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The Goffin & King Foundation Presents

Louise Goffin and Friends 

Songs and Stories

First stop Austin, TX

Singer-songwriter, recording artist, and producer, Louise Goffin has been making music since she was 8. With some very special songwriter friends the audience will be taken on a transformational journey all about SONGS, their power, and what great songwriting can bring to our culture. 

An engaging and entertaining listening experience, Promising the stories behind songs well known and how new ones are written – with a rare treasure trove of stories. Louise is a great storyteller and performer and I have noticed that when people cheer in the audience for an act, they cheer more for the song than the person! As we all know, people go out and sell out who are cover bands because of the songs!”

The tour is an inaugural launch of the Goffin-King Foundation’s history-making. Did Goffin and King have any hits when they first walked into their publishers office? Nope!!

Goffin is the founder of the Goffin-King Foundation an educational registered 501 (c) (3) dedicated to empowering songwriters with a mission to honor and preserve the legacy, inspiration and excellence of Gerry Goffin & Carole King’ s songwriting. Louise also created, produces and hosts Song Chronicles – a podcast featuring exclusive in-depth conversations about career-defining moments with songwriters, musicians, recording artists, as well as behind-the-scenes business executives. 

She is currently producing and releasing singles from her 11th album, and working on a one-woman show. She earned a Grammy nomination for Carole King’s album, “A Holiday Carole” and is known by generations of loyal Gilmore Girls fans for singing on the opening theme.

The Goffin-King Foundation hosts highly sought-after retreats for songwriting. As the director of these retreats, Louise is regarded as both a mentor for aspiring songwriters and a guiding influence with a treasure trove of experience in her DNA. She produces retreats that connect songwriters and provides them with valuable opportunities to collaborate and enhance their craft, especially those who may feel isolated in their pursuit of writing the next “great song”. We warmly invite fortunate audiences to an engaging and truly unique event of music, storytelling, history, humor, participation, and exceptional talent… an experience that will remain etched in their memories for a long time.

The Goffin & King Foundation is a registered educational 501 (c)(3) dedicated to empowering songwriters while preserving the legacy & inspiration of Gerry Goffin & Carole King’s songwriting. 


I have just returned to work with the  gifted artist Louise Goffin and she is heading out on tour THIS OCTOBER with a full band AND A FULL TEAM hitting promotion, radio, press and social media. She will be releasing new singles on this tour!
The daughter of Carole King and Gerry Goffin, Louise’s family tree blossoms in her music and on stage. As a performer, her shows are engaging, entertaining, heartfelt, and rockin’, while sometimes displaying an intimacy and vulnerability that draws the audience in, and neither she and nor they let go. No matter what, her shows are full of beautifully crafted lyrics and songs, memorable music, and quite often, an interesting story or two.
Here are some of her latest videos:
Hyde Park, London, July 2016, Performing “We Belong Together,” off her 2014 release Songs From the Mine
We Are Giants,” with Billy Harvey at The Griffin in San Diego, CA
“Sometimes A Circle,” off her 2002 album of the same name, performed here in 2015 at the Fonogenic Studios, LA
I would love to see your avails for 10/18 and 10/20. We are looking to secure something in upstate New York on Oct. 20th and have a bit more flexibility and can include MA or Eastern CT on the 18th. I am including the current dates for your information.
  • Oct. 19 – The Burren, Somerville, MA TicketsFacebook Event, Concert Window
  • Oct. 20 – TBD
  • Oct. 21 – Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, Kent, CT
  • Oct. 22 – The Havana, New Hope, PA Tickets
  • Oct. 23 – Media Day
  • Oct. 24 – Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA TicketsFacebook Event
  • Oct. 25 – World Café Live, Philadelphia, PA Tickets
  • Oct. 26 – Rockwood Music Hall Room 3, New York, NY Tickets
  • Oct. 27 – Media Day
  • Oct. 28 – Jewish Community Center of Central New Jersey, Scotch Plains, NJ Tickets
Thank you! I look forward to working with you again. I am available via this email address, or by phone at 512 554 4004


