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Firstly. Please help me congratulate Akina for her song placement in the popular TV show Walker, You can catch her song, “Broke,” on the CW! It’s the penultimate episode of the season (called “Bygones”), airing this Thurs. 4/28 at 8/7c

Next, we are thrilled to take part in a new series at TRACE at The W Hotel in Austin.

Bring your friends every Wednesday, 6-8pm, for live music in the Living Room from artists we love, benefiting a different music-focused nonprofit each month.

May’s nonprofit partner is HAAM. Many Austin musicians are self-employed and have no access to health insurance or basic healthcare. That’s where HAAM comes in. HAAM provides access to affordable healthcare for greater Austin’s low-income, working musicians, with a focus on prevention and wellness.
To learn more about HAAM visit: …So thrilled to have client Akina Adderley take part in this wownderful new brainchild of Sarah K. Wolf. When Health Alliance for Austin Musicians – HAAM calls for anything we answer and we hope that you will too!



I cannot say enough good things about SXSW22.

It was my 32nd festival and it brought back all of the excitement, hope, camaraderie of the first couple years when I was in college and The University of Arizona paid my way to scout bands for the annual Spring Fling, for which, I was the Student Entertainment Director. I scouted this year too, and I am very excited to share my newest clients with you along with those success of my current roster. It was definitely one for the books!

Without further ado, please meet Creamer, who I met via Alejandro Escovedo’s annual, (I cannot -miss, favorite day of SXSW) Sunday night fundraiser at my home away from home, Continental Club and this one was the sweetest as it was the first in many years and the first most of us had seen each other since the world-wide pandemic began. I spent the night dancing by heart to Al and by feeling to Creamer. They were so on point with delivering what the crowd wanted to hear and in a 3 1/2 vocal range!

As Rolling Stone framed it in naming Philip Creamer an “Artist You Need to Know” in 2018, “Creamer has honed a howl that registers somewhere between Freddie Mercury and Jeff Buckley.” But even those lofty touchstones—and let’s throw in Rufus Wainwright and Muse’s Matt Bellamy, for good measure—don’t do much to explain the way Creamer’s soulfully crafted lyrics and gorgeous rock mini-operas upend expectations.

Creamer’s first singles out of the gate for 2021 continued that heady balance of musical ambition and spiritual connection, which is the real key to Creamer’s message, animating the classic rock balladry on “Peace & Understanding” and lifting the oceanic, piano-driven “Disconnect.”

“Hideaway,” an expansive take on the kind of Big Piano rock track that icons like Queen, Sparks, and Elton John traded in, rising and cresting with the chordal colors of a stage production. That blend of surging energy and deep harmony, says Creamer, owes as much to his roots singing in a Lone Star State church as it does to his deep study of rock epics by bands like Led Zeppelin and Jellyfish.

My second signing is really a cheat as I did not technically see him play SXSW, although he did many, many times, but we stayed in good touch during the festival and after. Jesse Daniel Edwards is an award-winning songwriter, and charting artist from the small mountain town of Cuyamaca, CA. There, he and his 6 siblings grew up in a remote, rural environment without tv, internet, or significant exposure to the outside world. As a young songwriter, Jesse relocated to Nashville after busking throughout the U.S. and abroad. In Music City, he became a protege of Al Bunetta (John Prine). Honing his art songwriting in Nashville in the years to follow, JDE crafted his raw talent into the passionate vocals and clever lyrics that would evolve into his signature style. Jesse’s heartfelt sound has endured with fans through his raw DIY recordings and incendiary live performances. His music has been featured in radio, TV, and independent films and can be heard exclusively on SoundCloud. His album Saudade, produced at RCA by Steve Cropper (Otis Redding) and Liam Watson (White Stripes), reached the top 50, and his forthcoming album Violensia, produced by Joe Chiccarelli (The Strokes, The Shins) releases in 2022.

I also want to share some visuals, audio and accolades for a few stand out performances of my long-time clients.

MORRIS MILLS not only got the attentions of super sponsor Blockchain Creative Labs who dropped an NFT for him at our showcase but he also laid down an incredible Perfromance the next day for Purple Bee and some VR projects coming soon! You can see the show here. Next, Our matchmaker, Peter Blackstock, inadvertently turned me on to Grey when I first read about her in his No Depression so it was very fun to eavesdrop on this interview. Local Austin hometown favorite Warren Hood really made himself known this year, his first SXSW Showcase in a decade. We have booked a show a day in the 10 days following his showcase and he has been asked to record with and sit in with multiple bands who heard him perform! The rest will live in my heart as the best part of my career. I am blessed that the work I love also allows me see Dolly, Beck, Charlie, Chuck, all my best girls, all the cute boys and even sneak off to The Salt Lick with my daughter! I nearly moved back full-time ;)!

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We welcome you to SXSW 2022! This year, I am proud to present Goldy, an LA based four piece, who makes rock ‘n roll pop music. Their songs are very catchy and melodic and this is their first conference. The came to me via Producer Marvin Etzioni who has been very busy in the studio this year, also working with client’s Grey DeLisle and Eddie Clendening in The Roughhousers project I wrote about last month. Expect a sneak peak as the media is chomping at the bit! Grey will serve as out Emcee and comic relief on this magic carpet ride. Eddie will showcase his hot Rock-a-billy band from Vegas.

Annie Marie Lewis and Danny B Harvey will be in tough competition this year for cutest family band! As a guitarist, producer and composer Danny has played and recorded with such great artists as Levi Dexter, Tim Polecat, Johnny Ramone, Nancy Sinatra, Lemmy Kilmister, Lee Rocker, Slim Jim Phantom and Wanda Jackson. In recent years he has have been performing and recording with the very talented singer Lynda Kay Parker as 1/2 of the Duo called THE LONESOME SPURS. Their first CD was released in the fall of 2006 on Cleopatra records to critical acclaim. He is also well known as a founding member of the “take no Prisoners” rock’n’roll trio THE HEAD CAT. A band he started in 2001 with Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats. In recent years Danny B started a Gothabilly Group with Jyrki 69 from the Finish Goth Band 69 EYES which they call The 69 Cats. They have two records out in Cleopatra Records. The most important new musical project Danny B is involved with his with his new wedded wife Annie Marie Lewis. She is none other than the niece of the “Killer” Jerry Lee Lewis and it was at his concert that Danny B first saw Annie Marie opening the show for the rock’n’roll icon. They are just back from the Outlaw Country Cruise.

We expect to see their Family Band competitors there next year;) Please meet NOCONA, I am very excited to kick off a great season with this new band to the roster.
Nocona begins with the husband/wife team of Adrienne and Chris Isom. The Isoms – who played in New York, Austin, and Toronto before finally relocating to Los Angeles. Nocona is a rock band who draw their roots from Country, Folk, Punk, Rock and psychedelia. Known for taking the psychedelia of the 13th Floor Elevators and mashing it up with the Bakersfield sound—Roky and Buck; Love and the Burrito Brothers, their previous albums, Nocona and Long Gone Song drew rave reviews and the band has played some of the biggest festivals in America – Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, and Stagecoach. Los Dos out July 10, 2020 finds the band digging deeper into its bracing melding of hard-edged Americana and a keen punk-bred sensibility. Right up my alley, right?

What can I say about beloved hometown fiddle hero Warren Hood? He is a class act, he has recently shared stages with Wilco, Alejandro Escovedo and Sheila E. You do not want to leave Austin without dancing to Warren’s top notch band!

Texas native, Morris Mills returns home to headline our Atomic Music Group’s first night for showcases. Join us Thursday, 3/17 at 1am at Lambert’s, in the heart of Austin’s touring concert district. Mills & band will bring their nostalgic Funk/Rock appeal to the Lone Star festival. With remnants of legends past, Mills set will embody a dynamic, energetic performance that will wow the masses. Those present with receive a freshly minted NFT compliments of Morris and SXSW super sponsor Blockchain Creative Labs. I bet it feels good to be King! This year will be special and I am very happy to be back in the throne in my old stomping grounds!

Speaking of me (lol), I am Mentoring again and would love to answer your booking questions. I am game to go deep with the things no one else will about life on the road. After three decades, I have some stories and some answers and tricks!

