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help wanted

RajiWorld is hiring! We have two positions available:

Our FIRST internship consists of: GRAPHIC DESIGN, SOCIAL MEDIA and MARKETING and may take place remotely. The SECOND internship position consists of: ENTERTAINMENT BOOKING and SPECIAL EVENTS

Both positions are for an internship at our Austin Based National Booking Agency. We are seeking candidates looking for a permanent place in the agency for pay as well as temporary college interns.

Candidates must be up to date in common social media practice, able to work as part of a team in a fast paced environment and comfortable in meeting new people with artistic and creative minds. Because the entertainment industry is greatly generated and driven though personal connections, it is imperative that interns bring their best to the agency, as that will not only improve our work flow, but also make for a more enjoyable environment for our team.

We are a Mac-based office, however, we are open-minded to learning how PCs may fit in. We work in Central East Austin but remote work is also possible. We love interns and provide our locals a home-cooked healthy meal a day as well as on-site event, meeting and credited graphic experience. We are happy to work with your college schedule and advisors to create the best fit for you!

Both are un-paid positions with review at 90 days.

One of our past interns in the Graphic Design and Marketing position says: http://rajiworld.com/expand-your-skills-grow-with-rajiworld/


There are a lot of great reasons to love Austin. We’ve got Barton Springs, we’ve got all the cool hang outs for every type of person, we’ve got amazing food. We’ve also got our very own EMQ – Elizabeth McQueen.

EMQ is such a beautiful lady, a beautiful singer, a beautiful mother, and a beautiful example being an active community member. In the last month alone Elizabeth has worked with:

Breastfeeding Month Kick-Off Concert- EMQ started off the month by helping to spread awareness of Austin’s Milk Bank at Central Market.

Mutts and Austin Pets Alive – EMQ Helped to find a home for adorable baby Slate where Music and Mutts proclaimed her, “the queen of saving doggy lives!”

Austin Back To School Music Bash – Raising money for school supplies and the Cap City Kids Fund

In mid-August Elizabeth was featured in TWC’s Musician Spotlight, where she is all smiles performing her song Laziest Girl in Town.

Though, she could very easily be called the busiest girl in town, Elizabeth is also a DJ on KUTX 98.9!

With August drawing to a close, expect to see Elizabeth at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church and Spicewood Tavern’s Soul of a Musician Series on September 14th. It’s free and starts at 7:30pm.

See you there!

– Truly Julie



RajiWorld longtime friend, client, and author Pamela Des Barres was recently featured in this month’s issue of Guitar Player.

For those who don’t know! Roggie and Pamela have been friends for so long that when Roggie met Pamela, she was just a college student booking for her school. Even more magically, day she met Pamela she also met 3 other lifelong best friends and gained two lifetime clients: Danny B Harvey of the 69 Cats and RajiWorld collaborator Polly Parsons.

 Pamela’s most famous book titled,  I’m With the Band, has been credited with frightening a 12 year old Jack White. In her article Pamela discusses this and the last time she saw Jack White perform.

Here’s a little preview of Pamela’s incredible writing. Its so descriptive, so emotional, I can’t help but get chills:

“I stood in awe for two hours while he almost ate his guitar. He chews it up real good, and spits it out like it’s in flames. He beats on it like a drum, tears at it like a piece of raw meat, attacks it like it’s hunting him down. He devours it like a hot chick he’s enamored with, and then throttles it like a jealous, lovestruck demon. He brings it to life, gives it wings and a soul. He caresses it, teases it, soothes it—then shreds it, ripping it open to reveal the wicked, divine potential that is always lurking in those 6 strings. I felt like I’d been involved in a 100-way orgy when he finally put the damn thing down. My heart was beating below my waist, I felt awakened, wildly alive, in tune and grateful for my eternal groupie soul. Oh so grateful that I can still feel the stinging blast from the stage like a kiss from All That Is Holy.” 

Read more here!


– Truly Julie


The Austin Bike Zoo will be traveling to El Paso this weekend, August 30-31, to party with all you El Paso-ians? El pastonians? Well, anyway, lets party at the Sun City Music Festival! Its hot, its summer, its a festival. So, Sit down, cool down, get down, on our bikes!

If you’ve been to SCMF in the last 2 years you’ve surely seen our beautiful bikes, but for those of you who haven’t head over to the festival website (or click this link) to get a sneak peek of what you’ll see this weekend.

Festivities begin at 5pm, Saturday August 30th.

See you there!

(Photo Courtesy of Magic Spoon Productions)

– Truly Julie



Actually, this is also NYC’s first time to see The Dream Syndicate perform this Millenia. Its okay, don’t panic, you can still get your tickets for the Nov 15th show at Rough Trade via Ticketmaster. In fact, RajiWorld has you informed so early that tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet! Be up bright and early Wednesday August 27th at noon, to get those tickets before they disappear like the jehri curl.

Jam Dream Syndicate tunes on  Brooklyn Vegan, and while you’re there check out their full tour listening.

See you Nov 15th! Unless you think you’re patient enough to wait for next century’s NYC Dream Syndicate Show…

– Truly Julie


Summer is dwindling away. Some of us may have already started school. For the lucky ones who go to UT, like me, there’s still and entire day and a half left before we must take the semester by the horns. Unfortunately, that means that soon I’ll have to say goodbye to Roggie, Stephanie, and the entire crew at RajiWorld.