"If I'm Late"
Appleonfire pre-order live on itunes now ! (it’ll only be pre-order till release Mar 3)
You can also watch the Paste Video Premiere: Louise Goffin – “If I’m Late starring Louise Goffin and Joseph Arthur
Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in LA’s Laurel Canyon during its music halcyon days, Louise Goffin is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer who released her first album on Elektra/Asylum when she was 19. Along the way she’s released six solo albums and produced a Grammy-nominated record for Carole King, “A Holiday Carole”.
Her EP, Appleonfire, Louise’s seventh studio recording, got its genesis following the June 19th 2014 passing of her father, lyricist Gerry Goffin. It comes only months after Louise’s first release in six years, Songs From The Mine, which was described by the San Diego Troubadour as “a masterpiece of reinvention”, by The Los Angeles Times as “endearing folk-pop”, and by American Songwriter as “a terrific return from an artist…whose best work is likely ahead of her.”
Appleonfire features Joseph Arthur singing on “If I’m Late” and Jakob Dylan on “Take A Giant Step”.
The EP is produced by Louise Goffin and Barry Goldberg and due for release this month!
Some who have recorded her songs include Paul Thorn(“Fabio and Liberace”), Shawn Colvin (“Between Two Worlds” in the film Grace of My Heart), Terry Reid (“Fifth of July” -the story goes that when The Yardbirds disbanded, Jimmy Page wanted Reid to fill the vocalist spot for his proposed new group which was to become Led Zeppelin) Lindsay Lohan(“Black Hole”) and Carole King (at least five of her daughter’s songs). For many who grew up with The Gilmore Girls hit TV show, Louise’s voice can be heard with Carole’s on the duet in the opening theme“Where You Lead”.  Louise has also toured the world on electric guitar in Tears For Fears, and played banjo with Bryan Ferry.

“After the loss of my father, Gerry Goffin, earlier this year, I was unable to stop, momentously on tour setting up the release of “Songs From The Mine”. I found my unexpected grief traveling along with me, yet soothed by music and audiences everywhere I went. Two days after his passing, I performed a song he wrote (and sang lead vocal on) called “Its Not The Spotlight”. Singing his lyrics always made me feel he was still with me. Five weeks later, musical friends gathered ‘round to support me in celebrating Gerry’s spirit in the recording studio, making this new EP. With six songs in total, four of them are lyrics of my father’s, & two have never been recorded till now. With incredible contributions from Barry Goldberg, Jim Keltner, Bob Glaub, Val McCallum, Jackson Browne (who generously gave us studio time) Jakob Dylan, Joseph Arthur, Wally Ingram, and Stevie Blacke, it includes the song “Higher Than Low” co-written with the late & beloved Chris Aaron. Join in the making of Appleonfire.”

3% of goal and 10% of any money raised after that will go to the American Lung Association.



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Inspired by the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, Louise Goffin is herself the fruit of a beautiful musical tree. The daughter of Gerry Goffin and Carole King, Louise comes by her talent honestly, and she’s been faithful to hone her talents on several acclaimed albums over the years. But perhaps none has been as personal as her latest EP, “Apple on Fire”.

After her father’s passing, Louise has channeled the memories and emotions into a new seven-song set now available for fans to pre-order. But not only does it hold the memory of family but friends as well — from a strong guest list to the memory of friend and co-writer, Chris Aaron. She recently took some time out to tell us about this powerful, and personal, project.

Has songwriting always been an emotional passage of sorts, a cathartic way of moving through life?

Definitely. I’d say when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I didn’t trust that part of it as much as I’ve become free enough to now. There were songs I’d written that were put away because I thought they sounded too unfashionable, too unlike what was going on. One of those songs came out of the drawer, a song I wrote with my father and recorded for this EP called “I’m Not Rich But I’m Not Poor”. Even though my part of the song was the melody and chords, I don’t think at that time I could emotionally carry singing the lyric.