Rsvp is required, Mar 18, 2022 4:00pm – 5:15pm CT Hilton Austin Downtown Room 406



Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle, former recording artist for Sugarhill/Vanguard is about to release her debut album for Regional Records. The covers album, aptly titled “Borrowed” features a James Bond theme song “You Only Live Twice” featuring The Satellites Four (originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra). The single will be released Oct, 20, 2021 and the album will drop in 2022. She’s also releasing an all-original album for kids in February of 2022 with her band The Roughhousers featuring Eddie Clendening, Deke Dickerson, Murry Hammond (Old 97s) and DJ Bonebrake (X).

Grey DeLisle Griffin is also known as the most prolific voice actress in American animation history, having performed over 2000 cartoon voices since 1996. Grey is also a comedian who launched her first stand-up comedy special, “My First Comedy Special” on Amazon Prime which has received rave reviews.

Grey’s most iconic roles include ‘Vicky’ from “The Fairly OddParents,” ‘Samantha “Sam” Manson’ from “Danny Phantom,” ‘Mandy’ from “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy,” ‘Frankie Foster,’ ‘Duchess’ and ‘Goo’ from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” ‘Yumi Yoshimura’ from “Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi,” ‘Azula’

from “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” ‘Kimiko Tohomiko’ from “Xiaolin Showdown,” as well as ‘Lola,’ ‘Lana’ and ‘Lily Loud’

from “The Loud House”, Monster Girl on Invincible, Delilah Briarwood on Critical Role’s Vox Machina, Ms. Chalice on Cuphead and ‘Prince Puppycorn’ from “Unikitty!.” She has also been the voice of ‘Daphne Blake’

in “Scooby-Doo” cartoons since 2000.

Her film roles include ‘Grandma Sanchez’ in “The Book of Life,” ‘Arcee’ in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and “Bumblebee,” ‘Dewdrop’ in Pixar’s “Onward” and Setsu Oiwa’ in Studio Ghibli’s final film “When Marnie Was There.” She is also a Grammy-winning recording artist. Grey is a single mom to her 3 kids (ages 5, 7 and 15) and she’s basically kicking butt.

Eddie Clendening

Eddie Clendening brings with him over two decades of experience on the stage. Having appeared with early ROCK & ROLL greats like Scotty Moore, James Burton, Pat Cupp, Hayden Thompson, Billy Lee Riley, EarlPalmer, Dale Hawkins, Gene Summers, Jimmy Lee Fautheree, Jerry LeeLewis, Little Richard, and scores of others. Contemporary musicians are also taking notice of this explosive and handsome young frontman for not only his vocals, but also his work on the electric guitar. Eddie has toured extensively and successfully with his own backing group “The Blue Ribbon Boys” in not only the U.S. but Europe, Asia,Australia, and elsewhere.

He has also worked with other well known groups such as Deke Dickerson’s Ecco-Fonics, Big Sandy, The Hi-Qs, LloydTripp… the list goes on and on. He has been invited to perform at dozens of international music festivals, The Rockabilly Rave, Viva Las Vegas, Hemsby, Le Blues Autour du Zinc Rockabilly and so on… not only with his own combo but also as the vocalist for the reunion of “Go Cat Go”, one the largest selling roots ROCK & ROLL groups of the 90’s who tragically lost their singer in 1993.

He has appeared on several ad campaigns for fashion brands likeW.H. Ranch Dungarees, J.S. Sloan, and Ralph Lauren, coast to coast, prime time, and regional television programs such as The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The View, Today Show and more. He has also been a regular voice on various satellite/AM/FM/internet radio programs. Eddie originated the role of, and was featured as Elvis Presley in the hit Broadway musical “The Million Dollar Quartet”, where he performed 8shows a week to packed houses racking up over 2200 performances! He also helped create and starred in the show “Heartbreak Hotel” which is currently the only Elvis Presley stage bio endorsed by the Elvis Presley estate, SONY Music and RCA.

He’s continued to be seen on stage in plays and tribute shows to many of the other greats as well, Buddy Holly, JohnnyCash, and Carl Perkins to name a few. And he continues to be in demand wherever fans of ROCK & ROLL gather. It seems Eddie is also beginning to get some much-deserved acclaim, thanks to the release of his four studio albums to date; “Sometimes It Rains”, “Eddie Clendening Is… Walkin’ And Cryin’”, “Eddie

Grey DeLisle, Eddie Clendening, Deke Dickerson (Ecco-Fonics), Carl Sonny Leyland (Big Sandy and The Fly Rite Boys), Murry Hammond (Old 97’s), and DJ Bonebrake (Founding Member of X and The Knitters).

 You will never forgive me if you do not get your eyes on these videos first, grab your kids and the naughty neighbor, have a party. You will never be the same again;)


Hello Gimme Country listeners!
 Happy New Year! Here at Gimme Country, we hope 2022 is everything we hoped 2021 would be.

It’s a new year, but we’re holding to the same idea that having your favorite artists host Guest DJ Specials makes our programming unique and truly special – so we’re planning to keep that up in 2022. Below are just SOME of our upcoming Guest DJ Specials:

Julie Christensen – Guest DJ SpecialFri, Jan 21You don’t earn a pedigree like Julie Christensen’s without a high level of authenticity, and you don’t get to play the blues until you’ve paid your dues. Altho she is perhaps best known as the co-founder of the influential alt-country band The Divine Horseman, Christensen has been willing to explore a wide variety of musical styles, and has worked with everyone from Chris D to Leonard Cohen to kd Lang to Lou Reed, among a select few. After being a guest on many Gimme Country shows, we thought it was time for Julie to host her own!

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Dillinger Days 2022

Dillinger Day Pre-Party

Saturday, January 15th 7:00- 10:00pm Hotel Congress $10 Ages 21+

Celebrate the first night of Dillinger Days with live music, Johnny Hotshot’s gun trick show, burlesque dancers, whiskey specials, & more!

Break out your favorite 1930s digs and come on down for an evening of live music, Johnny Hotshot’s gun trick show, burlesque dancers, whiskey specials, and more at the historic Hotel Congress! Dress to impress, because this year we’re adding in a best dressed contest! 

If you’d like to dine at the Cup, we highly recommend reserving your table well in advance! Reserve your table here. The Plaza Eats food truck will be open and serving up delicious fare throughout the evening. 

A portion of proceeds goes to the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation to assist with unmet needs in the fire service community in the areas of advanced training, technology, survivor’s help, education campaigns, firefighter health and wellness, and other support services.

Come to the annual spectacle in honor of the capture of America’s most notorious outlaw by the Tucson Police and Fire Departments!

About this event

Step back in time with vintage cars, live music, 1930s entertainment, local vendors, reenactments of Dillingers capture and more!

Experience the re-enactment of John Dillinger’s downfall at the hands of Tucson law enforcement, famously known for succeeding with Dillinger’s arrest when the FBI couldn’t. Mobs of history buffs, fans of the 1930s, and pop culture enthusiasts crowd the historic Hotel Congress annually to pay homage to the man that famously earned the title Public Enemy No. 1 and his nationally-renowned apprehension.

Re-enactments are at 11am, 12:45pm, and 3pm


10am: Desert Melodies

11am:  Dillinger reenactment

11:30 am:  Desert Melodies

12:45 pm: Dillinger reenactment

1:15pm: Lecture: “History of Hotel Congress” by Ken Scoville 

1:30 pm: Dillinger Historic Walking Tour

2:00-2:45pm: Prison Band

3pm: Dillinger reenactment

4pm: Lecture: “The 1930s, Tucson’s Last Quiet Decade” by Ken Scoville

5pm: Mr Boogie Woogie

		Dillinger Days image

		Dillinger Days image

Thank you to our sponsors!


Crest Insurance Group

Focus HR

Mission Linen

Life Along the Streetcar

National Bank of Arizona


		Dillinger Days image



We love music. We also love our guests, our employees, and the artists who entrust us to host their performances. We believe it’s in the best interest of all these groups to ensure their safety as best we can. To that end, we are following the science as we understand it and asking that all guests that enter our indoor club space be vaccinated or show a 72 hour negative Covid test result.