Its been a terrific 9 months. Working with Roggie has brought me numerous opportunities not just in the music industry but in any business environment. She works with artists, venues, events, and sponsorship.

Roggie also serves as a life mentor. Being a young adult, who is extremely close to my own mother, Roggie has not only served as a boss, but as my own little Austin mother. She is always looking out for her interns and staff. She protects us and cares for us, you can feel the love radiate from her to her staff.

Fortunately for you, this means that RajiWorld is now accepting applications for a new intern!

If you are experienced in Graphic Design, have a Macbook, iMessages, and are social media savvy, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to build contacts and gain experience in the field.

As an added perk, Roggie will cook lunch for you. As a college kid, her daily delicious vegan dishes may be the greatest benefit of the internship.

Get those applications in soon! My last day at RajiWorld will be tomorrow, Tuesday.

Thank you all for everything.


Julie Gomez


The wonderful musician Chris Aaron has taken some time to double as a journalist in his review of Louise Goffin’s ‘Songs from the Mine,’ which he coincidentally collaborated on.  Here’s a little sample of the beautiful review:

“It’s a beautifully produced, ballad heavy release that kicks off with a stirring, string enhanced, piano based ballad “Everybody but You,” a widescreen letter of encouragement to a friend that “someday soon, you won’t be crying.” Despite the appearance of a few rockers, one of which “Watching the Sky Turn Blue” features both Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp on backing vocals although you can’t pick either out of the mix, Goffin sticks predominantly to reflective compositions, all of which are co-written with others. Her voice is supple and sweet with an airy edge similar to that of Rickie Lee Jones, especially on the incisive “Sword in Your Heart,” another song that reaches out to a friend in need. She displays her ukulele skills on the innocent “Main Street Parade,” a tune enhanced by tuba and accordion that takes it in a unique direction.”

Be sure to check out the full article on Chris’s Website

Thanks Chris, we appreciate the sweet words. If you haven’t check out Louise’s Songs from the Mine yet, give it a listen to here.

– Truly Julie


The Austin Bike Zoo (ABZ) has been has been out exploring the country this summer.

Las Vegas hosted The Bike Zoo at the Electric Daisy Carnival. Check out ABZ Central for a fun photographic recap of EDC and The Austin Bike Zoo. Every year is a Blast!

Then ABZ traveled to Roswell, New Mexico, for their annual UFO festival. The Austin Bike Zoo fits in perfectly in a town that embraces out of this world experiences.

ABZ had a blast traveling, but nothing beats being back at home! And what a way to be welcomed back, ABZ was featured on FOX morning show Good Day Austin just a few days ago! Look out for Stella the Eagle, Andre the Rattlesnake, Jeremy, Roggie and even a few interns on the RajiWorld team!

We’re glad to have The Austin Bike Zoo back at home for a little bit and we look forward to playing with you, The Austin Bike Zoo, and RajiWorld too at Bat Fest on August 23rd!


– Truly Julie


July has the Split Squad traveling across North East U.S.

Their new album, Now Hear This, described as “snarling, roaring, guitar-fueled blend of powerpop turbocharged with punk and oldschool garage rock.” – Delarue, Newyorkmusicdaily

Additionally, Boston Magazine has declared them as one of the seven must see acts for July.

Be sure to catch them on their summer tour!

– Truly Julie


The Fleshtones have been playing music for years -wait, make that DECADES! To someone who has been alive all of only two decades, this is quite the feat. Even with their constant rocking, some fans are still just getting the chance to see these rock legends for the first time! On June 3rd, at The Camden Underworld one dedicated fan of 30 years finally got to rock out with The Fleshtones. Read his full recap of the show, which he describes as a, “remarkable blur of multi-coloured energy,” on the Retro Man Blog 

Our hearts fill with glee when we are able to connect bands with dedicated fans to create an experience to last a life time. A young Roggie, reminds us of a conversation with her mom: “Regardless how big a band may be or how many shows they’ve played, there will always be new fans to be made and old fans who haven’t had the chance to see them.” How can we help you see your favorite RajiWorld Artist? Lets make memories to last a lifetime.


– Truly Julie


Please join us in welcoming the very talented Louise Goffin to the RajiWorld family!  Louise met up with Roggie Baer in Austin the day of her Father Gerry Goffin’s passing to fulfill their shared dream for her new record to meet it’s fans. It was an emotional week. Our emotions are best summed up by Louise’s Mother: Gerry Goffin 1939-2014 “There are no words”. – Carole King

We are so proud to share two Louise interviews with you this week.

Austin Jody Denberg was able to host Louise in Studio 1A last Friday and you can hear their interview here. She played a very charming intimate show the following night at Polly Parson’s Hickory Wind Ranch as the debut artist in our new monthly event The Twilight Series and returned to LA to prepare for her record release 7/15!

We are looking at the best fit for a show in every market this year and I would like to hear how you would like to present this dynamic artist. She is available solo, as a duo, trio and with her full band featuring some of the world’s best side-man. She is a multi-instrumentalists and we especially like to book venues with great piano’s on site!

Louise was selected as American Songwriter Writer of the Week for a Q&A June 23, 2014, It is a wonderful piece and you can read it here.

Our goal is to find the best room in every city to present an intimate evening with Louise. We learned at her house concert here, every evening starts as a community effort and blossoms into a family affair.

We look forward to spending an evening with you!

– Truly Julie