Was it clear to you pretty quickly that you would create a musical project inspired by your father?

I started this one off agreeing to record one song and then figured while I had this amazing band I’d also record two songs I’d recently written. And because earlier in the year I had sung a duet of a Goffin/King song at MusiCares with Jakob Dylan, it made sense to invite him to sing on the Goffin/King song “Take A Giant Step” which made it four songs. So in one day, we recorded those first four songs.

The father theme called out. I wanted to do another song that Gerry wrote and that he had originally sung a lead vocal on, because people didn’t know that side of him. He didn’t think much of himself as a singer, but his phrasing as a singer and a lyricist were intertwined with the same intelligence, and a lot of those rhythms and rhymes imprinted on me when I was young. His word choices and vocal delivery inspired and influenced me a great deal.

So the two additional songs I recorded after that first day were what I would call “under-the-radar” songs. “I’m Not Rich But I’m Not Poor” had never been recorded though it may have been pitched to a few artists at the time. It hung around quietly until I recently considered, “What else shall I record on this EP?” That one jumped up saying, “It’s my turn!”

The other one was a gem of a song I’d never heard before. Someone posted a demo of the song on YouTube on June 19th, the day Gerry passed away. Not only was it a find of an undiscovered song, but it had the added rarity that he was singing lead vocal and my mother was harmonizing with him on it.

It took a lot of deciphering to make out some of the words, which no one in all these years had a copy of written down. I recorded it at Red Barn Studios about 15 minutes down the road from Joshua Tree. And then I took the master to Brooklyn to sing it with Joseph Arthur, who eerily sounded a lot like my father when he mirrored the phrasing that inspired me from Gerry’s lead vocal on the demo. I don’t know how that song slipped through the cracks all these years.

You mentioned singing your father’s song “It’s Not The Spotlight” shortly after his passing. Can you take us back to that moment? Was that a healing point at all?

That was a heavy moment. I was scheduled to leave for the airport at 6:00 a.m. on June 19 to do a live interview and performance on KUTX radio in Austin with Jody Denberg the next morning. I also had a house concert the day after that at Polly Parson’s house, daughter of Gram Parsons, for the summer solstice. Tickets had been sold and I was the only performer.

An hour before I was going to wake up too early anyway, I got the call that my father had died during the night. There’s just no way to process that information in any way that makes sense, and that morning it never occurred to me to cancel my trip, although I did continue to reschedule and miss flights throughout the day.

I finally took the red-eye out, bringing one of my children with me. We got in so late, we chose to sleep at my friend and booking agent’s house, since it was closer to the radio station where I had to be in the morning. That next day after the radio interview, I sat at her piano and learned “It’s Not The Spotlight”. It felt like the piano was calling me to learn a song of his to play at the house concert the next day, and somehow that song was one I felt him come through strongest in at that moment. Learning that song was the start of this whole thing.

I hadn’t heard the song in years, but I always loved his vocal on it. The chords were so familiar even though I’d never played it…. well, it’s in the key of C, a familiar key with few black keys, y’know. Anyway I played it in the set, and people loved it, and many recognized it.

When I was back in LA, I saw Barry Goldberg, who wrote the song with Gerry, and I told him I had just played his song “Its Not The Spotlight” live. His response was, “We should cut it.”

Can you tell us about the meaning behind “Apple on Fire”?

For years I’ve been hearing the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” And the choice of the word fire is in reference to passing the torch, the creative fire, so to speak, which for me is an existential need to create in order to feel meaning in this world. And the the drive and purpose that comes with honoring that need.

The guest list on this is incredible. How’d you bring these names all together?

If you do anything long enough, hopefully you meet everyone at some time or other and keep their phone number.