Our outside plaza space will not have this restriction, but we will be following CDC, and local health guidelines, and strongly recommend mask wearing whenever possible. THAT BEING SAID, we will honor any covid restrictions that any artist requests around their performance on the plaza stage.  Please check our concert listings for those details. We appreciate your patience, and appreciate you pivoting with us we navigate this very weird time.


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I am very proud to share with you what I have been working on in Tucson. This is an all ages- family, free, outdoor event featuring Tucson local Jazz Bands, UA Jazz Bands and a world class performer Kendrick Scott who is our 2022 Artist in Residency.

We will have a hand-curated array of local food trucks for you as well. Can’t wait!

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Video Premiere: Julie Christensen “Gloryland” (By Kevin Gordon)

Listen & WatchVideo PremieresMelissa Clarke

Julie Christensen — “Gloryland” (by Kevin Gordon)

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Julie Christensen’s version of Kevin Gordon’s song “Gloryland.” Christensen has a forthcoming album 11 From Kevin — Songs of Kevin Gordon, due to be released on January 21 via Wirebird Records. The album was produced by Julie Christensen and Brett Ryan Stewart and mastered by Mark Chalecki.

Basic and Overdub tracks with Chris Tench, Sergio Webb (guitars, dobro, banjo) and Chris Benelli (drums) and Irakli Gabriel’s pump organ, Gregory Boaz’ bass parts,

“Glorlayn” is Julie Christensen on lead vocals; Brett Ryan Stewart and Rosemary Fossee Stewart on backing vocals; Sergio Webb on electric guitar lead (stereo left); Chris Tench on electric guitar (stereo right + atmosphere); Chris Benelli on drums; and Gregory Boaz on electric bass.

Julie’s typical punk sensibilities a là the Divine Horsemen and The Flesh Eaters is applied here in an dark and serious twist.  “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The song’s not meant to attack anyone’s beliefs–just the negative effects of that idea of ‘Gloryland’ when it gets manipulated by politicians and priests–the old ‘Bible wrapped in a flag’ trick…the very real human costs in the here and now. I was thinking, with each character, about empathy and when that is lost – what bad things can happen. — Kevin Gordon

I wanted to record this song because it deals with longing, frustration and doubt, power, and lack of it. I edited the video that my husband John Henry shot of me, and a bunch of old foreign movie footage (thanks to a giant box of DVDs that Chris D gave me) and news stuff from the web. Kevin says they seem to match the visions in his head from back when he wrote the song and put it out 10 years ago in. — Julie Christensen

The Video

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RYAN HAMILTON: 1221 out November 26, 2021



Ryan Hamilton — Photo credit: J Moreau

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton and his band were booked to play multiple UK festivals during the summer of 2020, among them Maverick festival (Americana) and LeeFest, where they were fourth on a bill headlined by Brit-rockers Ash. Then, of course, the world ground to a COVID induced halt…

During 2021, with touring still off the agenda owing to the pandemic, Ryan has been releasing a new track a month via Wicked Cool for his project ‘1221’. Collaboration has been the abiding theme, with artists & friends such as Bob Schneider and Chuck Prophet offering up previously unreleased original songs for the record. Nestled among originals of his own, ‘1221 also features a smattering of choice covers where Ryan does his very own take on songs by the Spin Doctors (How Could You Want Him…), Catherine Wheel (Satellite) and the Refreshments (Banditos).

Working with go-to producer Dave Draper, the singles came together in pandemic isolation with Ryan recording at his home studio in Texas and Dave sprinkling his magic from the U.K.

Today, Ryan and his label Wicked Cool Records have released all of these monthly singles as a full album, titled ‘1221.’ Stream the album at:


December 2021

VINX SOUL KITCHEN returns to ATLANTA December 15 – 19, 2021!!!

We are so excited to announce that VINX will be back in the USA to host another episode of his famous SOUL KITCHEN CREATIVITY RETREATS!   This event will take place at the Stone Mountain Marriott resort on the lake in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

TO REGISTER please follow this link:  REGISTRATION PAGE

VINX SOUL KITCHEN on CLUBHOUSE … Sit at the table with Vinx where all of us connoisseurs unsheathe the music and magic from our ARTIST WITHIN!!!   Follow this link…

And if you want to take your creativity to the next level JOIN US at the Vinx Virtual Workshops … click here for info!

This special Creativity Lab that we call Soul Kitchen is designed for musicians, artists and creative folk from all genres: 

– invigorate your creative spark

– meet other musicians from around the world in an open atmosphere that promotes collaboration and exploration

– hone your performance skills. 

The creativity exchange will include ample time for rehearsals, new creations and collaborations.   This is a great opportunity for professionals to work on their craft and for the novice to learn from top notch international teachers, no matter your language skills!   You will not be alone… all sessions will have translators available… we got you!

Welcome to the Songwriter’s Soul Kitchen, Vol 31! We are expecting an incredible group

of artists, singers, poets, musicians, and producers from across the US. No doubt, it will be

a classic funky good time. Until then, here are some important details to share.

Workshop Location All Workshops will take place at:

Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

4021 Lakeview Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083 USA

Meals & Beverages

This is the Soul Kitchen, right?!?! One of the best experiences of the Soul Kitchen is the

fellowship over great food and drinks. The Conference Resort has a restaurant and there is

ample food establishments nearby so we will build some natural breaks for Lunch and

Dinner. For those who are up for it, we can all chip in and order together.. For all those

who plan to sip during the weekend, please to bring your favorite wine, beer, or liquor.

1. We endeavor to create a very organic songwriting experience. Everyone has something

unique to contribute which gives each of us a chance to step out of our own box and

grow. With that being said, let’s see where the vibe takes each songwriting team.

Experience has taught us that spontaneity is the beauty of the Soul Kitchen vibe. We

never really know what kind of “groove gumbo” will be cooked up! If you have current

ideas for a song, we ask that you reserve your material for special moments throughout

the weekend. As time permits, Vinx and others will be glad to listen and provide ideas

to develop your personal songs. If, however, you choose to include/share your music or

lyrics with a songwriting team, your work now becomes part of the collective

songwriting process including copyright and publishing rights.

Read More


I spent last week in Hollywood with long-time clients and friends Grey DeLisle and Miss Pamela Des Barres which one would imagine to be enough glitz and glamour and rock and roll to do ya but NOPE, Grey brought me a surprise, sure he would be a great fit for my roster and lo and BEHOLD, she knows me well. Not a huge fan of tributes, I would never have discovered him on my own so I really got lucky! In addition to rounding out our shared fun with his funny, witty and sweet natural personality, he writes, records and plays beautiful music of his own. To me, the best part is the collaboration between the two of them coming soon! I will not say too much yet but there will be a kids show, record and more AND an adult cabaret show so public, private and festival stage will all get a chance!!

Eddie Clendening brings with him over two decades of experienceon the stage. Having appeared with early ROCK & ROLL greats like Scotty Moore, James Burton, Pat Cupp, Hayden Thompson, Billy Lee Riley, Earl Palmer, Dale Hawkins, Gene Summers, Jimmy Lee Fautheree, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and scores of others. Contemporary musicians arealso taking notice of this explosive and handsome young front man for not
only his vocals, but also his work on the electric guitar. 

Eddie originated the role of, and was featured as Elvis Presley in the hit Broadway musical “The Million Dollar Quartet”, where he performed 8 shows a week to packed houses racking up over 2200 performances! He also helped create and starred in the show “Heartbreak Hotel” that is currently the only Elvis Presley stage bio endorsed by the Elvis Presley estate, SONY Music and RCA. He’s continued to be seen on stage in plays and tribute shows to many of the other greats as well, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins to name a few. And he continues to be in demand wherever fans of ROCK & ROLL gather. 

He has appeared on several ad campaigns for fashion brands like W.H. Ranch Dungarees, J.S. Sloan, and Ralph Lauren, coast to coast, prime time, and regional television programs such as, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The View, Today Show and more. He has also been a regular voice on various
satellite/AM/FM/internet radio programs. 

Eddie has toured extensively and successfully with his own backing group “The Blue Ribbon Boys” in not only the U.S. but Europe, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere. He has also worked with other well known groups such as Deke Dickerson’s Ecco-Fonics, Big Sandy, The Hi-Qs, Lloyd Tripp… the list goes on and on. He has been invited to perform at dozens of international music festivals, The Rockabilly Rave, Viva Las Vegas, Hemsby, Le Blues Autour du Zinc Rockabilly and so on… not only with his own combo but also as the vocalist for the reunion of “Go Cat Go”, one then largest selling roots ROCK & ROLL groups of the 90’s who tragically lost their singer in 1993. 

