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Veteran talent agent Roggie Baer revealed that she is merging her longtime agency RajiWorld with independent talent agency Atomic Music Group.

Roggie Baer
Roggie Baer

As part of the deal, Baer will bring her extensive client roster, which includes Naomi Achu, That Carolina Sound, Headcat 13, Flam Chen, The Divine Horsemen, Akina Adderly, Honeysuckle Sage Riders, and Warren Hood among others to AMG.

As well, the deal includes RajiWorld’s endorsements and brand sponsorships business to AMG, and will serve as the agency’s North American Director of Partnerships following the merger.

One of the largest independent talent agencies in the U.S., Atomic Music Group is based in Los Angeles and maintains regional offices in Austin, Nashville and Torotono.

Roggie Baer’s full roster

Akina Adderly
Anastasia Hera
Bill Elm/Friends of Dean Martinez
Chris Stamey
Danny B Harvey and Annie Lewis
The Divine Horseman
Flam Chen
Grey Delisle-Griffin
Headcat 13
Hector Ward & The Bigtime
Honeysuckle Sage Riders
Julie Christensen
Laser Spectacles, Inc
Morris Mills
Naomi Achu
Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts
Sly Curtis
That Carolina Sound
Warren Hood


Tim Walsh of Laser Spectacles, Inc. was invited to join the team at RajiWorld as a new client because of his impressive reputation and engagement with his own clients. Booking large national festivals with Tim allowed us to marry visual art and music, always a winning combination. However, Tim’s outstanding talents were really showcased at a new level at the RajiWorld roster party at SXSW this year.

Please enjoy the following video as Tim includes RajiWorld logos and other clients in his spectacular, cutting-edge special effects. This is a five minute example of a backyard laser show, featuring RajiWorld clients during our Official SXSW showcase at Palm Door in Austin TX March 16, 2017.

The sky is literally the limit when Tim creates exclusive and unique branding of your product or event. Let us talk with you soon about what he can do for you!


SXSW 2017

Welcome back to Austin for SXSW 2017!! We are excited to show off how we can shine your brand anywhere you like with lasers, ride your VIP’s on one of the Bike Zoo’s Giant one-of-a-kind Animals or Fly your brand 100 feet in the air with aerial balloons! A lot of event planners can brag about creating from the ground up but at RajiWorld we can even offer you world-class, beautiful and professional mermaids to start the party underground, not to mention our taste in music!!!

Date: Thursday, March 16
Venue: Palm Door on Sabine (401 Sabine St.)
Lineup: The Place 1:00 AM, Cotton Mather 12:00 AM, Misimplicity 11:00 AM, Billy Harvey 10:00 AM, Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys 9:00 AM, EMQ 8:00 AM with set change harp by Analee Cantu, magic in the trees and on the building with Laser Spectacles, rides and photos with the one and only Bike Zoo and landlocked play with the Sirenalia Mermaids!!

We will have complimentary temporary Manifestation tattoos from our sponsor Conscious Ink.

Beyond the showcase RajiWorld clients will be playing “Second Stage” hotel stages all over town, check here for updates and Chris Stamey will be presenting the BIG STAR’S THIRD + FRIENDS show as well as the film!

A special orchestrated performance of selections from both Big Star’s legendary Third album and their earlier releases, featuring an all-star cast, including members of Austin’s own Tosca Strings. Preceded by sets by three superb singer/songwriters.

Date: Friday, March 17
Venue: Central Presbyterian Church (200 E 8th St.)
Lineup: Parker Millsap, Skylar Gudasz, Robyn Hitchcock, and then a performance of Big Star’s Third by Jody Stephens (Big Star), Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star), Mitch Easter (Let’s Active), Chris Stamey (the dB’s), Brett Harris, Skylar Gudasz, Robyn Hitchcock, members of Austin’s own Tosca Strings


DID YOU KNOW THAT RAJIWORLD HAS BEGUN REPPING FROM SEA TO SKY WITH TWO NEW SPECTACLE ACTS? I have begun representing Laser Spectacles and Sirenalia Mermaids in addition to Flam Chen, The Bike Zoo and bands

LASER SPECTACLES, INC. is a Texas Laser Light entertainment production company specializing in producing laser shows, and designing and installing laser show related projects. Sound and light are merged to produce stunning effects.

Laser Spectacles, Inc. focuses on producing creative and unusual laser shows for a variety of markets, including festivals, fairs, meetings, art events, parties, sporting events – anywhere large groups of people gather to celebrate!

Sirenalia is an all-inclusive mermaid production company dedicated to making mermaid dreams come true.

Thay are a group of mermaids in Austin, Texas who create realistic mermaid tails using platinum-cured DragonSkin silicone. They make appearances at parties, resorts, festivals, aquariums and in television/film, and they transform normal people into magical mermaids!

Sirenalia is dedicated to raising awareness about our fellow marine-life, working to improve the education of young people everywhere, and using their striking imagery to make the world a better place. They are POC & LGBTQIA allied!