I’m half joking, but it’s not just that I had relationships over the years, it was also that there was an immense amount of synchronicity, generosity and goodwill associated with this project. I had met Jackson Browne’s assistant at a David Lindley show with my friend Wally Ingram, who plays on the EP, and I said to her, “If you give me your number I promise I will never call it unless it’s really important.” And I meant it. I knew that someone who was an assistant to Jackson probably didn’t give her number out easily.

And so I honored that when I wanted to call her to figure out where I could drop off a copy of my record “Songs From The Mine” for Jackson. But the one number there was no promise not to call was the recording studio where I thought I could leave a message. When I called it, she picked up the phone. I said, “I was trying not to call you!”

When I dropped off my CD, I asked her if there was any day that the studio was not being used and told her about the project. While I was waiting to hear back, I called Chris Aaron in Wisconsin, who I’d co-written “Higher Than Low” with, along with James Hall, the same trio as on the song “We Belong Together”. I said, “I’m going to record our song. I’m waiting to hear whether Jackson’s studio is available”. He said, “I’m sitting next to Jackson. We just played a show together in Madison.” An email came the next day offering a day to record.

Tragically, three months later, Chris Aaron left us, suffering what we think was a heart attack. It was a great loss to so many of us who knew him. So the record has even more meaning with the song on it that we had written just months earlier.


The wonderful musician Chris Aaron has taken some time to double as a journalist in his review of Louise Goffin’s ‘Songs from the Mine,’ which he coincidentally collaborated on.  Here’s a little sample of the beautiful review:

“It’s a beautifully produced, ballad heavy release that kicks off with a stirring, string enhanced, piano based ballad “Everybody but You,” a widescreen letter of encouragement to a friend that “someday soon, you won’t be crying.” Despite the appearance of a few rockers, one of which “Watching the Sky Turn Blue” features both Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp on backing vocals although you can’t pick either out of the mix, Goffin sticks predominantly to reflective compositions, all of which are co-written with others. Her voice is supple and sweet with an airy edge similar to that of Rickie Lee Jones, especially on the incisive “Sword in Your Heart,” another song that reaches out to a friend in need. She displays her ukulele skills on the innocent “Main Street Parade,” a tune enhanced by tuba and accordion that takes it in a unique direction.”

Be sure to check out the full article on Chris’s Website

Thanks Chris, we appreciate the sweet words. If you haven’t check out Louise’s Songs from the Mine yet, give it a listen to here.

– Truly Julie

Louise Goffin to add to stellar Viper Room celebration!


After 21 years on the Sunset Strip, the world famous Viper Room is celebrating its birthday with a week-long bash.

The world-renowned black building opened in 1993 and was celebrated with a invitation-only bash that included Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton and Christina Applegate. I was there and RajiWorld helped book many provate and public events that first year. That first year, actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose at the club, but the Viper Room continued to be a popular hangout for Hollywood’s elite. Co-owned by Chuck Weiss and Johnny Depp until 2004, the club has been a launch pad for bands like Muse and Kings of Leon since its inception. It is a venue close to my heart as a friend, agent and in a cute story mother! We are proud to have client Louise Goffin partake in the celebration with songs from her brand new record!

The birthday bash kicks off Monday with R&B soul legend Bettye LaVette. The anniversary party continues through Saturday with shows featuring Steve Stevens, Billy Morrison and Billy Duffy. For more information, go to viperroom.com.



twilight series

Polly Parsons and RajiWorld are proud to present the first event in The Twilight Series.

We are honored and touched to welcome Louise Goffin to Austin, please join me in showing her love during her stay here. Gerry Goffin 1939-2014 
There are no words.

Please listen in June 20, 2014 on KUTX live with Jody Denberg in Studio 1A at 11 AM to hear some insight and a musical preview then  join us live June 21, 2014 for a Summer Solstice house party with the one and only Louise Goffin at Hickory Wind Ranch. We imagine an 8PM set time. Sunset is 8:38 PM that night. Louise will play 45 minutes of songs from her upcoming release Songs From The Mine. (Read more below).