It seems Eddie is also beginning to get some much deserved acclaim, thanks to the release of his four studio albums to date; “Sometimes It Rains”, “Eddie Clendening Is… Walkin’ And Cryin’”, “Eddie Clendening Is… Knockin’ At Your Heart”, and “Eddie Clendening Is… The Rage Of The Teen-Age!”, as well as several singles and compilation inclusions. 


2021 with client JOLYNN J CHIN

Many artists beloved to us each spent 2021 creating and we each have emotions that connect easily with art. Well, I am very blessed that June of 2021 brought me the riches of JJC and I cannot wait to return the favor! Ya’ll this doll has got TALENT and my Austin AMG office would love to bring her to each and every city in North America in 2022. Enjoy~This is a performance at NAMM 2020, we cannot wIT FOR 2022!


CD Release for the Austin City Limits Tribute to Walter Hyatt. Tickets HERE!!!! and they will sell out.

The Warren Hood band will play live, with special guests to celebrate the  CD of the Austin City Limits tribute to Walter Hyatt that featured David and Champ as well as Lyle Lovett, Shawn Colvin, Marcia Ball, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Junior Brown, David Halley and Allison Moorer. It was recorded 25 years ago in October. The CD has a release date of 10/1

People ask Warren Hood a lot of questions at the end of a show – what was the name of that song you played – it sounded like Stephane Grappelli maybe, right after the Doug Sahm cover? How did you learn to play fiddle like that? Are you playing anywhere else this week? How old are you? Warren always obliges to answer all of the questions, that’s just his character (the answers are usually something like, “Black Cat”, hard work and listening to the right records, yes, definitely, and older than you think). He cares deeply about the experiences of the people who come to his shows and buy his records and works hard to create memorable live performances and albums.

Warren started playing classical violin at age 11 in the school orchestra, later studying privately with Bill Dick. He won classical music competitions, including the Pearl Amster Youth Concerto Competition and the Austin Youth Award, which gave him the opportunity to perform as a soloist on “Lalo Symphonie Espagnole” with the Austin Symphony, conducted by Peter Bay. Warren later balanced studying at Austin High with touring with Charlie Robison and the South Austin Jug Band. After high school, Warren earned a rare scholarship to Berklee College of Music where he majored in Violin Performance, played with Steven Tyler and formed an acoustic string band, Blue Light Special. At Berklee, Warren earned the coveted String Achievement Award, an award chosen by faculty to honor talent and as a vote of confidence on future success.

Leaving Berklee, Warren returned to Austin and was in demand as a sideman, playing with Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis, Alejandro Escovedo, Joe Ely, and joining The Waybacks, a band he would play with for the next ten years. Through all of this, Warren played with the South Austin Jug Band when he could, especially as a part of their Sunday night residency at Momo’s on W 6th St in Austin. When the residency ended for SAJB, Warren gathered a group of friends and took over Sunday nights under his own name, starting his first solo venture and releasing his first studio record, “Warren Hood”, an eclectic mix of both songs and legendary Austin players including Marcia Ball, Cindy Cashdollar, and Ephraim Owens.

The Momo’s Sunday residency lasted seven years and was a testing ground for Warren where he found his sound, learned how to lead a band, and gave the artists he shared the stage with space to shine – something he had plenty of experience with from the other point of view, having been a sideman for 10+ years. The way Warren ran Sunday nights had a lot in common with the residencies he grew up around in Austin – his father, Champ’s, ‘Singin for your Supper’ at Threadgill’s (Marcia Ball, Butch Hancock, Ruthie Foster, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, Jimmie Dale Gilmore) and Toni Price’s ’Hippie Hour’ at The Continental Club.

The band Warren plays with now (Marshall Hood and Willie Pipkin on guitar, Nate Rowe on bass, and Jordan Cook on drums) is the current version of the band he started back in 2004 at Momo’s. This band plays every week at ABGB, drawing a mix of “old Austin” and newcomers, musicians and music lovers, and dancers who stay on the floor from the first to last song. The Warren Hood Band plays a mix of their own songs, classic country, and blues, with a nod towards their Texas roots with a few Uncle Walt’s

Band songs mixed in. Warren recorded “Warren Hood Band” in 2013, an album produced by Charlie Sexton and released by Red Parlor Records. A multi-instrumentalist (violin, guitar, mandolin) and accomplished singer-songwriter, Warren is described in the press a lot of different ways: “virtuoso” ”seven time Austin Music Award winner – Best Strings” ”Texas fiddler” ”Chet Baker crooner” “bluegrass picker” – but for him it all kind of blends together into everything he does (and what he does doesn’t always have fiddle). Warren says slyly that “playing different styles of music is like speaking different languages – the difference between violin and fiddle is how you roll your Rs. The more languages you speak the more people you can talk to.”

Warren’s greatest influence is certainly his father, Champ Hood. Champ was a member of Uncle Walt’s Band, an acoustic folk trio from Spartanburg, South Carolina that also included Walter Hyatt and David Ball. They moved to Austin in 1975, prime time for the zeitgeist of the Austin heyday, playing at Waterloo and the Armadillo and building a cadre of lifelong fans. Their intricate harmonies and creative songwriting inspired their contemporaries, many of whom are today’s best loved and most respected songwriters and artists, and continue to touch those who discover their records today. Warren spends as much time with his band as he does playing and recording alongside other artists: David Ball, The Bodeans, Hayes Carll, Joe Ely, Alejandro Escovedo, Robert Earl Keen, Ben Kweller, Little Feat, Lyle Lovett, Joan Osborne, Toni Price, Bob Schneider, South Austin Jug Band, Redd Volkaert, Jerry Jeff Walker The Waybacks, Bob Weir, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis and more.

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Vote For Your Favorite Albums Released In August 2021

August 2021 Favorite album poll: Vote for three. (Mine were Divine Horsemen, Cruzados and Willie Nile! You have to scroll half way down the page to see poll..

Poll is open until the end of the day September 30.  Top winners will be featured in our playlists.

Albums Of The Week: Divine Horsemen | Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix

Chris D. & Julie Christensen saddle up & hit the ground running after 33 years.

By Darryl Sterdan



UPDATE: Here are a few current motivators;)

ALL MUSIC – review, 9/1. Link here

AMERICAN SONGWRITER – song/video premiere (“Handful of Sand”) and news break, 6/17.

AMERICANA HIGHWAYS – Bill Bentley will review in Bentley’s Bandstand; probably other reviews as well, 6/17; John Apice reviewed, 8/17.  Link here

ANTI-MUSIC – Julie wrote Singled Out column, 6/28; Kevin Weirzbicki to review, 8/23; Singled Out ran 8/26.  Link here

BEATSVILLE – review, 8/25. Link here

BROOKLYN VEGAN – premiered “Stony Path” audio on 7/1 ; and posted later that same day in New Songs Out Today roundup, 7/1. Link here

COACHELLA VALLEY WEEKLY (Palm Springs/Joshua Tree, CA) – Eleni P. Austin to review, 6/17; review ran on 9/9

COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT – Loring Wirbel reviewing, 8/13

DAGGER ZINE – Tim Hinely will review and raved about it on Facebook, 7/19; review ran 8/26. Link here

DESERT STAR WEEKLY (Palm Spring/Desert Hot Springs) – Robert Kinsler reviewed, 8/16. Link here 

EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE – review, 9/3. Link here

GIMME COUNTRY – Jimi Palacios to interview, 7/29

GILDE – interview feature by Hannah Means-Shannon, 8/24

GOLDMINE – Lee Zimmerman reviewing, 8/14; also Peter Lindblad reviewed, 8/25. Link here

JERSEY BEAT – Jim Testa reviewed, 8/27. Link here

JP’s MUSIC BLOG – review, 8/17. Link here

KCSN 88/5 FM (Los Angeles/SoCal) – Kat Griffin interviewing on Americana show, 8/20


PASADENA WEEKLY – review by Bliss Bowen, 8/25. Link here ; and online version, 8/26. Link here

PUNK GLOBE – review/feature, 9/7. Link here

REVENGE OF THE ‘80s RADIO – Chris Cordiani interviewed Chris D, 9/3. Link here

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL TRUTH – Robert Kinsler reviewed, 8/8. Link here

STAGE 1 PRESS – Bill Samaras to interview Chris 7/30

TAKE EFFECT – Tom Haugen will review, 6/17

THE ALTERNATE ROOT – posted “handful of Sand” video, 6/21. Link here

THE BIG TAKEOVER – Michael Toland reviewing (also pitching feature), 7/29; also Marcel Feldmar reviewimg, art sent, 816; Toland review ran 8/26. Link here ; premiere pitch for video, 8/27

THE SCHMOOZE BUTTON – video podcast, 9/3.

