, and sponsorship.

Roggie also serves as a life mentor. Being a young adult, who is extremely close to my own mother, Roggie has not only served as a boss, but as my own little Austin mother. She is always looking out for her interns and staff. She protects us and cares for us, you can feel the love radiate from her to her staff.

Fortunately for you, this means that RajiWorld is now accepting applications for a new intern!

If you are experienced in Graphic Design, have a Macbook, iMessages, and are social media savvy, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to build contacts and gain experience in the field.

As an added perk, Roggie will cook lunch for you. As a college kid, her daily delicious vegan dishes may be the greatest benefit of the internship.

Get those applications in soon! My last day at RajiWorld will be tomorrow, Tuesday.

Thank you all for everything.


Julie Gomez