We are affiliated with the Gram Parsons Foundation for this series and we are accepting a $20 donation at the door for Louise with additional donations to the foundation accepted as well. THE GRAM PARSONS FOUNDATION. A NON-PROFIT 501C3 ORGANIZATION. 33-1089879  You may pay for your advance tickets via Paypal with roggie@rajiworld.com

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Yes, she has iconic, famous parents, but that story long ago got sick of being told. And besides, it isn’t even the most interesting story to tell about Louise. You wanna hear a great story? Try this: Six years go by with no new albums from Goffin, and then suddenly at the end of 2013 she decides she simply must get one recorded right the hell now. “It was a little like those stories you hear about those pregnant mothers who haven’t got time to go into a fancy hospital with a nurse saying, ‘What number are you on the pain scale from 1- 10?’” she says, describing the birth of Songs From The Mine. “It was more like, ‘What are you talking about? I’ve got no time for this—I’m having this baby now!’” This is also the story about how Songs From The Mine turns out to be, as music writer Jon Kanis wrote, the “high point of Goffin’s professional career.” So far. Making a record wasn’t even on Louise’s radar in October 2013. Rather, she’d been “preoccupied with songwriting and playing live the last year and a half.” Then in November, two months before Louise was to perform at a MusiCares event honoring her mom, that all changed. “What made me go into the studio,” she explains, “was someone saying, ‘Hey if you’re playing at MusiCares it’d make sense for you to have some product out,’ and I thought, ‘Oh yeah, I probably could pull out an EP worth of good songs.’ I was invited to a friend’s house to play songs and it was like, ‘What’s this one?’ and then, ‘That song needs a sister song.’ By the end of the day I realized I had a full album waiting to be created.” Galvanized by this discovery, Louise was recording within days. “The quickness with which I acted was because I had produced A Holiday Carole, so I had had the recent background of me producing a whole record tip to toe and feeling fulfilled by both the experience and the result,” she notes. “I just rolled up my sleeves and said, ‘Let’s do this.’” Released on Goffin’s own Majority Of One Records, Songs From The Mine was predominantly recorded in December 2013 and early January in Los Angeles, with some recording done at the Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Holiday Music Motel. Goffin produced and played piano, B-3, ukulele, and guitar, and added a touch of snare drum and tambourine. With a lifetime spent soaking up the finest music of her generation and a love of songs that “put you in a movie lyrically, or ones that sound so full of raw attitude that you could forget your insecurities,” Goffin employed a rich palette to fashion Songs From The Mine. Pure nirvana for pop melody freaks, the CD is stylishly arranged and lyrically erudite, with stand-out songs throughout; beginning with the reassuring “Everybody But You” and continuing all the way through to the buoyant “Good Life,” the light and wispy “Follow My Heart,” the playful “Watching The Sky Turn Blue” (featuring Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp on backing vocals and handclaps), the soaring “Get With The World,” the ballsy guitar rocker “We Belong Together,” and the plaintive “Some Of Them Will Fool You” contribute to an album with zero weak spots. Songs From The Mine is the latest example in a career that has been shining ever since Goffin took up the family profession at an early age. At age 14 she first sang on her mom’s record Really Rosie (the musical based on several of Maurice Sendak’s children’s books), and they later dueted together on a new version of King’s “Where You Lead” for the theme song of the hit ’00s TV show Gilmore Girls. As a songwriter and producer of A Holiday Carole, Goffin helped bring her mom back home to her love of making records and put Carole at ease in the studio. Over the years Louise has released five previous albums of her own, the last one coming in 2008, and the highly sought-after producer and go-to songwriter has also toured the world on electric guitar in Tears For Fears. “Years from now, when I conjure up memories from the spring of 2014 I will smile sweetly and remember the profundities evoked by Songs From The Mine,” wrote Kanis. With such an inspired work to offer in 2014, one can be forgiven for hoping Louise Goffin doesn’t make us wait six long years for the next one. Learn more about Louise Goffin at www.LouiseGoffin.com.