TINNITIST – “Handful of Sand” video posted in Thursday Mixtape, 6/17. Link here ; and “Stony Path” posted in Thursday Mixtape, 7/1. Link here ; Album of the Week, 8/27. Link here ; and doing Zoom interview, 8/27

TWANGVILLE – Q&A feature ran 8/10. Link here

Divine Horsemen, the fiery, eclectic ’80s group that rode the unique vocal chemistry of Chris Desjardins (aka Chris D.) and Julie Christensen, return to the musical stage with Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix. Co-produced by Desjardins and Craig Parker Adams (who engineered I Used To Be Pretty, the 2019 release by Chris D.’s groundbreaking ’70s punk band The Flesh Eaters), the new 13-track album comprises the first new music by the Horsemen in 33 years.

Founded after the dissolution of The Flesh Eaters and launched with the 1984 album Time Stands Still, billed as Chris D./Divine Horseman, the band released three albums and an EP on SST Records, all of which featured the searing harmonies of Desjardins and Christensen, who were married at the time. The couple split professionally and personally just prior to the release of their January 1988 EP A Handful of Sand. However, the two musicians remained in touch over the years, and Christensen contributed vocals to five tracks on I Used to Be Pretty, which reunited the 1980 “all-star” edition of The Flesh Eaters heard on the Ruby/Slash classic A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die. By then, the idea of reviving Divine Horsemen was already percolating.

“Julie had asked me about six or seven years ago about doing Divine Horsemen again,” Desjardins says. “I told her I wasn’t quite ready yet, though I did want to do it eventually. Then in 2015 The Flesh Eaters started doing reunion shows. In 2018 we did it some more, and we recorded the album, released it in early 2019, and we went out on tour and supported it. Since the beginning of 2018, Julie and I had been talking about Divine Horsemen again.”

Christensen — who had moved on to work with Leonard Cohen in the 1990s and release seven albums of her own work — adds, “We recorded I Used to Be Pretty in April of 2018. Previous to that we had started plans for a Divine Horsemen tour in the fall, playing older stuff. Chris had song ideas and cover ideas for a studio album — it was just kind of forming in his head. I started looking for covers, too. I did some of The Flesh Eaters ‘live’ gigs the first three months of 2019, and found out that we were getting along really well.”


The singers’ plans called for reuniting with such onetime Divine Horsemen as guitarist Peter Andrus (who had appeared on A Handful of Sand and the 1987 album Snake Handler) and bassist Robyn Jameson, who had worked with Desjardins on the majority of his recordings between 1982 and 2004. However, Jameson tragically died in 2018 following a street assault; Bobby Permanent, Andrus’ longtime musical collaborator, was recruited to take the late musician’s slot on the new recordings. Andrus is also a veteran of bands Crowbar Salvation and Detroit’s The Volebeats. Permanent (under the name Robert Pollard) has also contributed to various movie soundtracks, most notably John Cassavetes’ final film Love Streams.

The 2021 Divine Horsemen lineup is completed by drummer DJ Bonebrakeof the incomparable L.A. band X; he also was a member of the 2018 recording and 2019 touring editions of The Flesh Eaters (which also included X’s John DoeDave Alvin and Bill Bateman of The Blasters, and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos). Keyboardist Doug Lacy, another veteran of the Snake Handlersessions, returns to the fold; he and Christensen both later sang backup for the duo of Gaby Moreno and Van Dyke Parks, and Lacy has appeared on several of Parks’ other projects.

The release of Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix was prefaced in late 2020 by the release of the vintage recordings Divine Horsemen ‘Live’ 1985-1987 and two Bandcamp singles: Mystery Writers, a new composition by Desjardins and Andrus, and Mind Fever Soul Fire, a song that originally appeared on Love Cannot Die, a 1995 Chris D. solo album. (A new rendition of that set’s title song is also heard as the concluding track on the new album; a high-intensity re-recording of Handful of Sand, the 1988 EP’s title number, is also featured.)

The new material on the album reflects a diversity of sources. “I wanted to mash up some European folk material,” Desjardins says of No Evil Star, a madrigal-like composition. “There are a whole bunch of sites on the internet that have public domain folk songs from Europe, specifically England, Scotland, and Ireland. These are all from the 1700s and 1800s. The music for the verse is from one folk song I found on a Celtic folk site. The words are all original. But the chorus music is not Celtic, it’s more Latin — they also had a few Spanish folk songs on there. Peter joked when we were working up that tune that it was our Jethro Tull song.”

Like Ghost Cave Lament — the sprawling number that concluded I Used to Be Pretty — both Barefoot in the Streets and Stony Path= reflect Desjardins’ ongoing fascination with Spanish flamenco. “Those songs are linked lyrically,” Desjardins says. “Stony Path is a continuation of Barefoot in the Streets. They’re both murder ballad-styled songs. The lyrics of Barefoot in the Streetsis flamenco-inspired, but the music is not really Spanish — Julie came up with the music.” Christensen says the writing of the latter number came late in the recording of the album: “Chris called and said, ‘You know, I’ve just been remiss. I feel like we should write a song together, and I have this “barefoot in the streets” idea.’ He’d already written the lyrics. He had a little bit of a melody idea, too, but not much of one — there was just the scan of it.” She adds that singing Stony Path presented some unique vocal challenges: “Flamenco singers break their voices in order to do what they do.” The song was left for the end of the album sessions, and she nailed her demanding part in a single take. Christensen is represented as a co-writer on another song, Falling Forward, written with Lathan McKay. “He’s an actor and musician who lives in Austin,” Desjardins says. “He’s also the foremost authority on Evil Knievel!”

Beyond her writing, Christensen served an invaluable function by finding outside compositions for the album. “I found a couple of covers from Tennessee writers,” the former Nashville resident says. “Any Day Now is byTim Lee and Susan Bauer Lee. They used to have a band called Tim Lee 3, he was also in a band called The Windbreakers, and now Bark. They used to get hold of Divine Horsemen LPs and hand them out to people – ‘Here, you’ve gotta hear this.’ We got to be fast friends, and their song Any Day Now just floored me. Strangers is by another Tennessee writer named Johnny Duke — he wrote it with Will Kimbrough. I originally heard it acoustically, just him and a guitar. I spoke to him after I heard him play it, and I said, ‘I don’t know if you’d be into this, but I have this band, and I’d love to try doing it with them as a Neil Young and Crazy Horse kind of thing.’”

Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix is rounded out by a typically diverse selection of covers. 25th Floor is a Patti SmithIvan Kral original, heard on the 1978 album EasterIce Cream Phoenix was a vehicle for the vocal harmonies of Grace Slick, Marty Balin and Paul Kantner on Jefferson Airplane’s 1968 LP Crown of Creation. But the album’s greatest curiosity may be the raucous, profane Can’t You See?, an oddball tune that had obsessed Desjardins for years.

He says, “That’s a song written by Charlie Cuva and Robert Downey Sr., for Downey’s movie Pound. I’d heard that song at the Fox Venice Theatre in 1972, in the intermission of a double feature. Robert Downey Sr. had pressed up 100 or so copies of five songs from Pound to send out to independent theaters, as a promotion. It was never commercially released as a record. I had not heard it in years, and the guy who put out my book A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die sent me an MP3 of it. When the prospect came to do this album, I thought, we’ve got to do this. I played it for Julie and Peter, and they went through the roof over it.”

