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The Goffin & King Foundation Presents

Louise Goffin and Friends 

Songs and Stories

First stop Austin, TX

Singer-songwriter, recording artist, and producer, Louise Goffin has been making music since she was 8. With some very special songwriter friends the audience will be taken on a transformational journey all about SONGS, their power, and what great songwriting can bring to our culture. 

An engaging and entertaining listening experience, Promising the stories behind songs well known and how new ones are written – with a rare treasure trove of stories. Louise is a great storyteller and performer and I have noticed that when people cheer in the audience for an act, they cheer more for the song than the person! As we all know, people go out and sell out who are cover bands because of the songs!”

The tour is an inaugural launch of the Goffin-King Foundation’s history-making. Did Goffin and King have any hits when they first walked into their publishers office? Nope!!

Goffin is the founder of the Goffin-King Foundation an educational registered 501 (c) (3) dedicated to empowering songwriters with a mission to honor and preserve the legacy, inspiration and excellence of Gerry Goffin & Carole King’ s songwriting. Louise also created, produces and hosts Song Chronicles – a podcast featuring exclusive in-depth conversations about career-defining moments with songwriters, musicians, recording artists, as well as behind-the-scenes business executives. 

She is currently producing and releasing singles from her 11th album, and working on a one-woman show. She earned a Grammy nomination for Carole King’s album, “A Holiday Carole” and is known by generations of loyal Gilmore Girls fans for singing on the opening theme.

The Goffin-King Foundation hosts highly sought-after retreats for songwriting. As the director of these retreats, Louise is regarded as both a mentor for aspiring songwriters and a guiding influence with a treasure trove of experience in her DNA. She produces retreats that connect songwriters and provides them with valuable opportunities to collaborate and enhance their craft, especially those who may feel isolated in their pursuit of writing the next “great song”. We warmly invite fortunate audiences to an engaging and truly unique event of music, storytelling, history, humor, participation, and exceptional talent… an experience that will remain etched in their memories for a long time.

The Goffin & King Foundation is a registered educational 501 (c)(3) dedicated to empowering songwriters while preserving the legacy & inspiration of Gerry Goffin & Carole King’s songwriting. 


Please join us in welcoming the very talented Louise Goffin to the RajiWorld family!  Louise met up with Roggie Baer in Austin the day of her Father Gerry Goffin’s passing to fulfill their shared dream for her new record to meet it’s fans. It was an emotional week. Our emotions are best summed up by Louise’s Mother: Gerry Goffin 1939-2014 “There are no words”. – Carole King

We are so proud to share two Louise interviews with you this week.

Austin Jody Denberg was able to host Louise in Studio 1A last Friday and you can hear their interview here. She played a very charming intimate show the following night at Polly Parson’s Hickory Wind Ranch as the debut artist in our new monthly event The Twilight Series and returned to LA to prepare for her record release 7/15!

We are looking at the best fit for a show in every market this year and I would like to hear how you would like to present this dynamic artist. She is available solo, as a duo, trio and with her full band featuring some of the world’s best side-man. She is a multi-instrumentalists and we especially like to book venues with great piano’s on site!

Louise was selected as American Songwriter Writer of the Week for a Q&A June 23, 2014, It is a wonderful piece and you can read it here.

Our goal is to find the best room in every city to present an intimate evening with Louise. We learned at her house concert here, every evening starts as a community effort and blossoms into a family affair.

We look forward to spending an evening with you!

– Truly Julie