In all, Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix stands as a bracing new achievement by a distinctive musical partnership that has always marched to the beat of its own drum. Like The Flesh Eaters’ recent reunion, it’s a welcome return that plays to the group’s historic strengths. “It was really good for both of us,” Desjardins says “and we really enjoyed it. There’s also — unintentionally — context in some of those songs about what happened between us as a couple.” Christensen adds, “One thing Chris has always been adept at is taking a song, and you hear the raw bones of it, and then he casts the band so well, and he runs a rehearsal like a tight ship. We would fashion these gems of songs out of rocks. He’s always been really good at directing a song toward what it’s supposed to do.”

It should be noted, in addition to producing (or co-producing) all of his Flesh Eaters and Divine Horsemen efforts, Desjardins has a modest but important legacy as an A&R man/in-house producer at Slash/Ruby Records from 1980-1984, co-producing with Tito Larriva seminal work by The Gun Club(their debut album Fire of Love), producing The Dream Syndicate (Days of Wine and Roses) and Green on Red (Gravity Talks), and mixing with Glenn Danzig and The Misfits (Walk Among Us). He also shepherded The Lazy Cowgirls on their eponymous debut. Last but not least, Desjardins produced Soulsuckers on Parade, a wildly unhinged, never-available-before-to-the-public 1984 session by Jeffrey Lee Pierce (with a backing group of then-BlastersDave AlvinBill Bateman, and Gene Taylor, and Green on Red’s Jack Waterson) that is only now being released in 2021 — 36 years later!”

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Al Staehely is the only person on the planet who has both played Carnegie Hall and provided legal services for Stevie Ray Vaughan.

“I was in a band at the University of Texas with two law students who were older than I,” says Staehely. “We played good-paying gigs every weekend, and when it was time for me to graduate and go to med school at a college in another city, the two law students in the band said, ‘You can’t do that! You’re our lead singer and bass player. So, I started law school to keep a rock band together. I had no intention of becoming a lawyer, so when I graduated, I put the law degree in a drawer and headed to California to pursue my musical dreams.”

It didn’t take long for Staehely to begin making those dreams a reality. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1971, and a few months later he and his brother John were asked to join the critically-acclaimed band, Spirit. With Al as the band’s new lead vocalist, bass player, and chief songwriter – and with brother John taking over lead guitar duties from Randy California – Spirit recorded their fifth album, ‘Feedback,’ in November of 1971.

“John and I brought a little Texas flavor to the band that didn’t exist before,” Al told the Houston Chronicle’s Andrew Dansby. “It wasn’t anything we tried to do. It’s just the way we were. The way we were writing, the way he played, and the way I sang.” Critic Joe Viglione defined the band’s new sound as “a fusion of pop/jazz/rock with a dab of country.” He also called ‘Feedback’ “a phenomenal reinvention of Spirit.”

When Spirit splintered (but not before a successful tour that included the aforementioned performance at Carnegie Hall), Al and John formed a group appropriately named the Staehely Brothers, releasing the album ‘Sta-Hay-Lee’ on Epic Records in 1973.

It was another album that received good reviews, but the act was short-lived. When his brother John got an offer to join Elektra Records act Jo Jo Gunne – a band whose albums had consistently hit the charts – Al decided it was time to go it alone.

Having written the majority of the songs on both ‘Feedback’ and ‘Sta-Hay-Lee,’ Al began focusing on his writing talents, getting cuts by Bobbie Gentry, Marty Balin and Keith Moon, among others.

Not giving up on his dreams of releasing an album under his own name, Staehely recorded many tracks in LA between 1974 and 1978, working with a collection of first-rate musicians that included Steve Cropper, Jim Horn, Snuffy Walden, and Pete Sears.

Between sessions, Staehely headlined clubs in L.A. and NYC, opened concerts for The Moody Blues and Hot Tuna, did sessions for Keith Moon’s solo LP, and toured with Chris Hillman.

In 1980, Staehely returned to Texas and pulled his law degree out of the drawer Lawyer by day- musician by night, Al did shows with Roy Orbison, Jefferson Starship, Emmy Lou Harris –two European tours with John Cipollina and Nick Gravenitis (of Quicksilver Messenger Service and Electric Flag, respectively) documented by the LP, ‘Monkey Medicine,’ recorded in Hamburg which featured three of Al’s songs. Back in Texas, he even played a show with Rodney Dangerfield! Just as he was beginning to build his practice, Polydor Records came calling, and in 1982 ‘Stahaley’s Comet,’ Al’s long-awaited solo record, was released – but only in Europe.

His impressive array of music industry clients and fatherhood kept him busy for a couple of decades, but the urge to make music has never left.

In 2011, SteadyBoy Records oversaw the first US release of the Polydor LP, with the new title, ‘Al Staehely and 10k Hours.’ In 2013, ‘Cadillac Cowboys,’ an EP by Al Staehely and the Explosives, was also released on SteadyBoy. In more recent years, he has returned to the studio, as well as playing live – frequently with his brother John, Freddie Steady Krc, keyboardist Mike Rosenbaum. and sax player Evelyn Rubio. At long last, Al Staehely the lawyer is once again Al Staehely the singer/songwriter/bass player – back to give the world his music from the past, as well as the music he continues to make today, including a new album recorded in Marfa with Fran Christina (drums), Scrappy Jud Newcomb (guitar), and Chris Maresh (bass)

This fall, Al will release solo recordings from his days in Los Angeles descriptively titled ‘Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1.’ The initial focus track is the recently unearthed gem “Wide Eyed and Innocent”, along with a new version of the song- a sneak preview from the Marfa sessions.

The Song Will Be Featured On Upcoming Release Of Rare Solo Recordings ‘Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1.

While being known as the primary songwriter and singer of the rock act Spirit and The Staehely Brothers, Staehely had a lengthy career writing songs for acts such as Keith Moon, Bobbie Gentry, Patti Dahlstrom, Nick Gravenites, John Cipollina, Marty Balin, Peter Cox and Hodges, James & Smith and many others. And of course, Staehely is still writing and performing music to this day and looking forward to touring.

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The Coachella Valley’s El Grito Mexican Independence Day festival with Snoop Dogg and Ramon Ayala has been postponed until May 2022.


World Cafe Live To Require Proof Of Vaccination For Entry When They Re-Open This Month



  • A printed copy of a negative COVID-19 test result will be required to attend ACL Festival 2021. The negative COVID-19 printed test result must be obtained within 72 hours (3 days) of attending ACL Festival.  
  • Patrons who are fully vaccinated may show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination instead of proof of negative test.  Information related to masks will be released closer to the festival dates.


  • Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival implemented a policy requiring 2021 festival-goers to show vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19 test in order to enter “Centeroo,” the heartbeat of the expansive event grounds. 
  • The last day to vaccinate is 8.19 to clear entry.


At BottleRock 2021, upon entry we are requiring all guests to:

  • 1. Provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
    2. Provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test. The test must have been taken within 72 hours of each day you are attending. 3-day ticket holders may be tested Thursday, September 2nd or Friday, September 3rd for their negative result to be honored on all three festival days.
  • Documentation will be checked daily upon entry. A photo of your vaccination card or negative test result saved to your phone is sufficient.
  • To pick up your Artist credential packet for BottleRock 2021, you will need to present the following:Proof of full vaccination (present actual vaccination card, or a photo of vaccination card for each name that appears on the credential list)
  • A negative Covid-19 test result for each unvaccinated person within your group. The negative test will need to have been conducted within 72-hours of your Artist’s performance time.


  • The fest said it won’t require proof of vaccination or negative test.
  • In a statement to Rolling Stone, a festival spokesperson said, “As it stands, Bristol Rhythm & Roots is prohibited from enacting a vaccination/negative test policy per Tennessee law. As a public event that utilizes multiple downtown businesses and vendors rather than a private venue/site, the stipulations surrounding our event protocols are unique.”
  • Organizers said they will encourage patrons to get vaccinated and request that the unvaccinated get a test before attending, while providing masks at the festival gates as well as hand sanitizing and hand washing stations throughout.






To enter Firefly Music Festival, guests will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hour


Upon entry, all attendees are required to either:

  • Provide proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to be considered “fully vaccinated” you must receive your final vaccine dose 14 days prior to your entry date* or;
  • Provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Negative test must be obtained within the 72 hours leading up to Life is Beautiful. 3-day ticket holders may be tested Thursday, September 16th or Friday, September 17th for their negative result to be honored on all three festival days. Unvaccinated guests MUST wear a mask throughout their time at the festival.


A COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test result will be required to attend Summerfest 2021, including the Wednesday Weekend Preview concerts held at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater.



A COVID-19 vaccination or proof of test within 72 hours

No known Covid precautions


For AEG, these regulations take effect Oct. 1. Live Nation’s mandate initially excluded the audience — it left that determination up to the artist. The company caught heat for that choice, and shifted course — now requiring a vax passport or negative COVID test of its audience members at its fully owned and operated venues.


Will require proof of vaccination for entry into all its owned and operated clubs, theatres, and festivals. Its vaccination policy will go into full effect nationwide no later than Oct. 1.


Vaccines are going to be your ticket back to shows, and as of Oct. 4, we will be following the model we developed for Lollapalooza and requiring this for artists, fans and employees at Live Nation venues and festivals everywhere possible in the U.S.,” Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino said in a statement.

Live Nation Refund Policy

“Due to the ongoing fight against COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, guests at indoor venues will be required to wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth at all times regardless of vaccination status except when actively eating or drinking. Gaiters, bandanas, and coverings with exhalation vents are prohibited: a face shield still requires a face covering. Guests unable to wear proper face coverings will not be admitted into the venue.”

Goldenvoice Refund Policy



KISS Postpone Shows, Including Summerfest After Gene Simmons Contracts COVID-19


 Harry Styles announced his North American tour starting on September 4th. Everyone in attendance will be required to wear a mask and provide either proof of vaccination or a negative test. 

 Don Toliver’s North American tour with BIA will kick off on September 20th.

 Pixies cancelled their September dates in the US.

 Phoebe Bridgers has shifted most of her upcoming tour to outdoor venues. 

 Florida Georgia Line has cancelled their upcoming tour.

 The New York and California shows from Widespread Panic have been rescheduled.

 Kings of Leon have cancelled several shows because a band member tested positive.

 Iowa banned vaccine passports so Spoon cancelled their show in Des Moines.

 Following Charlie Watts’ death, the Rolling Stones have announced that they will continue with their 2021 tour in North America.

 James Taylor and Jackson Browne have added 18 new dates to their North American tour.

 Modern English has postponed their North American tour.





With the rise of the Delta variant, Covid-19 has been taking its toll on the live music scene;  New Orleans Jazz Fest announced it was scratching its plans to return this October due to “the current exponential growth of new Covid cases in New Orleans and the region,”

  •  Limp Bizkit and pop singer Michael Bublé canceled all their August show
  •  Lynyrd Skynyrd nixed four shows (in Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama) after guitarist Rickey Medlocke tested positive for Covid-19.



Jason Isbell’s Houston Show Canceled, Says Venue Owner ‘Flat-Out Refused’ to Implement COVID-19 Policy


Covid Outbreaks Tied to Music Festivals Raise Outdoor Transmission Concerns

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My super-power has always been to hold on tight to my belief system while negotiating the slippery slopes of the music business of the past 3 decades. I have been blessed to attract clients and partners (sponsors and colleagues) who dance the same path. We are happy, healthy collaborators in the music biz. Cool, right?


  1. How to stay true to yourself and clients in the ever-changing current that is our beloved industry.
  2. How do collaborate with like-minded colleagues to make the most of individual assets .
  3. How to connect bands and brands in 2022.



Roggie Baer, Founder/ Agent, RajiWorld LLC and Atomic Music Group

PanelPicker voting will close on Thursday, August 26 (11:59 PM PT). After voting closes, we need several weeks to review these results along with Staff and Advisory Board grades. Cast Your Vote

In mid-October, we will announce the majority of our accepted programming for the 2022 Conference on the SXSW website. You will be notified of the status of your proposal during this week.

We strongly encourage you to visit the PanelPicker FAQ. Most PanelPicker-related questions are answered there.

“Well, the place was packed and there was a gal named Roggie in the audience. She had a booking agency called RajiWorld. I’d heard of her through my friends in a band called Dash Rip Rock. The Rugburns and Dash were close pals and had done a few tours together through the Midwest.So Roggie (pronounced Raji) says to me. “Hey I’m Roggie. I liked your show. Do you have an agent?”“Yeah, but I’m not that happy with em. They don’t really know how to book small clubs. It’s not really in their wheelhouse so I’m not working enough. I wanna play every dive bar in America.”So Roggie says “why don’t we meet up for breakfast tomorrow? Meet me at The Four Seasons.”“The Four Seasons???”So we went to brekkie and sealed the deal right there. I left CAA and signed on to RajiWorld. From huge to boutique.So Roggie proceeded to book me everywhere. I was never home. I got my wish. I played houses bars and cafes. Anywhere. Insane asylums, prisons, picnics, weddings, old folks homes etc. I owe a lot to her. We strategized and commiserated and made a little cash. It was a blast. I still keep in touch with her today. I love her.Now it’s 2019. Yikes. Where did the time go. My hair ain’t the color it once was but I’m still out there.8 billion gigs later and here I am getting ready to head out to Florida for some shows.”Feeling grateful. –  Steve Poltz

Roggie, thank you again for joining the Festivals panel. It ended up being such a rich discussion! My favorite part about your participation was how your loving spirit shone through so richly. Your balance of brass-tacks business savvy and soul-deep positive regard for others is so beautiful to witness. Your example reminds me to be my best self, and I am sure you have that effect on many others as well. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! -Debbie Stanley

Roggie ”LIVES” for her artists and 24/7 isn’t a time frame that ever has enough time for what she gives to her love of music.—Michael Plen

Roggie has years of experience and credibility in the Austin music world wearing multiple hats that span music, community and local businesses. Working with her would potentially offer valuable exposure to many facets of the business that relate to artist representation (including but not limited to booking, promotion, publicity, branding/cross-branding, event producing, management, mentorship, strategic planning).” – Trish Murphy

“The lovely Roggie Baer is a consummate professional who puts her heart, soul, talent and professionalism behind any project she’s involved with. Not only does she have a vast network of colleagues, but she also embraces making new connections. I am proud supporter of her work and look forward to collaborating with Ms. Baer on future projects. Most Sincerely, Celeste Quesada

On this Friday, I’d like a standing ovation for Roggie Baer and all the work she did to make the Music Awards shine with stars this year. She started out on the show a few years ago by pulling together the style elements of the show, but this year she knocked herself out by assembling a collection of many of the musicians who have been so near and dear to my heart for nearly four decades. This from a woman who also puts together showcases and parties during the conference, and keeps her own RajiWorld business together. In fact, she has a showcase going on today at the Ginger Man that’s got more than a few folks I love too, including my beloved friends in the Fleshtones. Thank you, my beautiful friend!” – Margaret Moser, Director of The Austin Music Awards

“I needed a booking agent for an up and coming artist (at the time), Rufus Wainwright – I needed someone who could book large clubs and theaters on a residency tour for him without much radio play or giant ticket buys… Roggie did it! The tour was well planned, utilized the top venues and was more cost effective in building a usable fan base for Rufus than any other option we explored. I would hire Roggie again for any project – she produced results, was easy to work with; had great customer service, attention to detail and our ROI exceeded our goals.” – Sue Naramore, Geffen Records and Dreamworks Records Tour Coordination

“Roggie is not only a primo booking agent, taking care of biz on every level, and going the distance for her clients. She’s also blessed with a sense of style and community. Her annual SXSW party says it all — elegantly appointed, cordially catered and a mandatory hang for everyone cool in the music business. I feel very fortunate to be a citizen of Raji’s world.” Cary Baker, Owner, conqueroo

“Roggie is an amazing force for music in the Austin community! She truly cares about her artists, about making Austin a great place for musicians to live, and about helping her artists get the recognition – nationally and globally – that they deserve.” Traci Hughes, Recruiter – Digital, Social, Interactive; Founder, Third Coast Search

“Roggie’s very tuned in to the music scene in Austin and elsewhere, and has vast experience as a promoter and booking agent. She writes great newsletters, too, keeping clients, colleagues and friends up-to-date on all of her acts — and has organized and hosted one of SXSW’s hottest parties for years. She knows how to make deals that protect her artists and keep her clients happy.” Lynne Margolis, music writer/editor

She’s a veteran of the music business and you won’t be able to find an agent who works harder for her clients. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Roggie and her family on a more personal level, and I am pleased to say that they are wonderful people as well.” John Cole, Owner, Clubland Records

“Roggie’s passion for her clients is absolutely amazing! Every artist she works for gains an incredible amount of recognition just by having her on the team. She’s an outgoing, knowledgeable, and spunky booking agent – a true powerhouse in Austin’s music scene!” – Jenni Finlay, Owner, Jenni Finlay Promotions

“Roggie is one of the rare finds who is passionate about her work, knows what she likes and gets results for her clients. Not to mention her great attitude and personality!” Rob Bleetstein, Americana Editor, The Gavin Report

“I’ve have known and worked with Roggie from the time she created RajiWorld Productions. She is driven by both a passion for her artists and an expert knowledge of her industry. Raji is simply the best!” -Dusty Wakeman, Producer

“Roggie is experienced, charming, and totally professional. Highly recommended.” – Barry Simons“Always pleasant to deal with, Roggie knows her business well and has an excellent sense of artists needs. She’s one of the true gems in the music industry.” – Chris Porter , Programming Director, One Reel, Hardley Strictly Bluegrass

“Roggie is a consummate professional. Calm under pressure, always pleasant and task oriented no matter how much the heat is poured on. She’s very organized and prepared and a sheer joy to work with.” -Scarlett Angell, Assistant Director Austin Music Awards

“Roggie has long been a leader in the Austin music industry. She has extensive experience working for others and in managing her own agency. She is a trusted source for consulting and innovative solutions in the touring industry.” Craig Barker, Attorney, Law Office of Craig Barker

“Roggie Baer is a creative, honest, dependable representatie for her clients. She works hard to accommodate a venue or promoter’s needs as well as those of her clients. Roggie is also very generous with her time & talent in volunteering for community affairs & fundraisers. She is someone who makes a difference. And, Roggie Baer is someone I always look forward to working with!” – Dianne Scott The Continental Club, Austin TX

“My name is Steve Poltz and Roggie has booked me on about a gazillion national tours across the USA. We have worked together for years and it is not hyperbole to say that I wouldn’t have the career I’ve had without her help. She toiled to build my touring base in a creative way that very few people could ever dream of doing. Her hard work and diligence were an energetic force of nature. I am sad that she is going in another direction but I will use many of the things she taught me about being a successful troubadour. She basically gave me a career and for that I am forever grateful. Khabele is very lucky to have her and I wish her nothing but continued success. ¡Viva Roggie! With love and kindness,” – Steve Poltz

Thank you Roggie! You believed in me when few people even knew my name, much less my voice. Your heart and integrity have been a real blessing in my life and I’m glad to count you a dear friend. Much love and happiness to you!”- Nakia

“Roggie was great to work with and was always looking for a creative solution. Made a great member of the team.” Dale Brock , Smile Smile Manager

“Whether it’s music or events Roggie is always very professional. Her advice and suggestions have always been a good match. I will look forward to working with her in the future.” David Whitney , Director of Operations, Threadgill’s Restaurant

“Roggie is one of the first to inspire me to think “Austin has finally gotten into the real music business” Thanks for all you do and are doing” Mark Younger-Smith, Owner, Marked Man Music

“Roggie is a creative soul organizer. She see’s a need and connects creatives for always bankable results. Her charm, wit, joy for life and business savvy always come together for remarkable results. In a heartbeat I’d jump at the chance to work with here again… There is only one Roggie Baer, and I’m proud to call her a kindred. VIVA ROGGIE!” – Ricardo “r/ace” Acevedo, Graphic Designer & Photographer, In the RA / RAWorx Creative

“Roggie is a great woman to have on your team. She works extremely hard for the clients that she represents and does so with humor, grace and a can-do, positive attitude. Roggie is a veteran in the music industry and I would proudly recommend her to anyone in need of an agent.” – Trish Wagner, Advertising Sales and Marketing Assistant, No Depression Magazine“

Roggie volunteered for me at SXSW…. quite some time ago. She had just relocated into Austin and came to me seeking a non-standard volunteer arrangement, something meatier that she could sink her teeth into. She managed our out-of-towner volunteer housing arrangements and as such, provided them with a Texas-style welcome wagon – complete with every bit of info that any new comer could ever want about Austin. She excelled in that role and we were very grateful that she took the task and made it her own, and made it a special welcome to a large team of newcomers to the SXSW Volunteerbase. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!” -Peggy Ellithorpe, Senior Volunteer Manager, SXSW“

#SAVEOURSTAGES(again…and until we each do our part)

I am writing to share some important updates as more virulent strains of COVID 19 spread.

While not universal, a growing number of venues are expressing understandable concern about the evolving situation and taking measures to keep artists, crew, and patrons safe.  Some are doing this on their own, while others are mandated by evolving local and state regulations. We care about our clients and their fans as well as the venues full of staff we adore.

An increasing number are now requiring official proof of full vaccination or a negative approved test within 48-72 hours of the performance. Note that in-home tests that do not require sending a sample to a lab do not provide a certificate and often do not qualify as an approved test.

1) Make checking COVID rules a part of every event you attend and recheck them with the venue a few days before the date. Mandates are changing hourly.

2) Get vaccinated.  It is the only real protection for you, your family, and your favorite artists.

3) Every band and crew must have official proof of vaccination with them at all times. We take this very seriously, so please wear an approved N95 mask at all times unless eating or performing. A growing number of venues and localities are requiring masks even if you are vaccinated. 

4) Test if you are worried about exposure, as well as when you get home so you know that you are safe and if not, can plan accordingly.

We will get through this together, but we all need to do our part.


SIMS Electric Online Art Auction

When the music stopped in March 2020, many of our local musicians turned to other creative outlets to ease their mind and to help them stay mentally healthy.

Discovering that many fellow musicians and friends turned to creating art during the pandemic, Justin Douglas of King Electric Recording decided to gather this art and auction it off to support SIMS.Thus, the SIMS Electric Art Party & Online Auction was born!The online auction is live now through July 24th and features over 30 musicians/artists participating including Grace Rowland of The Deer, Dorian Colbert of Leopold and His Fiction, Justin Douglas of Royal Forest, Jonathan Horstmann of Urban Heat, Benjamin Violet of Pelvis Wrestley, Bob Schneider, Seela Misra, Peelander-Z, and more!Check out the amazing art, get your bids in, and support SIMS in the process!
Visit SIMS Online Auction
SIMS Electric Art Party on July 24th at Mohawk

Join us on July 24th from 4-7pm for a wrap-up party at Mohawk to view the art in person, keep bidding on items you just have to have, meet some of the artists and enjoy live music, live painting, drink specials, Odd Pop artisan popsicles, and all around good vibes to raise awareness and funds for SIMS.Hosted by Trevor Scott of CBS Austin’s ‘We Are Austin’, the event features music from Akina Adderley and Frederico7, and live painting by Gabriel Portillo.All ages, no cover. Donation-based entry at the door. You can also donate by texting SIMS to 44321 or by visiting

RSVP for the Art Party at Mohawk on 7/24


Join atxGALS + The Cathedral for Summer Fest, an intimate concert series surrounded by a diverse art exhibit. Enjoy intimate performances by top local musicians in a one-of-a-kind setting. Tickets include individual or lounge seating and open bar. A portion of ticket sales will benefit local Organization Creative Action.Schedule:-Thursday, July 15 | 7-10 PM   Lady Dan + Sheridan Reed [GET TICKETS]Friday, July 16 | 7-10 PM   Keith Sanders + Zach Person [GET TICKETS]Saturday, July 17 | 3-6PM   Akina Adderley + Ray Prim [GET TICKETS]Saturday, July 17 | 8-11PM | Finale   Quentin Arispe + Daniel Sahad of Nané [GET TICKETS]Tickets:-General Admission + Front Row ticket prices are per person – tickets include event entry and a complimentary open bar-Lounge and table tickets are per group – tickets include event entry, an open bar and complimentary pre-prepared bites. For special requests please email

The Cathedral events help support local artists, musicians, women-owned businesses and Organizations with a focus on equality and human rights.